Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Year 7 'Operation Brutal Storm' is Now Live on Xbox

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Year 7 'Operation Brutal Storm' is Now Live on Xbox

Richard Walker

Rainbow Six Siege's third season of Year 7, titled ‘Operation Brutal Swarm’, has gone live today, introducing new Singaporean Operator Grim, and his swarm of bee-like nano bots. The new season also adds a new map, Phase 2 of the new Reputation System, match replay reporting, and various gameplay improvements.

Grim is a new high speed, low health attacker, armed with a 552 Commando or SG-CQB primary weapon and P229 secondary weapon, as well as his signature Kawan Hive Launcher gadget. This fires a projectile that deploys a canister, which upon hitting the ground releases a swarm of nano bots, which upon coming into contact with a defender, will reveal their position until their battery runs out.

The "fan-favourite" Stadium map will also be permanently added to Rainbow Six Siege's map rotation, under the new name of ‘Stadium Bravo’. The new map uses elements from other maps, as well as indestructible bulletproof glass, meaning squads on both sides will need to formulate new strategies.

Major balancing changes to weapons and their recoil have also rolled out, with an overhaul increasing the intensity of recoil during sustained bursts of fire. Console players will have dedicated recoil updates tailored especially for controllers. New weapon attachment options and the removal of the damage penalty when using a suppressor have also been implemented.

EMP grenades are also set to be added to some Operator locadouts for Season 3 Year 7, alongside new penalties for abusive text chat, the ability to report cheating through the Match Replay viewer, a new Map Ban phase including five maps, and tactical map updates.

The 10% off discount of all items in the shop will also return as a Battle Pass perk, and for all future Battle Passes. Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Brutal Swarm is now available.

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