Hyperkin is Following Up its Xbox Duke Controller with an Xbox 360 Controller

Hyperkin is Following Up its Xbox Duke Controller with an Xbox 360 Controller

Richard Walker

Hyperkin, the peripheral manufacturer behind the revamped original Xbox Duke wired controller replica released in 2018, is planning to resurrect a wired version of the Xbox 360 controller, as the console celebrates its 17th anniversary.

Dubbed the Hyperkin Xenon (Xenon being the codename for Xbox 360), the officially licensed Xbox 360 controller will replicate the 2005 original, and will be compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10/11 devices. As such, it'll feature the Series X|S Menu, View, and Share buttons.

Due to launch in early 2023, the Hyperkin Xenon replica Xbox 360 wired controller will be available in white, black, red, and pink. Pricing and a specific release date has yet to be announced, but you can take a look at the Hyperkin Xenon in the images below.

  • To remember old times I guess. I remember that Xbox 360´s controllers were great as it was the console itself too. Great console, great games, great times.
  • Would rather Xbox make the X360 controllers compatible with XONE and Series S/X consoles.

  • I mean, I would be cool to finally get an X360 controller that doesn't get stick drift after a few months.
  • Probably a dumb question, but these aren't compatible with the 360 are they? I've had to resort to buying cheap $20 mimics on Amazon to keep my 360 playing.
  • Wish they were releasing a wireless version too
  • @CHELshock Not a dumb question at all, bro. I had the same question myself when I read the article because I have the very same issue as you. I have to use a cheap mimic controller to play my old games (the not backward compatible ones) on my Xbox 360. And to be honest, I don't like that mimic controller at all. However I think, this new Xenon Replica is going to be compatible with Xbox Series X/S only. What a shame really.
  • @3, I'm genuinely curious... But what exactly are gamers doing to cause stick drift on controllers? I mean, I know it's clearly a problem because it gets talked about often, but I have never had an issue with stick drift for any console or any generation of console. Not even for my Nintendo Switch.

    Most times, my original controller survives the entire life cycle of the console until I move onto the next console, and if I revert back to an old console, I don't have that issue. Are some gamers just brutish? Do they eat while they play and it's built up crud?

    Of course, now that I'm remarking about never having stick drift, watch me jinx myself and see it in the next game I play.
  • Regarding controllers, I have had more issues with the "A" button which wears off rather quickly since most games require to press that button hundreds or even thousands of times, than with they joysticks.
  • ***With THE joysticks.*** Ohh my... this site should add an option to edit comments soon.
  • @6 Appreciate it, that's sorta what I figured too. Oh well, cheap knockoffs it is then lol.

    @7 I must be extremely hard on my controllers then, went through 2 (albeit one was from dropping) One controllers, and I've probably cycled through 5-7 360 controllers for a whole bunch of different reasons. One has a dead spot in the thumbstick, a few drift, one has 0 resistance left in the thumbstick, one has a turbo RT if you slightly bump it.
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