Splinter Cell Remake Story is Being Rewritten to Make it Better Suited to a 'Modern Audience'

Splinter Cell Remake Story is Being Rewritten to Make it Better Suited to a 'Modern Audience'

Richard Walker

It's been almost a year since we've heard anything about the Splinter Cell remake, beyond Ubisoft hoping to build a “solid base” for the future of the series, off the back of it. We also now know that the game's story is set to be rewritten, as part of the update, ensuring it's something that better suits a “modern-day audience”.

That's according to a job listing spied by PSU (via GameSpot), which is looking for a writer to update the original game's narrative, albeit with the first Splinter Cell serving as its foundation. "Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation we are rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience," the listing states. "We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable."

The successful candidate will work alongside Splinter Cell: Blacklist developer Ubisoft Toronto, and help in constructing a "cohesive and compelling" narrative for a “new audience” discovering Splinter Cell for the first time. And with the game now twenty years old, there's plenty of scope for updating the storyline, alongside the game itself, which will be rebuilt from the ground up using The Division's Snowdrop Engine.

The Splinter Cell remake is still in early development, and, as such, has yet to receive a release window.

  • Red Flag #1
  • Well we all know what this means. I'm wracking my brain to try an figure out how you can ruin Splinter Cell with woke garbage. Maybe Sam won't be a white guy anymore. He'll be an African American, little person, pre-op transgender individual. Instead of being a stealth master, super spy, he /she / they will be a blogger that fights back against corporate infrastructure and capitalism instead of terrorism. Oh and no guns whatsoever. Guns are evil clearly. People don't kill people. Weapons do. So the new an "improved" Sam Fisher would never do such a thing. The way they fight is with strongly worded twit longers. If that fails, they must go full Karen and demand to speak to the Manager. XD
  • @2 - Absolutely nothing suggests this. They just said that they were updating this for a "modern day audience". That could simply mean an update in world politics and conflict. We don't know.
  • Remake + rewrite = reboot? At least, this sounds a lot more like a reboot. I'll be very surprised if the gameplay stays the same. Expectations will assuredly be pretty low across the board, so hopefully it'll be a nice surprise if/when it finally releases.
  • Why jump to conclusions?
  • So much for the Palm-based OPSAT and HUD.

    When I played through the BC version a couple of years ago, it still holds up. No different than when I played it 20 years ago. I feel that only capturing the spirit and themes will remove the charm of the original and the remake will fall short.
  • I wouldn’t be shocked if we look back on this in a year and see that @2 was closer to the bone than we wanted to admit. Maybe, Samantha Fisher.
  • I guess the original story about eastern European politics, war and attacks against the west would be too far fetched in today's world.
  • Seems like #2 should in fact apply. All those things he has problem with are the ones that actually sell these days so on a weird way he may just be the person to revamp plot for current generation lol
  • @9 lmao Maybe I should submit a resume for creative director? All I have to do is have management tell me to make a "modern game" that will sell millions. Copy that. So put literally everything I hate about gaming today and culture at large, then pack it full of lootboxes, finish off with an overly preachy virtue signaling marketing campaign and we're in the money. XD
  • Rainbow goggles incoming.
  • I assume they are changing some of the story because of real life events
  • As soon as I saw the headline I knew someone on this site would find a way to ensure 'woke' got a senseless mention. Second comment did not disappoint.

    My initial read of this is that it's being rewritten to reflect the current technological and political reality. It's a high tech espionage thriller, what was impressive then isn't necessarily now. It'll need a revamp.

    If it does mean it also reflects more modern social values in some way, then great. "Woke" is a nonsense term co-opted by chuds to demonise any attempt at increasing representation of minority groups or just about any socially conscious decision. People who use it are almost unilaterally ignorant, discriminatory and at the very least flirting with bigotry.

    None of this is to say Ubisoft are beyond reproach and should be trusted implicitly, but maybe it's not the time to freak out because *gasps* there might be more women in it or something, even if that isn't at all what this basic comment says.
  • We are waiting so long for this and yes, it needs technical updates but not sure if the story needs any change.. again their wording is worrysome.. hope their "new audience" is not another's "broader audience".. better give us some good game ubisoft
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