Tony Hawk to Ride Again This Year

Richard Walker

Let's get this out of the way. Tony Hawk: Ride was not a good game. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The board interface was terrible and the package was grossly overpriced considering it didn't actually work properly.

So imagine our surprise when we heard that Activision is planning a sequel due for the latter part of this year.

Acti CEO Mike Griffith acknowledged the game's universally low review scores during the company's Q4 results call, citing 'timing issues' as the cause.

"It took longer to optimise the hardware, leaving less time to optimise the software," he said. 

Apparently the plan is to spend more time sorting out the software itself so that it better interfaces with the board peripheral. Griffith also hinted that there might be potential for other titles to utilise the bespoke Ride board in the future.

We'll reserve judgment for now, but we're setting our expectations barometer to 'low' for this one.

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  • Hopefully they fix all the bugs, including the ones in Tony's head for thinking a new game is in order after the last one bombed.
  • Expecting more crap to come this year then from the tony hawk series!
  • I can't wait for people to not but this all over again.
  • I'm not holding my breath for the sequel. Played the first one round a mate's house and it was dreadful to put it politely Why flog a dead horse when the controls just didn't work in the first place?
  • skate 3 anyone???? oh..... oh..... oh yeah thats everybody then
  • Oh dear. waste of time awful game.
  • whats the point..
  • I guess you don't become a pro skateboarder if you quit after a failure.
  • I want to say "to hell with Skate," but Proving Ground was awful and Ride was even worse. I applaud the innovation in Ride, and I'll probably pick it up soon, (when it's around 50$) but nothing catches on right away. I hope the second one is better. Maybe Neversoft should make them again instead of pumping out 10 Guitar Heroes in a year.
  • It was a cool idea and would of been great if they thought it through but to go put more money in a sequel that bombed real bad and made u lose money and want to create one is another loss..this is why companies shutdown they need to know when to let a project die, if the 1st one didn't catch anyones eye they better hope the 2nd one does but I can see why they would try and do another one so they can redeem them selves lol
  • Tony Hawk needs to retire his skating games, none of them will compare to THUG 2 on the N64.
  • @11 tony hawks underground 2 was never on the n64...only pro skater 1 and 2 were
  • @11 how about tony hawks underground on ps2, I loved that game, ha my bloke had a red hoody with the maccys logo on it XD
  • FFS! Activision get it into your thick skull. TH games suck. Skate is 100x better so stop making them when you probably sold about 100 copies of Ride! AH!
  • Skate 3 That pretty much sums up how I feel about a new Tony hawk game...
  • sorry meant proskater
  • If they give us the option to use the controller or the board, I'll be fine.
  • Uhm... So basically they're saying "Yeah, we fucked up, but instead of fixing the first game, we're just gonna make you buy a second one." Sure, there's no money for THEM in a patch, but what about the people who bought Ride? They deserve a working game.
  • Skate 3 is way better. Tony Hawk games are DEAD.
  • terrible idea
  • @3 agreed lol. I can't believe there was anyone that actually bought this in the first place.
  • Tony Hawk games need to go back to their wacky, unrealistic roots ala THUG and THUG2. I loved the humor in those games and just doing goal after goal after goal.
  • Lol. Activision just won't accept any failure will they? First they are doing DJ Hero 2 (the sales were poor for the first one) and now this. They need to learn when to accept defeat.
  • Just stop making skating games completely. Skate and Tony Hawk games suck, just stop and work on better things.
  • Now if only they would make THUG 3....
  • Fuck activision, they are so stupid. It only sold in the first place cuz it was christmas. Someone send a hitman after these guys, they clearly don't understand what they are doing.
  • @19 skate 3 is way better ? thats suprising seeing as the game isnt even out yet :) skate 3 WILL BE better by miles the 2nd was one of the best games i ever played i never got round to playing ride but from what i heard im glad i didnt waste 90+ pounds on it
  • I wish we could see games come out like, Dave Mirra's pro back on PS1..I'd buy that, why so much focus on Skateboarding..there are other ALT sports that are just as good and popular.. But back to RIDE..if the second edition is better then the first id prob give it a try for a fair price.
