Super Street Fighter IV Hands On Preview – Fight! Fight! Fight! Again!

Richard Walker

Few beat 'em ups possess the nostalgia-inducing power of the Street Fighter series and if like us, you're of a certain age, you might remember when Super Street Fighter II introduced four new characters to the seminal SFII, asking only that you feed shiny coins into its slot down the local arcade. But when Street Fighter IV gets the same treatment, but asks that you fork out for an entirely separate standalone game, well it's tough not to think maybe that rose-tinted warm feeling of those halcyon days is being exploited to coax us into buying yet another Street Fighter game.

That's not strictly true, however. Super Street Fighter IV is more than just the cynical SFIV redux/cash-in you might think it is. For starters, there's the introduction of ten additional characters, two of which make their debut in SSFIV. Then Capcom has reinstated two of the three popular bonus stages from Street Fighter II – the car and barrel smash – and remastered them in SFIV's very own inimitable inky watercolour art style.

Every fighter has apparently been rebalanced and given an alternative Ultra combo (except Gen, who now has four), which you can choose upon selecting your character. Ultimately, this lends the game a little extra variation to finishers, which when executed in a timely fashion, still light up the screen in a blinding blast of blazing orange rays. It's still as massively gratifying as it always was in Street Fighter IV, if not more so now that you're able to pick your preferred method of hammering your opponent into unconsciousness.

In Super Street Fighter IV everything is unlocked from the get-go, meaning that if you were never committed (or frankly mental) enough to gain access to Akuma, Gouken and Seth in the original, then you'll have the opportunity to get your hands on them here without having to go through the rigmarole of earning them. For SF purists, this might come as an unwelcome feature, but for anyone itching to get cracking with all 29 characters out of the box, this will be a godsend. It's all part and parcel of Super Street Fighter IV's remit to provide the ultimate Street Fighter IV experience.

Certain character attributes have also been tweaked, so complaints that Sagat was unfairly overpowered have been duly addressed. While he's still a top tier fighter, he doles out less damage than before, which makes fighting him a less daunting challenge. Ryu's dragon punch meanwhile, gets a bit of an augmentation, enabling him to juggle with the heavy and medium strikes while the heavy dragon also hits twice. He's the classier alternative to Ken, who is still our personal favourite, because he's as cheap and easy to win with as ever.

Pugilists from SF III: Third Strike and the Alpha series as well as missing SSFII faces Dee-Jay and T-Hawk, make a welcome appearance in quite possibly the most definitive list of SF fan favourites you'll find in one place. Even late addition and glistening oddball Turkish oil wrestler, Hakan, fits right in as sufficiently different from the other big bruiser mainstays – like Zangief or E. Honda – to make him worth experimenting with. Although cosmetically he's complete at this preview stage, Hakan is still undergoing some refinements before the final game is released, though he controls pretty well, conveying a sense of weight and impact even in his relatively rough state.

Juri on the other hand is an incredibly supple and agile practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and the first SF character to practice the martial art. She the very antithesis of Hakan, moving with a swift grace and agility that makes her simultaneously dangerous and arguably unlike any other fighter in the game - she's another interesting addition to the roster who has the potential to become popular amongst fans of the more rapid fighters.

So, is 'Super' an apt prefix then? Of course that's entirely subjective, and really down to whether you think that the addition of ten characters, several dynamic backdrops, extra Ultra finishers, enhanced online mode and re-jigged presentation and interface qualifies as reason enough to revisit a game that you might have already played to death.

It's entirely possible that the inclusion of so many revamped components and added bonuses will adequately serve to revitalise a game that's already held in such high regard. Online in particular, adds a wealth of new modes including a replay channel, 8-player team contests and the winner-stays-on 'Endless Battle' mode where players can chat between watching and engaging in fights.

This all certainly gives you something more to consider beyond the expanded list of fighters, and then there's the overall front end redesign that makes it feel more like a fresh release rather than an ill-conceived rehash. In short, it's all shaping up rather nicely indeed and come the end of April, we're going to be very hard pushed to resist the lure of Super Street Fighter IV and all of its newly instated accoutrements.

Super Street Fighter IV is available April 27th and April 30th in North America and Europe respectively for the reduced retail price of $39.99/£24.99.

