Aliens vs. Predator Interview, Dave Brickley, Senior Producer

Dan Webb
By now you should have read our Aliens vs. Predator hands on multiplayer preview. You haven’t? But we posted it a mere matter of minutes before we posted this. You’re only human you say? Well that’s where you’re going wrong!

Last week we got chance to catch up with Aliens vs. Predator’s Senior Producer, Dave Brickley, after our hands-on to talk all things Aliens vs. Predator. The interview touches on such things as, staying true to the franchise, the highly anticipated multiplayer, their thoughts on the MA15+ rating given in Australia and the multiplayer’s must-get-right balance issues.

Grab a snack, turn off the lights and prepare for an interview with the Senior Producer of one of the most graphically violent games for some time.

Aliens vs. Predator is out February 16th and February 19th in North America and Europe respectively.
  • Dude AVP hell yeah. Can't wait
  • Day 1 buy for me. Hope the game does the AVP movies some justice.
  • @2 it better otherwise im gonna be disappointed, im just bummed that america gets it 3 days before me =( WHY?!
  • omg i cant actually wait for this!!!!!
  • Is this guy on meth?
  • this is gonna spank the movies, the movies were just pure, unadulterated tat. 19th Feb cant come soon enough.
  • why does america get it before us????
  • And your a meat bag! LOL good review!
  • cant wait for my copy to arrive
  • You're getting used to this camera malarky now eh Webb, but why does Dave Brickley have such a "dear-in-headlights" look on his face? The other side of the camera is something no man should ever see.... =P
  • wow, i preordered this before i knew about the lack of dedicated servers, and now i'm experiencing some serious buyer's remorse... just don't see how one user's xbox can support a match with so many players. will this just end up a broken license-based cash grab?
  • gonna be amazing :]
  • Single player will be amazing. Not so sure about the multiplayer. Without it's own servers... could be the usual nightmare of lag, and screaming 12 year old brats that boot you just for picking up a weapon they wanted. We shall see.
  • this is going to be the best game out there a+
  • @7 in america the games get released on a tuesday, lucky buggers!!
  • @ 2 AND 3 I dont know how i can explress this any clearer.. the games have nothing to do with the films... for the games have way more experience than the silver screen... ive been playing avp games since i was like 10 or something... if anything hollywood copied the games... like dead or alive-- or resident evil or something
  • I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME >.< End of Comment.
  • Can't. Fucking. Wait.
  • @ 2 and 3 i hope you guys aren't actually serious... the films were gawd awful, enjoyable for some to a certain extent sure, but such bad films for so many reasons, this game is a godsend in comparison!
  • @2 & 3 The AVP movies are only good in a sort of 'so bad its good' way. I thought the 2nd was so dumb & borderline offensive.
  • Awesome.
  • Amazing Game, Can't Believe Dont Have Personal Servers To Set Up For Friends =/ bit of bummer... going to be massive lag for american to british players. Must get Game For 2010 prob going to be best buy of year apart from Halo Reach ! BUT WE ALL KNOW BRITSH ARE THE BETTER GAMERS =P *We Dont Have Ten Years Old* * * Who Agrees?? * *
  • @22 I disagree. I've had plenty of bratty little english kids in my games before. And at 4-5am my 10-12 yours, depending on the day light savings time, you'd think they'd be in a school? Hahaha Either way I agree you have less annoying kids than here in the states. Kids in the UK tell us to go eat another f'in burger...what do the little US kids tell you guys to do? I've always wondered what the little pipsqueaks have for ammo. LOL!!! Ah, but I digress, I tried the AvP demo...and while the graphics are ok I guess...the gameplay is entertaining, and that's what matters!!! Looking forward to it.
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