THQ To Revisit Major Franchises Next Year

Richard Walker

THQ has announced several forthcoming sequels for their 2012 fiscal year, which runs from April 2011 ending on March 31st 2012.

According to Kotaku, the list of sequels were reeled off during an investor call by THQ CEO Brian Farrell, who mentioned four sequels to existing THQ properties including Red Faction: Guerrilla, Saints Row and Darksiders. The fourth was the Wii-exclusive De Blob.

THQ bossman Brian Farrell also told Kotaku that gamers should expect Red Faction: Guerrilla 2 to see release sometime around the publisher's fiscal year 2011, which ends March 31st 2011 and to look forward to "robust online gameplay" for the sequel.

[Via Kotaku]

  • Will be interested in the red faction sequel..not so much for the others.
  • Really want Darksides 2. Wrath of War was an amzing game!
  • Yay Saint's row 3 and RF 2!
  • Looking forward to Saints 3, gonna be more ridiculousness!
  • Great to hear a possible saints row 3, hopefully it can be in a new area, and a new red faction but another darksiders, the first was incredibly boring and they just ripped off every other game they could think off. i suppose this will give them enough time to copy every game from now till then.
  • omg saints row 3 jesus the sencond was jokes be looking forward to that red faction hmmmmm ? not so much
  • @5; Pull your ignorant head out of your loose arsehole and think for a second. Games get their ideas, from other things, it's part of life. Books do it, films do it, music does it. It's like saying, any FPS copied Doom, or Goldeneye. If your that narrowminded, stupid, ignorant, and pathetic to think that they just stole ideas from every game possible, well fuck you, seriously. ~Bryce
  • A sequel to Darksiders doesn't shock me. Thank you GameInformer, guess there's supposed to be three more or something.
  • saints row 3 would be pretty good if they keep the same style as the first 2 and dont make it as glitchy as SR2.
  • more saints row is always good. lose the other 3, just focus on tha row!
  • @7 Right on... totally agree. Darksiders was awesome. Besides, being a mix of games can be a bad thing, but darksiders did it well. who would want more than the mix up of the GOOD elements from GOOD games.... with has a Un-stolen and very interesting (maybe a bit whack) story line?
  • @7: I'm right in guessing you liked Darksiders?
  • No Saints Row 3 until at least 2011 if I understood that right? Shit. :(
  • Meh... Darksiders was boring. THQ doesn't impress me in general anyway.
  • good to see Saints 3 there, its more enjoyable than gta 4 anyway
  • Why so long for Saints Row!?!?! Do they not know how much money they could make!?
  • Very interested in the other Horsemen for Darksiders 2
  • I'll be looking forward to Saints Row 3 then :) And @7 Grow up, man. It's that guys opinion that they copied everything from somewhere else, no need to just bash him for it because you don't think so.
  • #7 - Talk about an over reaction, blimey. Darksiders was as generic as they come, and it really was a carbon copy of Zelda, in Biblical clothes. The only thing in the game not from Zelda? The Portal gun. *face palm* Hopefully they can shake things up for the sequel, and I am interested in seeing the impact that the presence of the other horsemen will have.
  • this is SO WEIRD. Me and a mate were talking if there ever gonna make a SAINTS ROW 3, and 2 days later, it's announced!
  • aawwwlll .. poor thq.. gone are the days of wcw vs nwo world tour, revenge, wresltemania 2000 and no mercy, in my mind the best thq games ever made and best wrestling games ever made.. saints row 3 would be worth a look for sure
  • Just what the market needs, yet more sequels. Wasnt Saints Row 2 shit enough?
  • Ya'll are really stepping it up with all these fancy words. You're really impressing me.
  • Saints row 3 FTW, RF2 maybe, Still need to beat darksiders 1 but anyway good news.
  • I agree with #2, bring on the Darksiders sequel.
  • @#7 Stop being such a cunt and chill out
  • while darksiders may have been a copy of zelda their main difference is that war was more baddass than link =P -nonetheless theyr both awesome games for me
  • I was so psyched for RF, but was disappointed when it hit... Saints row 3?!? F*** YEAH!
  • They should put 4 player co-op free roaming in SR3. Bigger map, more activities, more challenges, create your own customize gangs, and no more women clothing!!!
  • @5 and Saints Row is completly original?
  • Saints Row 3 would be sweet. :)
  • I liked Red Faction, and it's DLC story chapter was also excellent. I'd probably buy the sequel unless it gets absolutely slated in reviews.
  • Wild guess: Darksiders 2-4 will be the other three horsemen, with Death being the last. No complaints here, I'm enjoying the game just fine. Just curious how they'll be able to revamp a somewhat generic hack 'n' slash game into four distinct and worthwhile games.
  • @30: saints row was fresh and fun, it provides something that other games in that genre failed to do (such as GTA4) It was great fun playing through in co-op, it doesnt take itself to seriously.
  • Saint's Row 3 should be amazing!! But I want Red Faction back in first person :( I don't like Guerilla, the old Red Faction games were some of the most kickass FPS games to date IMO and I still play RF2 from time to time on my 360.
  • YAY Saiints Row! :D
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