Sharpen Up Your Sword For More Samurai Shodown Sen Screens and a Release Date

Richard Walker

Four new Samurai Shodown Sen screens have stepped out of the dojo ahead of the game's Xbox 360-exclusive release on April 16th.

Drawing upon a 16-year heritage that harks back to the days of the overpriced Neo Geo, Samurai Shodown Sen is the retro weapons-based fighter revamped in shiny 3D.

Sen is set during the turbulent Edo period in Japanese history and follows a European girl named Suzu who is rescued off the coast of Japan and raised as Princess Suzu by the Amori Clan. A decade later she rescues martial arts master Takechiyo from a shipwreck, who then in turn must save the princess when she disappears mysteriously.

This obviously involves beating the snot out of all-comers, and as such, there'll be a host of old favourites amongst the game's roster of 20 fighters, including Haohmaru, Galford, Hanzo Hattori, Nakoruru and Ukyo Tachibana.

Support for scraps over Xbox Live is also supported, so you'll be able to slice up rivals with a razor-sharp katana blade online.

Check out the four new screens here.

  • Doesn't look too bad, but more excited for SSFIV and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. Might check this out when it's cheaper :P
  • These screens look so boring! They need to step up there game if their going to beat the style of street fighter or the graphics of say tekken
  • pass.
  • Played the Jap version. Horrible game.
  • Never was a fan of fighting games, looks pretty boring like most others I've played to be honest.
  • rental
  • graphics are subpar at best and the screens just plain out look boring. They could've done a better job there.
  • Am I supposed to be excited?
  • As 2D fighters go, i've always had a soft spot for the Showdown, this looks pretty pants though.
  • wow.....these graphics are atrocious.
  • this is prolly just a renter.
  • Looks good to me..but then again I hae always loved all of the samurai showdown games sooo who knows how this one will turn out!
  • Ive had this preordered for a while. Getting it just to support SNK, I really have no hope this game will be any good. The gameplay footage you can find on youtube looks bland as hell.
  • doesn't look as good as past incarnations.
  • This article says Samurai Shodown Sen is out mid-April yet another article on this site claims it's out this week. I'd like to know when I can give this game a try. I need to keep occupied with fighting games before Super Street Fighter IV ships. :D
  • Dibs, game on... possible junker than sleeper but I'll homer the shit out of this bad boy
  • Yeah it's awful. Don't waste money on this stinker. Go buy Samurai Shodown Collection on PS2 instead.
  • @15 The game is out this week. The EB Games website has it shipping already. Think I'll pass on it though. Doesn't look too impressive.
  • Out this week in the US at least...
  • @13 Considering your blah feelings for this game, I have no desire for this game for anything more then $20. In fact, if one of the people that rave about Onechanbara thinks THIS looks bad? That says something.
  • I saw this today at Gamestop and haven't heard anything about it. But the copies at the store were all for Pre-Orders? Is it offically out or not? Granted I will not pay 50 for it and looks like you can 100% it in like 3 days anyways...
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