Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox: Phil Spencer Hasn't "Given Up Yet"

Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox: Phil Spencer Hasn't "Given Up Yet"

Richard Walker

Talk of Final Fantasy XIV one day making its way to Xbox, dates back to three years ago, when Xbox boss Phil Spencer first mentioned the possibility, before Square Enix stated that it might be able to work on an Xbox version of the MMORPG, if can find the time amid a heavy workload.

Last year, talks regarding Final Fantasy XIV for Xbox had been positive, but anything official is yet to be forthcoming. However, you can rest assured that Xbox hasn't “given up” on eventually getting the game on Xbox consoles.

"Of course, we haven't given up yet," Spencer told GameWatch (as per Google Translate and VGC). "This is Microsoft and Square Enix's commitment to game fans, and we will continue to coordinate."

Don't lose hope of ever seeing Final Fantasy XIV on an Xbox console, then - it sounds like it's going to happen eventually. But keep your fingers crossed, just in case.

  • No thanks done with mmorpgs being released then getting closed down.
  • I. Would've been excited for this 3 years ago, but I don't know if I want to go through all that grinding since we are so far behind.
  • @Goggs games been running strong perfectly fine doubt it coming to Xbox will shut it down
  • I will start with the Pixel Remaster and FF7R. Get me those and we can work on FF14 later.
  • Yea I would rather have ff7R over 14
  • Give up and get FF7R over here instead!
  • Like the rest of u I would want the Pixel Remaster and the FF7R as well before 14. We would be so far behind on 14 compared to everyone else.
  • I have very little faith this will happen and Im not really bothered if it doesn't, I'd also prefer Front mission 1 and 2 over the pixel remaster of FF.
  • Meh, honestly it seems dated to me now and a lot of the boss fights with the numbering and zones all laid out just seem so so weird now. Rather a new FF in the same format genre came out but better.
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