Xbox Series X|S Update Will Let You Mute Breathing and Button Presses in Party Chat

Xbox Series X|S Update Will Let You Mute Breathing and Button Presses in Party Chat

Matt Lorrigan

Today's new Xbox Series X|S update is adding in party chat noise suppression to the console.

This option, when turned on, will help remove unwanted noises from your party chat, including button presses, background noise, and even breathing. However, if you'd prefer to keep some elements of the background noise in (such as music) you can instead turn off noise suppression in the Parties & chats options on the console.

The update also allows you to jump into a game from your friends' shared captures. Once you've taken a look at any screens or clips they've uploaded, you can immediately start playing through mobile or PC with cloud gaming.

You can check out the full update notes (including known issues) on the Xbox website here.

  • What about when Ed's eating?
  • @1, it's that kind of stuff that pushed me right out the door on playing multiplayer in games. Years ago, as gaming grew in popularity, it too, brought along all the shit heads.

    And it wasn't just the eating and the heavy breathing... There's was the purposeful tone deaf singing, and the obnoxious grunts, sounds, etc. loudly made to the point that it'd spike your volume.
  • Oh the good old days of idiots thinking everyone wants to listen to what they like through their headset lol It came with territory I guess but I’d much rather ppl talked in online games then not and if someone is obnoxious, mute is quick and easy. Party chat destroyed MP gaming for me. Most friends I made prior to that I still have, didn’t add half as many since that time though;-(
  • Yea, I miss game lobbies before party chat, too.
  • Miss the days when people talked. Everyone is so scared now to communicate. It makes games teamwork based games like Battlefield difficult.
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