Hei$t Gets Thrown Into The Slammer, For Life

Richard Walker

Chances are, you might not remember Hei$t, the bank robbery title that had been stuck in development hell since 2007. Set in 1969, the game had you robbing banks in San Francisco, California.

Publisher Codemasters has decided to can the project, citing issues of quality - something that's high on the agenda for the UK publisher, who has had a year of top notch games such as DiRT 2, Op Flash 2 and erm, Ashes Cricket 2009.

"After a much extended development period, Hei$t has been terminated as a project and removed from our release schedule," a Codemasters spokesperson told CVG.

"Codemasters is focusing its future portfolio on high quality titles that will, in the majority, be developed and produced by our internal studios."

Never mind. We still have Kane & Lynch 2 on the way, which should help fulfil all our gritty criminal fantasies.

[Via CVG]

  • lol ive neverm heard of it anyway, someone will probably pick it up
  • It's a shame, sounded interesting
  • Looked terrible anyway, would probably have gotten a 5 or 6 out of 10 in GI.
  • thats the game with the picture of the black dude with the big afro i think, cant remember where i saw it. I woul have prob played it, had potential if done right but most likely not and sucks like godfather 2. Mafia 2 will be better then godfather, but still not the best GTA is where its at.
  • This was probably just going to be another forgettable gamefly rental anyway.
  • I had it down on my Lovefilm rent but didnt no much about it.. Ow well! Sounded like it could of been a fun game!
  • kane & lynch FTW ! /m/
  • Gutted! Who doesn't want to rob banks for fun? I was quite looking forward to this game. At least there's plenty of other good games out this year to make up for it (presuming they don't get pushed back till 2011!)
  • No real loss then.
  • LOL I've had this preordered since it was announced. Oh well.
  • Dissapointed, had this game on my "to buy" list for over a year.
  • Sucks, I wanted to cop this.
  • A game based of robbing banks? would be kinda a lame version of GTA?
  • Yeah, the concept sounded great. Oh well...
  • Strange bringing Kane & Lynch 2 into this considering the first Kane & Lynch was probably a worst game than even this Hei$t was in it's unfinished state, 2 is going to me something super special for me to even consider renting it yet alone buying.
  • is this game going to have cheesze 70's music ? lol..... think i will pass on this one.
  • *sadness* :( i was worried this would happen when news on it went cold and online shopping sites turned the confirmed date to 31/12/08 to 'unconfirmed'. could be been good... owell.
  • @ 16 Dude, the story just said the project was shelved indefinitely. You have no chocie but to pass on this one. Do you read before you post?
  • This site needs to upfdate its info, says on right it was released in US on October 21, 2008 LOL
  • I was really looking forward to this game. =/ I agree with #15... Kane and Lynch 1 was probably the worst game i've EVER played. Couldn't get more then a couple levels in. Can't imagine the 2nd one is gonna be any better, but i'll give it chance.
  • damn i was waiting for this forever it was suppose to release like 10 times and then changed dates. and kane and lynch is one of the best games ever so shut ya lips
  • Yeah I was looking forward to this also. Oh well I guess. I still think a game like this could be really good
  • I was interested in this game. Oh well.
  • Oh Thank God. Guys, if it was Developed by Codemasters and not a racing game it was gonna be awful. Do I gotta remind you all of Turning Point?
  • i dont remember hearing about this game but since its not been released it might have failed like dark void not that ive played dark void
  • The jokes on you #16.
  • Looked like crap anyways, besides using a $ symbol in the title already makes the game look bad. Would of passed on this regardless.
  • The nay sayers on here are kind of stupid (like the twit whose comment is directly above mine). You can't tell how good a game is until you yourself play it. Not to mention, CodeMasters weren't the developer, inXile was.
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