Mysterious White Xbox Series X Console Glimpsed in New Advert

Mysterious White Xbox Series X Console Glimpsed in New Advert

Matt Lorrigan

A new white version of the Xbox Series X has been spotted in an advert for a Logitech wireless headset. [via VGC]

Around fourteen seconds into the advert (which you can see down below) a white Xbox Series X can be seen, alongside the standard white PlayStation 5, white DualSense controller, and a white Xbox Wireless Controller, among other white gadgets.

It's currently unclear as to whether this is a yet-unannounced version of the Xbox Series X, which only currently appears in black, outside of a few special edition consoles. However, the way the scene in the advert is set up, with everything white, also suggests this might be a one-off design purely for the advert. In the scene immediately after it, the focus is on the colour black, although a black Xbox Series X doesn't appear.

Might we be getting a dazzling white Xbox Series X console in the future, to match the Xbox Series S and the PlayStation 5? Or was this simply a one-off prop for an advert that's been taken out of context? Hopefully we'll get an official answer from Microsoft soon.

  • Looks nice in white. Let's hope it's for real.
  • Makes sense, the new elite series controller looks much better in white white the black grips
  • Probably just a custom made for the advert. I'd be more interested in a new mid generation upgrade, but we're still a couple years from that (hopefully).
  • Its just a skin
  • I'd love a white version to match my 360 and OneX !
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