Southpeak Snaps Up "Edge of Twilight"

Dan Webb
Thursday 6th December - SouthPeak Games has announced early details of its latest acquisition, an epic third-person action adventure called Edge of Twilight.

Developed by FUZZEYES, Edge of Twilight promises to deliver spectacular cinematic action and involved exploration when released for next-gen consoles and PC in 2009. This sees SouthPeak’s catalogue expand beyond releases for 2008, cementing the publisher’s plans for continued growth throughout the next 18 months.

“Edge of Twilight appealed to us because of its exquisitely original vision,” said Katie Morgan, Executive Vice President at SouthPeak Games. “We look forward to working with the talented team at FUZZYEYES on this incredibly ambitious title.”

Edge of Twilight is set in a post-apocalyptic dual universe where light and dark no longer co-exist, but are instead fractured into two separate planes of existence. With the player’s character, Lex, as the only ‘halfbreed’ left who can travel between the light and dark worlds, the scene is set for a truly vast adventure taking place within parallel realms, both rich enough to become living, breathing universes.

“Edge of Twilight has been our labour of love for some time now and we could not be more excited to partner with SouthPeak to bring it to market,” said Wei-Yao Lu, CEO of FUZZYEYES. “There is still so much to reveal about the game that we can’t wait to share more.”

Edge of Twilight will be released on next-gen consoles and PC in 2009.

  • Beautiful screenshots, but I can see ther ebeing alot better graphics by 2009.
  • Sounds like Soul Reaver on the ps1
  • From the creators of monster madness, AND two worlds? this is gonna be epic.. yeh right
  • hahah looks crap to tell you the truth and its not even orginal
  • If this is as bad as Two Worlds, Southpeak can kiss their career goodbye
  • This game looks like it will start off good and then itll die like shadow run
  • Looksok but there back catalogue aint great, well have to wait and see, could be a turn around for them.
  • " gen consoles..." omg... it starts already?
  • "If this is as bad as Two Worlds, Southpeak can kiss their career goodbye" Yeah,I agree....but I think South Peak created Two Worlds....This time South Peak is just publishing if i read that right... "This game looks like it will start off good and then itll die like shadow run" Shadowrun isn't dead.It's still alive and kickin....just less people play now because of games like Halo 3 and CoD4
  • if this game sucks as bad as 2 worlds. i will NEVER buy another game from southpeak.
  • Southpeak is a publisher, people. Not a developer.
  • Yay! Let's be anticipated for a (most likely) crappy game! I was excited for Two Worlds,and look what happened to that tripe.
  • Looks pretty good so far, a new IP is always a good thing.
  • As soon as i saw the words "southpeak" i stopped reading lol
  • Although many people wont check this out due to the notorious name southpeak I will. As many people know I actually loved two worlds so I will definitely check it out.
  • It looks like a good game so far...i guess
  • two worlds was the most disappointing game i've ever played
  • Sounds just like soul reaver, with the two realms thing! and two world did suck but maybe it should be not be labeled before we get to play it. I mean EA have had some good games... right!
  • Love it when people play Two Worlds for 5 minutes and "can't control the horse" -- bah! Play the game, build your skills and learn - Two Worlds is awesome! And the screens for "Edge of Twilight" look exceptional. Never heard so much negativity over a game not even released -- keep it up, people, and no developers will take chances in the future.
  • Oh Jesus, SouthPeak has yet to publish a single good game and looks like they don't plan to start any time soon. How are they still in business?
  • Someone please explain to me what SouthPeak has to do with development of this game. "Edge of Twilight" is being DEVELOPED/CREATED by FuzzyEyes Studio, not SouthPeak. Game looks terrific (see more screenshots at
  • those shots look pretty nice
  • ill prolly play it just for the achievements.
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