  • Pro Skater 2 on the PS1 is the best there ever will be, no point in trying to improve.
  • @24 wow could you be more ignorant? Skate games suck blah blah blah work on better things instead. Ever think about the people that DO LIKE playing skateboarding games. No you didn't because you assume that the gaming world revolves around YOU.
  • Hell yeah they're planning a sequel. Gotta keep the franchise going financed by 5 different Guitar Hero games.
  • So they acknowledge it was a massive failure that was released way to early to combat with Skate...To announcing a sequel that will be a massive failure to compete with Skate.
  • agreed tony hawk is a dead franchise
  • @32 That's activision for you.
  • Make me a TH: Collection game. With pro skater 1-4 on it, and maybe a couple more. Revamp it for next-gen, and have the option for the skateboard controller, or a standard controller. I'd be all over that.
  • @1 I can't imagine Tony Hawk is the driving force behind the game development. Dumbwad. Incidentally, THUG2 was my favourite
  • @36. Actually the whole skateboard hardware part of the game was his idea. So you could say that he had a big part to play in the games development. That's why he was so pissed when everyone hated it, because they were hating on his idea.
  • why make another game to utilize this peripheral? I'll just play skate 3 if I get the urge to play a virtual skateboarding sim
  • Make an XBLA title that has all the good old Tony Hawk games from back in the day.. and be CHEAPER THAN 20 BUCKS LOL.
  • swear to god tony hawk will be putting out games when he's 98 glad i stopped after american wasteland
  • I love Tony Hawk.
  • @39 I would actually like that. Even if it was just THPS 1-4
  • I haven't played Ride but I'm sure I'd hate it. I LOVED THUG 1 and 2 back in the day, but stopped after American Wasteland. Skate came out boasting about how its more realistic and that just caused Tony Hawk games to compete with them until we end up where we are now. I don't like the controls in skate very much so I never got into it. I'd kill to go back to the unrealistic skating on telephone wire stuff haha. It was really fun.
  • I think this game was a great direction for skating. Unlike the skate series i feel like this game got more people outside back on there boards, maybe thats what tony hawk was going for. But either way im alot more lazy than i use to be so i cant wait for skate 3
  • I'll never forget the thrill of playing THPS 2 on my old ps2. Best party game ever, enough with 100 move combos, running, etc. go back to manuals and tricks. If I wanted to stand on a skateboard and do moves, I would have learned to skateboard.
  • why didn't they just wait on releasing the game till the software was finished? or work on a patch that updates it? I call BS on them because I think they are lying.
  • Have yet to try Tony Hawk Ride, but honestly that last Tony Hawk game I played was American Wasteland, and I only really enjoyed Underground the most of all them. Skate pretty much holds the reigns now in the skateboarding genre of today's games. Sorry, Tony, you had a good run, but I think your franchise is done.
  • oh deer. they got worse as they went, game play, achievements, 'story lines'. Stick to Pro Skater 3 i say, on the good old PS1!
  • HAHA! Seriously though, learn from your past mistakes Activision. You failed at making a decent skateboard simulation video game. Move on! Go make a Tony Hawk game similar similar to the good ol' days of Underground and American Wasteland.
  • @49 SERIOUSLY! American Wasteland was sweet than i got project 8 and was considering suicide after playing it. they need to go back where it was a good series
  • Why not just bring out TONY HAWKS UNDERGROUND 3.
  • Who plays these crappy Tony hawk games anymre? We want the old school games!!!!!!!
  • Does anyone really care about Tony Hawk games anymore? Skate is the new Tony Hawk but Mr. Hawk himself won't accept it. Oh well at least we get to laugh at his epic fail of a game franchise as of now :D
  • # 54 I agree, but I dont like Skate either, but these games do suck. I really feel sorry for the people who buys this load of crap.
  • Why? Skate 3 comes out this year.
  • Time to pack it in, Tony. It's over.
  • I used to love the TH franchise, now it's worm food.
  • @14. "Ride" sold really well. That's why they're making a peripheral based sequel. And to all of the other trolls in this comment section: It's cool to knock a game you don't like; but PLEASE stop trampling on games you've never even played. I guaranteed most of you dont even have it on your played games list. For the record, I have it, and Yes; it's terrible. But at least I gave it a chance.
  • GHEY
  • Wow...I can't wait for this game.
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