  • Ugh, fighting games.
  • I dislike fighting games. Especially when they add things that should have been included in the original...
  • couldnt agree more with #2
  • couldnt they just have released this as a dlc?
  • @#1- who cares @#2- its called inovation @#3- 4 okay..... @3$- no it was not possible as its been said constantly
  • WOO SSFIV IS GONNA BE AWESOME!I am preordering it.Hey,I love fighting games.If you don't like fighting games,why read about them?
  • On the fence about it. I'm more of a completionist, so I'd rather unlock characters. Also, I don't like fighting games all that much, but I do want to give it a try. The question is: do I try the original SS4, or the Super SS4?
  • @#7-i say go super but btw dude...whred ya get ur Gamerpic from...i see alot with those
  • can't wait
  • @6 The only reason I bothered to read the article is because I find it ridiculous that the developer can slap some characters that should have been in the game to begin with onto a copy and call it a new game. The worst part is people will still buy it.
  • Street Fighter IS NOT A BEAT 'EM UP. Its a VERSUS FIGHTER. Do you Europeans have any idea how many hours I've wasted searching for obscure beat 'em ups only to come up with versus fighters because of your failure to properly classify them correctly? One against One = versus fighter(Street Fighter, Tekken) One vs Many = beat 'em up (Streets of Rage, Final Fight)
  • @#2 @#4 I agree with you and I always keep hearing that halo 3 odst should have been a dlc I think not but this game should have been there just adding new characters a new multiplayer mode and a few new game modes easily a dlc if there saying they couldent there lying obviously they can put as much dlc as they want as long as the gamerscore is less than 1750 but other than that I dont like the new street fighter games there coming out with the old school ones were awesome but now these new ones suck
  • lol they better balance sagat.....
  • Dear internet, It's easy to say.... this should be DLC, that should be DLC, but you say that without truly understanding how games are made. Adding DLC to some architectures is sometimes impossible without completely reworking the code... a la SSFIV. What next, Mass Effect 2 should have been Mass Effect 1 DLC? What did you moan about before DLC came around? You know, when DLC wasn't possible? Yours sincerely, Some dude over there.
  • fact is i own sf4 and will only buy this garbage when it's in the clearance bin
  • Def Agree with Webb's comment. But personally I sense a smaller price tag ($30-40) would fit better here. But I can only base that on assumptions for now. When its released I may change my mind.
  • EDIT: That was supposed to say $20-30.
  • Wow this board is plagued with ignorant shmucks.... @Webb Very nicely done! But unfortunately you can't try to educate the willingly ignorant. They apparently know how the process goes and all can't you tell? lol But let me pose the question. If you guys think you're "smart" enough to criticize the people who work so hard on our games why (a) do you buy them and (b) why aren't you in their shoes if you think you know so much. Ignorant people need to GTFO!!
  • I'm not even going to comment on #1-4 because they all fail. Can't wait for this game and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift :) And hopefully KOF XIII is released too!! Good year for fighting games I say!
  • For one...the game is only going to be $40 bones. Big effing whoop. Its $40 dollars...not $60. And who cares if you guys dont like fighters. Why waster your time posting about a genre you dont like? Umm...dumb.
  • #10 shows what you know. you obviously don't know about SF. They have been doing this for years. They re-release a SF game all the time. This isn't new to fans of the series and who cares when its good as its gonna be.
  • People need to get their facts straight before they try and complain.
  • I'm buying it for sure
  • I recently picked up SFIV for cheap and, I'm really looking forward to SSFIV! :) Especially, since it's not at $60.
  • Can't wait to get it.
  • The 10 new characters COULD have been made as DLC, same with the bonus stages.
  • tell em webb
  • I cant wait.Street Fighter is animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LOL @ DLC comments... NEW Characters + New Story + New Ultras + New Stages = NEW GAME Anyways you forgot to mention that the story takes places one year after SFIV.
  • Oh and your Mass Effect =P
  • I totally skipped street fighter IV knowing they'd do this, plus it's cheaper than a full retail release, bonus!
  • There are 35 characters coming right out of the box this time around not 29. I can't wait for SSF4 I have been saying that since the day SF4 came out. I have been a long time fan of SF and I am really happy with the new gameplay tweaks and new online modes. For all those complaining about DLC you guys don't bitch when there is a new sports game every year, but can't accept that adding this much content is impossible as DLC. Again I can't wait for this, am going to be playing this game for a very long time. Feel free to challenge me anytime you catch me online. Sonic Boom!
  • @14 go Webb !
  • its funny how ppl still manage to bitchcry about this but then buy fifa updates, or halo updates, or cod updates, or any other sequel that has usually the same game with just nicer visuals.. i am so going to buy this
