Here's Your Full Green Day: Rock Band Track List

Dan Webb

Although we've already reported that Green Day's Dookie and American Idiot albums were featuring in their upcoming Rock Band title, Entertainment Weekly's Music Mix blog went one better and unveiled the whole 47 song track list for the title.

Rather than pretend I know my "Burnout" from my "Brain Stew," the full track list and the venues they're performed at are as follows:

The Warehouse

Dookie (1994)
“Having a Blast”
“Welcome to Paradise”
“Pulling Teeth”
“Basket Case”
“Sassafrass Roots”
“When I Come Around”
“Coming Clean”
“Emenius Sleepus”
“In the End”

Milton Keynes

American Idiot (2004)
“American Idiot”
“Jesus of Suburbia”
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
“Are We the Waiting”
“St. Jimmy”
“Give Me Novacaine”
“She’s a Rebel”
“Extraordinary Girl”
“Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Warning (2000)

Nimrod (1997)
“Hitchin’ a Ride”
“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”
“Nice Guys Finish Last”

Insomniac (1995)
“Brain Stew”
“Geek Stink Breath”

The Fox Theater, Oakland

21st Century Breakdown(2009)
“Song of the Century”
“21st Century Breakdown”
“Before the Lobotomy”
“Last Night on Earth”
“Murder City”
“¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)”
“Restless Heart Syndrome”
“Horseshoes and Handgrenades”
“The Static Age”
“American Eulogy”
“See the Light”

Downloadable Content (not included)

“21 Guns”
“Know Your Enemy”
“East Jesus Nowhere”
“Last of the American Girls”
“¡Viva La Gloria!”
“Christian’s Inferno”

[Via Joystiq, thanks Darren]

