GoldenEye 007 Officially Announced For Xbox Game Pass With 4K Support and Achievements

GoldenEye 007 Officially Announced For Xbox Game Pass With 4K Support and Achievements

Matt Lorrigan

GoldenEye is officially coming soon to Xbox Game Pass, Rare has announced.

Having previously been leaked via its achievement list, this new version has now been officially revealed, and has apparently been “faithfully recreated for Xbox consoles”. This includes achievements (as expected) as well as a 4K resolution, and a smoother framerate, even in split-screen local multiplayer.

There's no official release date as of yet, but Rare says the game is “coming soon” to Xbox Game Pass. And it's worth noting that the official announcement trailer includes the Rare Replay logo in the corner, suggesting it might become part of Rare's compilation game.

  • Seeing the "Rare Replay" graphic at the end, I wonder if this is being added to the Rare Replay Collection? Either as an update or DLC?
  • Never liked the original, congrats to those that did.
  • Yes finally!!!
  • @Akinokaze: It will be free for owners of Rare Replay, as well as being on Game Pass. :)
  • @1 from what I saw on Twitter, if you own the Rare Replay collection digitally, Goldeneye will be added to that or it will be a free download.
  • i hope i can actually buy it
  • Now if they could add the original Xbox version of Conker’s Bad Fur Day as well, that’d be grand. I know it’s backwards compatible, but I want a version with proper widescreen, more modernised control schemes, etc. And achievements, obviously.
  • Happy for y'all. Can I have Manhunt now?
  • @The Pants Party - Some important updates.

    1) Looking through the twitter thread, it looks like this is basically just a rom of the N64 game, and not a finished version of the nearly completed XBLA game.

    2) Owners of the digital version of the Rare Replay Collection, will get it for free.

    3) According to a screenshot of an article [but I've not seen the original] online multiplier is EXCLUSIVE TO THE SWITCH.
  • The Switch online version sounds like something weird. Described as 4 player based on scenarios from other Bond movies like the Man with the Golden Gun. Not sure if that's just worded weirdly or some new type of Nintendo's mode?
    Was hoping the Xbox version was the updated game they were working on. Still could be fun for laughs with the buddies without having to fire up my N64 anymore.
  • @10 Not sure how familiar you are with Goldeneye 007 on N64 but those scenarios are just multiplayer game types.
  • If the visuals aren't updated, It's gonna be rough to look at.
  • I can't believe the Switch is getting the exclusive online multiplayer, as the Switch Online service is terrible for me. You can't even do native voice chat, and I never use it because of that.
  • @13 from what i've been able to piece together from comments, it's not true online multiplayer.

    It's something built into the emulation system of the switch that involves screensharing and streaming to basically play the same instance of the game as if it was local multiplayer.

    People say it applies to other emulated games on the system and runs terribly.

    This is NOT an actual implementation of online netcode to allow online multiplayer, and not something kept away from the xbox [even calling it exclusive to the switch is a stretch.]
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