  • How many people actually followed the Street Fighter series? Re-releasing additional games, with different content, between actual releases, has been commonplace for years. Way I see it, we get more in this upgrade than we did in a lot of the earlier updated releases. Hell, for fighting games in general, this is standard. Guilty Gear is the same way.
  • @27 no.. no they couldn't have. it would be too large an update for DLC, they've completely revamped the online mode, re-balanced characaters, added new ones, new ultras, new supers, ETC. it's okay if you don't want to buy it, that's one less scrub in ranked match throwing out 50 hadoukens, and 50 shoryukens in round 1, peace.
  • I own SF4, and completed it 100% and I plan on doing the same with this. Sure it would have been great if this was a big title update released as dlc, and sure it would be nice if this was cheaper come release date - but it wont, not everyone owned SF4 so there for full price game, and a set of new achievements.... Cant wait!
  • i hope the achievements are a bit easier,i'm still stuck on 850 and probably always will be lol
  • this is going to be awesome
  • All this for 40 bucks? Can't complain.
  • Just got "storied reputation" right before reading this. Can't wait to try out those third strike characters (never played the parrying extravaganza that is SFIII). I'm not happy with Sagat being toned down (One of my faves, plus I don't even see him online), especially when I've heard nothing about Zangief's damage potential getting re-worked, but who cares? Street Fighter is the shit.
  • So....are the costumes we shouldn't have needed to buy from SFIV going to be included in here?
  • @43 Only if you previously purchased them for SF4. So unfortunately you'll have to buy them if you want them. Though don't quote me on that. Capcom may give out the costumes for SF4 on launch or something.
  • with an arcade stick, this game is probably super fun, with regular controller, this thing is the most frustrating thing ever
  • Sweet! I have the original Street Fighter IV. Definitely looking forward to this!
  • Got the 1st one, very disappointed. 2nd looks very promising, but I think I'll wait for the 3rd SF4.
  • @44 No, your probably right. I remember them saying they would acknowledge those who got the 1st game, I hope that wasn't the only thing they were refering to. Thanks though.
  • I'm just waiting for Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo XL with 3 new characters and costumes. In all honesty, I was never a fan of Street Fighter, I was more of a Mortal Kombat player. I gave Street Fighter several chances, but I just can't get into it. I'm out of chances for the series. Sorry SSF4.
  • Fatality
  • @48 The special gift that we get is supposed to be a couple extra colors for the characters. Pretty lame in my opinion, but I can't complain. What I really wished they would have given us was the option to carry over our Titles and Icons. It was really hard to beat some of those Character Trials. For more info on SSF4 Check out
  • Can't wait to get my awesome character thumb glove things. I'll be FADCing into Ryu's ultra all day with them shits on. I could care less about the additional costumes you guys across the pond get.
  • @51 I agree. It isn't as bad as it seems, though, since it looks like the titles and icons are much easier to obtain now.
  • To everyone, People don't bitch about Madden every year and people are complaining about this when there's like 50x more work put into SF.
  • U people who comment on it not being DLC obvioulsy dont read these articles. You keep saying its only new fighters, ultras and bonus stages... u seem to forget about the new story,fixing the balance issues and the new online, which will have 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Also spectator mode and being able to save your macthes and replay them. If you seriousl think all of that can be made into dlc then you aren't too bright.
  • @51 Thanks. @54 Just reading the web address had me laughing. Still trying to get more points in SFIV, but I don't want to wait to get this...gameplay before achievements, hyah!
  • GOTY 2010.
  • There's 35 characters not 29
  • I dont think people do enough research about these games before they come onto these stories and spam the idea that the new things in this game could be DLC... The characters, maybe, the stages, probably, but changing the dynamics of the game and completely revamping the old characters abilities? I don't think so.
  • BTW, extremely pumped for this game, going to preorder it next week!
  • Yup, should have been DLC. Dragon Age did it with Awakenings and look.. 2 gig download and 40 bucks! Thats better right!??! Oh wait..
  • @Liberty Sentinel That Cap America pic is very fitting of your name. Are there any incentives for pre-ordering this game?
  • shoulda been an update..
  • I suck at fighting games and Im still excited for this :P
  • Even it was DLC, they'd probably end up charging the same amount for it and it would take up a ton of space for those of us that still only have 20GB hard drives because we'd rather spend our money on games instead of extra storage space. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I'll be getting it on day one.
  • i enjoy street fighter myself here, but i found the achievements to be very lame with SFIV. I got it in the dump bin at work because of that reason... So i dont plan on paying more than dump bin price for this.
  • super street fighter is going to be so good iam not going to be able to put it down
  • I love it!!!
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