Exoprimal Gets a Dino-tastic New TGS 2022 Story Trailer

Exoprimal Gets a Dino-tastic New TGS 2022 Story Trailer

Richard Walker

Capcom has released a new trailer for co-op dino-blaster Exoprimal, the game in which dinosaurs are summoned to Earth by a malevolent AI, and it falls to you and your Exosuit-wearing buddies to shoot them back into extinction. Bear in mind, however, that some dinos have sniping capabilities, for some reason.

As dinos emerge from spacetime distortions to swarm and ravage the planet, you'll use your cutting-edge Exosuits to fight back, in “never-ending wargames” between hordes of prehistoric creatures and humanity. Meanwhile, you'll need to discover the origins of the dino threat, all while your Exosuit power comes at a cost.

You can find out more in the new TGS story trailer for Exoprimal below, ahead of its 2023 release for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Roar.

  • Dear Capcom.

    This looks fun and features a character that looks like Regina.

    Unfortunately, it's a new Dino Crisis game or GTFO!

    Cheers, the Dino Crisis fans.
  • There's no way this isn't the online mode for a Dino Crisis game
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