Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Updated to 2000

Alan Pettit

Ok, please, before everyone starts freaking out with the "OMG M$ broke their own rulez!!1!" hear me out and understand why I think this is actually a legit move on their part.

First of all, if you didn't click that link to read the rules, Microsoft has currently set an 80 achievement/1750 point cap on all games that are increased through downloadable content, with a 250 point per quarter (3 month) stipulation. All in agreement, yes? Good.

Now, here is a game that has now hit 2000. Rules broken? Not quite. Dawn of War II is a PC-exclusive game at retail. It's sequel/expansion "Chaos Rising" will also be through retail outlets only. So, therein lies the rub. It's not downloadable content! Flimsy? Yeah, but I believe their "rules" may still be intact. And really, they are still two completely separate retail games, their achievement lists just happen to be merged together.

Regardless, the original 1000 points have all been edited on xbox.com (and of course here) to include "in Dawn of War II" at the end to signify what the original list was, with 24 new achievements being added for the upcoming expansion (all stipulating "in Chaos Rising" in their descriptions), adding a full retail's worth of 1000 gamerscore on top of the original list.

So here you have it, folks. Another first in the history of gamerscore! Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is due March 11th in the US and the 12th in Europe.


Chaos Lord 70
Play 20 Ranked games using Chaos in Chaos Rising.

Blood God 25
Win a Ranked game using only Khorne-themed units in Chaos Rising.

Plague Father 25
Win a Ranked game using only Nurgle-themed units in Chaos Rising.

Bringer of Change 25
Win a Ranked game using only Tzeentch-themed units in Chaos Rising.

Chaos Undivided 25
Win a Ranked Team Battle with each Chaos hero on the team in Chaos Rising.

King Of The Hill 50
Win 10 online Free for All matches in Chaos Rising.

Manipulator 25
Score 500,000 in The Last Stand with the Hive Tyrant or Sorcerer in Chaos Rising.

Overlord 60
Reach level 20 in The Last Stand with the Hive Tyrant or Sorcerer in Chaos Rising.

Usurper 60
Beat wave 20 in The Last Stand with the Hive Tyrant or Sorcerer in Chaos Rising.

The Emperor's Justice 20
Defeat the Traitor Guardsmen on Aurelia in Chaos Rising.

The Enemy Exposed 50
Defeat the true enemy attacking Angel Forge in Chaos Rising.

The Challenge Answered 50
Answer the enemy commander's challenge on Aurelia in Chaos Rising.

Enemy of Chaos 70
Complete campaign on Recruit Difficulty or harder in Chaos Rising.

Conqueror of Chaos 70
Complete campaign on Sergeant Difficulty or harder in Chaos Rising.

Bane of Chaos 70
Complete campaign on Captain Difficult or harder in Chaos Rising.

End of Chaos 70
Complete campaign on Primarch Difficulty in Chaos Rising.

Common Foe 25
Complete 1 Chaos Rising mission in Co-Op.

Duty is its own Reward 50
Complete 6 Chaos Rising missions as a GUEST in Co-Op.

Bad Example 25
Get any squad to maximum Corruption in Chaos Rising. Not available to guests.

Relentless 25
Reach level 30 with any campaign squad in Chaos Rising. Not available to guests.

Forbidden Knowledge 10

Unlock the dark secrets of "The Fate of Galan" in Chaos Rising.

Purist 50
Complete a mission on the Space Hulk with 4 Terminators in Chaos Rising.

Domination 25
Hold 5+ victory points at once in an online Free for All in Chaos Rising.

Secret Achievement 25
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.


