Discord is Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Discord is Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Matt Lorrigan

Discord has finally arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has announced.

It was previously revealed that the popular social platform Discord would be coming to Xbox consoles, giving players another way to chat with their friends through the Xbox platform. Now, Discord Voice has arrived on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, letting players talk with anyone on Discord via voice channels and group calls directly from the console.

Players will also be able to see who is in the call, and who is speaking, through the Xbox console, and players will have the ability to adjust the sound and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox Game Chat as they like.

In order to get started, you'll need to head to the Discord mobile app and link your Discord account to your Xbox - you can find the details on how to do this here.

  • I've already had this for a while on my Xbox Guide, so I am assuming it was released early for Insiders. I followed the Guide's instructions and linked it to my Xbox, but the Guide never updated or explained how to use it from the console afterwards. I just continued to use it from my phone's app, as it didn't seem to work on my Xbox.
  • Definitely really good as well as needed with all these cross platform games.
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