Steelrising Brings Clockwork Revolution to Xbox Series X|S Today

Steelrising Brings Clockwork Revolution to Xbox Series X|S Today

Matt Lorrigan

Steelrising, Spiders' new action-RPG, is out today on Xbox Series X|S, bringing clockwork robots to the French revolution.

In an alternate version of 1789 Paris, the French Revolution has been brought to a halt by an army of automatons, deployed by King Louis XVI. Playing as Aegis, a masterpiece of an automaton created by engineer Vaucanson to protect the Queen, you must fight your way through Paris on behalf of Marie Antoinette herself.

In classic soulslike fashion, you'll have to dodge, parry, and time your attacks to fight off powerful enemies, and even more deadly bosses. There's a multitude of playstyles and weapons to choose from, as you level up over time, with a detailed interconnected map to explore.

There's even an Assist Mode, allowing players to tailor the experience to the exact difficulty that feels right for them, which can be turned on and off, but will affect some achievements.

You can check out the launch trailer down below. Steelrising is out today for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

  • More and more games not releasing on X-One... Really need to start searching for a Series X at some point... xD
  • Looks promising.

    The recent swathe of AA soulslikes have been very welcome. Thymesia was solid and I like the look of this.
  • Always liked Spiders' games, pretty excited to grab this tonight.
  • @1 Try Target. I see them there fairly often.
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