  • cool, cant wait to get!
  • pretty cool ae
  • Nerd cred.
  • @3 actually is over 1 thousand. I win
  • I still have so much to do one this game it's scary.I really liked it a lot.
  • couldn't they combine halo 3's achievements with odst's achievement since odst is a retail only expansion game, just like with dawn of war 2?
  • Never thought that this would be the 2K game... Though iut is a good reason since its a full fledged retail expansion though why didn't gthey do two lists ?
  • i could've sworn the title of this site was xbox360achievements.org.... who gives a fuck about a pc game....
  • Well the gamerscore is combined with 360 & GFWL. I'm guessing that when the site was made, GFWL wasn't around yet and so xbox360achievements was a good name but since its about expanding gamerscore, it kind of makes sense to cover the windows ones too. In short, some of us DO care
  • #9 people who like playing PC games and having it count towards their gamerscore?
  • #9: *facepalm* They didn't have PC achievements when the site was founded, and since they get added to your gamertag just like any other achievement, I can guarantee you most of our members care. And the thousands of gamers who ONLY play PC games. Troll elsewhere.
  • @#9 Exactly
  • @#9 haha:)
  • @#9, you aren't very smart... Games for windows live have achievements and since it links with your XBox 360 Gamertag I can just assume that's why GFWL are on here...
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Wow, such hate. But 2000 would look weird on my gamercard. It would make my 1000s and 1250s look bad. And especially the 200s.
  • #17 OCD much?
  • 2000 would look SO sick on the GT, but not a PC player myself.
  • This game should have come out at least 100 years ago, last Thursday. And the gamerscore for this game should be OVER 9000, instead of a measly 2000.
  • For the Immortal Emperor of Mankind!!
  • #16 Well said.
  • A sly little loophole on the whole "rules" system from achievements/gamerscore.
  • Who the fuck would be annoyed by a game having 2000G?
  • heres hoping the dragon age expansion does the same thing
  • @7- wouldn't that make Halo 3 max gamerscore 2750. I think that would be a little to high. Nice try though.
  • Also, I don't think it could be based on the expansion being available through retailer. If that were the case, couldn't GTAIV be 2000 (Episodes from Liberty City). Or what about Tomb Raider Legend's Anniversary expansion or the Fallout expansion retail packages the disc based one atleast?
  • y cant they keep all games at 1000 it looks stupid past that
  • I completely agree with #25.
  • @ everyone hoping to get 2000 on all their DLC: Congratulations, you ARE achievements whores! (Btw, ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAND)
  • Omg Another rule in the can
  • i dont care about the rules, if games where aloud to keep increasing the amount of score for dlc, they would be playd for longer, no limits.
  • OMG M$ broke their own rulez!!1!... Ow wait..
  • They may as well have given it a seperate Game ID. But meh who cares, another 1000 points is another 1000 points.
  • @7 ODST was never classed as an expansion, just a stand alone game
  • hmmmm, if i ever actually buy a decent pc i may have to get this.
  • @5 SHUT THE HELL UP, HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN DRAGON BALL Z???? :P on a side note, i nearly cried when i realised this wouldnt run on my mac... :'(
  • i wonder how many people are gonna buy this just cause its 2000 points worth of achievements.
  • 2000. Nifty.
  • Hive Tyrant for Last Stand?!? Hell yeah!!!
  • The only reason why they gave this game 2000 gamerscore is so PC can get something before we do
  • @12 you tell'um pants! Good to see chaos on there now! :) and remember... Red onnes goo fasstierrr!
  • Awesome. I love this game and loved to see last stand for free. Looks like it's gonna be more of dow goodness. Can't go wrong with the best RTS out there (that is until starcraft 2 comes out^^)
  • Dawn of War 2
  • @9 Go die in a hole PC gamers out rank every console gamer combined. You want to know why? Because everyone and their damn mothers have a computer and play a game. Use the thing in your head, we all call a brain before you make a ridiculous comment. And before you bitch like you probably will that this is x360 achievements. Yes it is, but the PC has versions of achievements that track on to your x360a gamertag, therefore technically making them x360 achievements. Think before you post dumb shit.
  • It adds another 1k achievements? Cool haha. Good game. Gonna get the expansion for sure.
  • thanks for the info
  • #11: I like getting achievements in PC games :-). It's annoying when they bring an Xbox 360 game to PC and DON'T include achievements. Developers should all follow Batman: AA, Fallout 3, BioShock 2's lead in adding achievements.
  • to bad i dont have a pc to run this game =/
  • this game is great. if you don't have it, you should really get it!
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