EA and Koei Tecmo Are Teaming Up on a Monster Hunter-Style Game

EA and Koei Tecmo Are Teaming Up on a Monster Hunter-Style Game

Matt Lorrigan

EA and Koei Tecmo have teamed up to work together on “the next great hunting game”.

Set to be published under the EA Originals label, and developed by Koei Tecmo studio Omega Force, the hunting game will be set in fantasy feudal Japan, and promises to deliver a “truly AAA experience”. More details are arriving later this month, likely during Tokyo Game Show.

“Building on the incredible success of EA Originals, which includes the recent releases of It Takes Two and Knockout City, we’re thrilled to be partnering with the amazingly talented Omega Force team,” said EA Partners general manager Jeff Gamon. “They’ve elevated the hunting genre to the next level, merging their proven talent for combat gameplay with unexpected and innovative mechanics. We can’t wait to introduce their groundbreaking new adventure to the world later this month.”

But what sort of game will this be? Well, when you hear “hunting game”, you might think about those slightly ropey deer hunting simulators. However, EA and Koei Tecmo's announcement mentions that developer Omega Force has worked on “hunting action games” before. And, with a little bit of digging, you'll find that the official Koei Tecmo website also describes the Omega Force's Toukiden series as, you guessed it, a “hunting action game”.

Released on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation consoles, Toukiden is heavily inspired by Capcom's Monster Hunter series. So, it appears that Koei Tecmo and EA are partnering on another Monster Hunter-style game. Perhaps another title in the Toukiden series? Or maybe a new IP entirely? We likely won't have to wait long to find out.

  • As long as they allow Koei Tecmo and Omega Force to lead without EA meddling then this game has a chance to be amazing
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