PUBG: Battlegrounds McLaren Crossover and Update 19.2 Due to Roll Out Later This Month

PUBG: Battlegrounds McLaren Crossover and Update 19.2 Due to Roll Out Later This Month

Richard Walker

Krafton has announced a collaboration with British supercar maker Mc Laren Automotive, to bring exclusive McLaren GT vehicle skins and items to PUBG: Battlegrounds later this month, available via the upcoming Update 19.2.

The crossover with McLaren is the latest to come to PUBG, following last month's Assassin's Creed crossover, and sees the addition of the McLaren GT Standard Onyx Black vehicle skin, costume, gears, and emote in McLaren Loot Caches. You'll also be able to outfit the Coupe RB vehicle with McLaren skins via the new vehicle interaction feature. Fitting the skin won't affect the vehicle's performance in any way.

The Onyx Black skin will be joined by the McLaren GT Standard Silica White and McLaren GT Elite Volcano Yellow skins in the Vehicle Workshop, unlocked by purchasing McLaren Loot Caches and the Crafter Pass: McLaren. During the collaboration event, a special McLaren Container Car will also spawn at each starting point on the Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, and Vikendi maps, as well as the new Deston map.

Owning a McLaren vehicle skin will enable you to interact with the containers, and only the player who opens it, and/or their teammates can ride in or drive the vehicle. Once the match commences, the McLaren containers and vehicles will then be removed. Also available with Update 19.2 will be the new Food Truck vehicle on Deston, alongside a new weather system for the latest map.

An animation refresh will also rollout for Update 19.2, alongside the Heavy Stock weapon attachment for less recoil at the expense of slower ADS timing. PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 19.2 goes live on consoles from 15th September, with the McLaren crossover available from the same date, until 10th November. You can consult the full PUBG Update 19.2 patch notes here.

  • ya know, this crossover fad/trend is really an insidious thing.
  • That'll surely be the slowest McLaren in history.

    My PUBG buddy, Dan, would drive that thing like Leon Kennedy escaping a small horde of zombies.
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