GTA 6's Biggest Leak Yet Sees More Than 90 Alleged Gameplay Videos Spill Onto the Web

GTA 6's Biggest Leak Yet Sees More Than 90 Alleged Gameplay Videos Spill Onto the Web

Richard Walker

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are nothing new, but so far, none have been quite so seismic as this one. More than 90 videos alleged to be from a work-in-progress development build have spilled online, posted to GTA Forums, before being distributed via social media and YouTube.

The alleged GTA 6 game footage appears to be legitmate, and comes from GTA Forums member teptuberhacker, who claims to have downloaded the videos via Slack. Assuming the gameplay is legitimate, it corroborates a previous report from Bloomberg, which states that the game could feature a female protagonist and Vice City setting.

Some of the highlights from the massive GTA 6 leak posted to YouTube include a video of a female character fleeing a diner having held up and robbed the cashiers, footage of the same character in a neon-packed strip club full of NPCs, and a snippet from the Vice City Metro station.

Another clip published to Twitter offers a glimpse at GTA 6's shooting mechanics when driving, while a further clip shows a conversation system and another robbery. Apparently, the user who leaked the deluge of footage to GTA Forums claims to be in possession of GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code, and is threatening to publish both.

Again, the footage lines up with what Bloomberg has previously claimed, with a Latina female protagonist, who is one of two main characters “in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde”. Of course, much of what's shown in the leaked gameplay is clearly in early production, so much of it could be placeholder.

According to Bloomberg, Grand Theft Auto VI could be “at least two years away”, but should the leaked footage prove to be legitimate (and Bloomberg reported Jason Schreier seems to think it could be), as thought, it could potentially be coming sooner than you think.

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  • "a nightmare for Rockstar Games"


    Still looking forward to playing it but my love for R* is almost lost completely.
  • 90 videos and 0 worth watching, what a shame.
  • The couple I saw had some interesting stuff in them
  • Maybe see it at The Game Awards this year? I just want a new GTA!!!!! Were going on a decade here man.

    This will be the first one I actually wait on some review scores on. The parents of the best GTA games aren't at R* anymore and I almost never like a sequal not directed by the creator.
  • "Leak"
  • @Blade Waiting on reviews will be worthless. It's GTA, no matter the quality, it's going to score almost univeral 10s across the board.
  • This is just gonna make the workers lives even worse now.
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