Riders Republic Season 4 Part 2 Begins Today With a Zombie Riders Halloween Event

Riders Republic Season 4 Part 2 Begins Today With a Zombie Riders Halloween Event

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that Riders Republic has kicked off the second half of Season 4: Freestylin' today, offering six weeks of themed events, starting with a Halloween and Zombies Invasion, which runs for the next seven days. This first event includes an arena customised for Halloween, as the mystery of Area 52 comes to a conclusion.

From 2nd to 9th November, the Snowskate will be added as a new toy, enabling you to engage in a new freestyle experience on the streets and parks of Mammoth Mountain, partaking in new Tricks battle special playlists. Year 1 Pass owners can try out the Snowskate a week ahead of everyone else.

The subsequent week will then add the Freestyler challenge, pitting riders against cops in “crazy chases", via an ‘Urban Jungle’ Free-for-All playlist. After that, Ubi celebrates Riders Republic's first anniversary with new challenges and ‘collision-free’ mass races, as well as exclusive rewards like birthday jackets and burger boxes. Favourite Year 1 outfits will also return to the in-game store.

From 23rd November, the southern desert will play host to a new BMX playlist with a cowboy hat rewards, then seven days later, it'll be getting frosty, as a new Free-For-All ice-based race, new hoodies, and more will debut. And, finally, the final week of Season 4 festivities runs from 7th to 14th December, with a nostalgic BMX event and new items.

Here's the schedule for Riders Republic Season 4 Part 2:

  • Halloween and Zombies Invasion (26/10 to 02/11)
  • New Toy: The Snowskate (02/11 to 09/11)
  • Cops’ vs City Freestylers (09/11 to 16/11)
  • Let’s celebrate the Riders Republic B-Day (16/11 to 23/11)
  • BMXTRA - Southern Dirt (23/11 to 30/11)
  • Great Snowscapes (30/11 to 07/12) 
  • Back-in-The-day (07/12 to 14/12)
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