Biomutant Gets New Xbox Series X|S Gameplay Ahead of September Next-Gen Release

Biomutant Gets New Xbox Series X|S Gameplay Ahead of September Next-Gen Release

Richard Walker

THQ Nordic has revealed new footage from the upcoming Xbox Series X|S version of Biomutant, due to release next week. Promising a “smoother and more beautiful” version of the game, with faster loading times, native 4K resolution, HDR support, and a frame rate of up to 60fps.

On Xbox Series X, Biomutant will include a Quality Mode with native 4K dynamic resolution at 30fps, Performance Mode with Native 1440p dynamic resolution at a stable 60fps, and Quality Unleased with Native 4K Dynamic resolution at up to 60fps. On Xbox Series S, the modes will be the same, but with resolution capped at 1440p rather than 4K, and the Performance Mode offering 1080p HD, rather than 1440p resolution.

Biomutant will be coming to Xbox Series X|S on 6th September for $39.99/£34.99/€39.99, with owners of the Xbox One version able to upgrade for free and bring across save data and achievements. You can check out Biomutant running on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the gameplay videos below.

  • It was a nice looking game already, so the new stuff should be really nice. Unfortunately the game itself was pretty meh, with the incredibly annoying narrator and the nonsense game speak. It became very repetitive.
  • I actually greatly enjoyed this game. While I don't think it quite delivered what it set out to, it was fun, beautiful and chill. One I would happily play again.
  • No new achievements makes me a sad boy. This game was a massive disappointment for me. I really wanted it to be great. Sadly it was average to below at best. I'd gladly replay this if I could stack it. But not interested now since I already have the completion.
  • I stopped at some pint because of how repetitive it was but was going to come back and finish. Now I have good reason to do it sooner rather than later;-)
  • Yea, was stoked on this until I played it. It got boring pretty quick so I bailed.
  • No ray tracing is a weird choice would've looked great, game is definitely bad
  • I really can't understand all the negative words on the game, I enjoyed it a lot and 1Ked it.

    For sure there could have been more variety in gameplay and the speak was a little annoying for an adult but overall I think the world and the setting was absolutely stunning, the combat with all those craftable weapons amazing and the story charming.

    In my opinion it was nearly at the same level as most Ubisoft titles as they're very repetitive too. Personally I think it even was better than Immortals: Fenyx Rising which I didn't manage to finish as I got bored by it after about 20 hours.
  • Bad game. Devs promised no fetch quests. Fast forward and the game is 95% fetch quests...
  • @SanguinDies nah Ubisoft games are 10x better Biomutant had a identity issue, also it just wasn't a fun game, class and character editor are very terrible it's like a bad version of Mass Effect and Kotor
  • It's a AA game, and am ambitious one at that.

    You have to set your expectations accordingly. I enjoyed a load of the game but it was a bit big, and the combat wasn't yhr most enjoyable IMO.

    To those complaining about the narrator they added options to reduce or remove it entirely shortly after release.

    Will happily revisit when this update drops.
  • @scardro But in my opinion the Ubisoft titles are soooo boring nowadays, you're doing the same kind of quests over and over again - it even doesn't matter which series it is, the kind of quests is absolutely the same in all of their games (e.g. taking down enemy forts exists in Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Immortals). All these games play and feel absolutely the same.

    The character creator of Biomutant was quite fun for me (hey, you're 'designing' a fantasy animal, not a human) and I liked the classes too, so I think this is very subjective.

    Also I can't understand why you're comparing Biomutant to Mass Effect or Kotor, please explain that to me. I've played all of them more than once and can't find any similarities.

    Overall all for an AA game Biomutant was very good. Like @Dervius said you simply have to lower expectations when playing games that aren't made by studios of Hollywood-like dimensions (money wise).
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