Microsoft States That 'Many' of Sony's First-Party Games 'Are Better Quality' and 'Iconic'

Microsoft States That 'Many' of Sony's First-Party Games 'Are Better Quality' and 'Iconic'

Richard Walker

As the investigations into Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard continue, Microsoft has admitted that Sony has “more exclusive games than Microsoft, many of which are better quality” in a statement regarding the deal's potential impact on marketplace competitivity. Indeed, it claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment is a far bigger and more powerful publisher.

"In addition to being the dominant console provider, Sony is also a powerful game publisher," reads Microsoft's response to a CMA Issues Statement (via Eurogamer). “Sony is roughly equivalent in size to Activision and nearly double the size of Microsoft's game publishing business.”

It cites “iconic” major first-party PlayStation franchises like The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel's Spider-Man, Horizon, Days Gone, and Destiny 2 (the sci-fi MMO shooter is now a PlayStation IP since Sony's acquisition of Bungie for $3.6bn), highlighting the volume of console-exclusive games released for PlayStation last year in comparison to Xbox.

“There were over 280 exclusive first- and third-party titles on PlayStation in 2021, nearly five times as many as on Xbox,” the statement continues. "Sony has more exclusive games than Microsoft, many of which are better quality". It also notes that many of Sony's agreements have seen third-party publishers releasing games only for PlayStation, requiring the “exclusion” of Xbox, the recently-announced Silent Hill 2 remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake being two examples.

"It is implausible that Sony, the leading console with a more than 2-to-1 lead, would be foreclosed as a result of not having access to a single franchise," the document adds, referencing Call of Duty. Sony has argued that Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard would have a major detrimental impact on its ability to compete, despite a deal being inked to keep the series on PlayStation.

"Even if it were to lose all of its Call of Duty gamers, a highly improbable outcome, the
PlayStation gamer base would remain significantly larger than Xbox," Microsoft's statement continues. “Sony would need to lose a substantially higher number of non-Call of Duty gamers than actual Call of Duty gamers for its total MAUs (Monthly Active Users) to fall to Xbox’s current level.

“This is not credible, and yet even in such an unrealistic scenario the CMA could not conclude that Sony would be likely to be foreclosed given that Xbox is a viable competitor today at this same level of MAUs”.

  • Sony has not said that the future of the Destiny series will not be exclusive... so, are they just continuing to be whiney and hypocritical about everything?
  • Sony really aren't coming out of this Activision discussion well. The hypocrisy is astounding. I was on the fence about buying a PS5 down the line but all their recent outbursts have really soured me on wanting to support them financially.
  • Iconic person party games like Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable, Doom, Wolfenstein. Elder Scrolls, Outer Worlds, Fallout, Hellblade, Starfield, Minecraft. Soon be adding Call of Duty to that list.
  • I just got a PS5 and have to agree. I was never into God of War but the quality is certainly there compared to what xbox has. Microsoft has too many identity issues and invests too much time and money on unnecessarily rebranding products that don't need to be, pussyfooting around what could be great tech, and woke idiocy and then go on to half-ass their flagship franchises.
  • Well that’s an obvious thing to all but those who never truly sampled and of the exclusives. It probably will never change by aqusition of just Acti so MS is double right.

    But then why limit gamers on one platform with a game that has Ben multiplat for years. Do what Sony us doing as with squsition of Bungie - have the studio make a brand new or long format IP (Marathon if rumors are true)…
  • It's hardly a secret that Sony has better exclusives.
  • @5 First I've heard that rumour, and there's the question of if Bungie even have the IP to Marathon or if MS got that when they bought them to own Halo.

    No, what I've heard, and I think is confirmed, is that Sony bought Bungie to oversee the creation for TEN Live Service games.... all of which it aims to release by 2025.

    Which is madness as that will cause them to cannibalise each other, as people only have so much free time and live service games monopolise it as though a job.

    Should be interesting to see [and not play] the results. Personally I think their success with Destiny is inspite of it being a live service game. That game survives on only two things: Bungies design skills, and their gunplay.

    Even then, Destiny just just Halo with space wizards [to be highly reductionist.]
  • More? Yes. Better? Fuck no.
  • @ F Tank,

    Solid comment then come across "woke idiocy" and rolled my eyes to the back of my skull.

    Why does this nonsense always come up?
  • @ F Tank,

    Solid comment then come across "woke idiocy" and rolled my eyes to the back of my skull.

    Why does this nonsense always come up?
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