  • Wait... so THREE venues?
  • it says "Viva La Gloria" is DLC not included yet it's listed under The Fox Theater, Oakland...?
  • this is EASILY the worst list of songs for a rhythm game yet....why Green Day when there are so many more logical choices? terrible choice...
  • Are they different songs/versions of the song?
  • Omg, more reason NOT to buy this. Was hoping for a lot more songs then that tbh. Goods songs granted but.... need better.
  • @ #4 Yeah they are two different songs.
  • why make a green day rock band. so many more great choices for a band game
  • #6 thanks Might pick this up...not a huge Green Day fan
  • Urgh. Terrible. Not only do I have to see it, I have to sell this piece of shit game.
  • Alot of greenday on there :(
  • horraaaay Green Day!!!
  • I stopped liking Green day a while ago but this is terrible
  • I still don't get the idea of one band games. It would just be better if they released this as DLC or as a Track Pack. OT: This isn't a very good list, and I can think of a lot of bands that deserve their own game over Green Day cough*Jimi Hendrix*cough.
  • This should be a 40 dollar game and come with an export code. Instead they're charging 60 and 10 to export it. Fail. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a band people actually want to play 47 songs of. Are there any Green Day RB dlc songs out there and will they work in this game?
  • Where is "Christie Road" and "2000 Light Years Away", hell anything from Kerplunk? I love RB games and was looking forward to this one, but expectations are set high as usual and end up crashing closer to release. The pain!
  • @ 15 Completely agreed
  • lol @10 Eh, never was a really huge Green Day fan. I think my brother's getting it though.
  • I don't care what anyone else says, these tracks are going to be fun as hell to play and that's all that matters for me.
  • i can't wait i'm soo excited about this game
  • .... these songs will be fun to play... and green day isnt awful idk why people say they are but honestly.. 3 places? better be dream scapes in here.. or this will be the most boring band game ever
  • seems abit small
  • screw green day there so horrible
  • boring guitar, boring bass, meh drums/vocals. no talent hacks. first rock band game i wont get. green day should hook up with peter molyneaux. both are pretty damn gay.
  • Beatles Rock Band > Guitar Hero Spin offs > Green Day Rock Band. This shouldn't be! I'm going to get this game and to be honest I don't think it'll be THAT bad. Still, why 3 full albums and then fuck all else? Get rid of 21st century breakdown and add more.
  • Green Day is the shit.....But the ENTIRE MUSIC GAME GENRE needs to stop. They are all boring as shit now. WAy past the point
  • Just wondering is there going to be a special addition with the DLC and export code in the UK like the US are getting? A '+' edition or something?
  • But all aside this setlist is still better than GH5
  • Looks pretty bad IMO
  • To all those saying Green Day sucks, why bother commenting on the news about the tracklist? I'm tired of seeing people hate on Green Day if you don't like them don't buy the game.
  • hope the timing window isnt like the beatles
  • gay, gay, GAY. fuckin' emo trash they try to pawn off as music. i laugh at their feeble attempts. also kudos to MTV games/EA/Harmonix, etc for coming up with the gayest game ever. that is all.
  • Rent it and then export all the tracks to Rock Band 2. My plan is flawless.
  • You know what is bullshit about this game? The ENTIRE setlist is all their shitty music. What makes this band so special to get an entire game for just their bad songs? Fucking failure. I can't wait to talk shit to kids faces that love gay day.
  • i grew up listening to green day and i was hoping they would have more of their older stuff on here. but who was i kidding i knew they would put mainly new stuff which i never really got into. bummer
  • @25 It is not going to stop. Get over it. You don't have to buy it, if it really sucks as much as some say and is getting boring and blah blah blah, it will die off on its own. Obviously, people still like it. It is about as pointless as declaring that all puzzle games should stop. Just gonna ignore the trolls who cry when they don't like a band in a game they can ignore. I laugh at these posts more than anything.
  • Aw man, they took the one great album, the singles from the good albums, and the whole of the last two not so good albums. Laaame. Also #33, think you need to take a breather man. Just... chill.
  • Oh, and overall good setlist. I was expecting the worst (all 21st Century and American Idiot), good to see Dookie is in its entirety and almost all of their albums have representation.
  • I was just thinking about Green Day not letting wal-mart sell their newest CD because they didn't want to be censored. So is this rated M or are they the biggest hypocrites out there? Also, i'm sure wal-mart'll sell this game. FTL
  • LOL @ all the hate for Green Day - guess what, you don't have to buy the game... Alot of people may not like the shitty music you listen to
  • @10 Sarcasm? Or are you that stupid?
  • Green Day sucks.Three Days Grace FTW :)
  • Lol Greenday. Only fags listen to that shit. I hope whoever buys this crap enjoys their aids...
  • Damn so is this like live tracks mostly? Dang I love Green Day but I'd prefer to play the original master tracks instead.
  • Oh no wait I failed and misread it lol, still shall be a bitchin game :)
  • #36: I'm fine. This game is going to blow. Anyone want to go with me when it comes out, steal all the fanboys copies and break them? xD.
  • Why not use Wookstock as a venue, that's one of their most iconic shows! Would of made the game more awesome then it alread is. xD
  • Why, Why Green Day :/? Why not Rock Band Megadeth or Rock Band Slayer or any other dufficult band, I think that Music games fans want some challenges, kick ass solos, kick ass double bass pedal notes, kick ass bass lines and kick ass tones with those vocals. Why the F**k Green Day? (If theres some gramatical mistakes I dont speak english that often)
  • Does Green Day really deserve their own game? No! I'm crossing my fingers for Rockband:Iron Maiden with Dream Theatre. Now that would be a fucking kick ass game.
  • Lotta hate for Green Day. Old songs by the band were where it was AT! So, I don't care too much for American Idiot and I hate 21st Century Breakdown, but the rest deserves a buy on its own! I'll definitely be getting this.
  • @ half the above posts - Wow, lot of pre-teens own 360s, apparently. Kinda depressing. That said, logical song choices, their three biggest commercial successes, plus singles off the others. Should be fun, though Kerplunk is 'mostly' missing.
  • Milton Keynes, as in the UK's Concrete Roundabout City? I may have to pick up the game just to see that... nah.. that's stupid, there'll always be youtube for that :D
  • Its annoying how they know how much money they can get just with DLC. They have announced songs to download way before the game is even out! DLC was good at first but now, i really think they are taking the piss.
  • @47, Actually I want music that sounds good and is fun to play, and sadly, Slayer is none of that. Also with two albums out already for RB, Megadeth is out of the question. Oh and Double Bass is for no talent musicians.
  • SOOOOO scummy to make 21 guns a dlc, that just makes me sick honestly, i wont play this game now
  • I enjoy Green Day and my dad used to eat hot dogs made by Billy Joes mom who worked at the Albany bowling alley. I just can't see them getting a full game when there is so many more great older bands out there. Also @33 why even talk shit about someone buying this game. Your not buying it and that should be good enough. One of these days you'll find out the hard way with a broken nose and black eye.
  • All the meh songs are DLC. The rest are good, though.
  • I cant wait, I love Greenday, I like the list, the ones I like are on it. NICE
  • The only way I would be getting this is if Wierd Al was on here and he was singing "Canadian Idiot". That may be a dumb reason, but that song made me laugh my butt off!
  • why doesn't anyone LISTEN to the lyrics. All the other bands that all the haters want in a rockband don't spend nearly as much time on their lyrics, when green day really does.
  • I want to see a Judas Priest or Iron Maiden RB (or both of course) They are so perfect for RB, and their music kicks ass!
  • Why bother to post a comment on a news thing for Green Day rock band if you don't even like the band?
  • so...this isnt being released as dlc (3 full albums and a pack of 7 songs) why exactly? there's no real reason i can see why this warranted a full game.
  • #39 Im sorry that I HATE whiny emo punk trash. What did they do in the music world to deserve a game that follows THE BEATLES?
  • 47 songs? lol fuck that...
  • #62 Because I like to complain about worthless trash that nobody should buy. It's fun.
  • Wikipedia says there will be a special edition with the full 21st Century album and free export code. If the special edition is 70$ might be worth it for the free dlc.
  • I'll pick this up in a couple of months after release, when I can get it for $20 to $25
  • Yeah! One song with 47 different titles!
  • @60 - "Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well gotta know the enemy, wa-hey." Repeat 314 times to the same 3 chords and WHAMMO - hit song. Is that what you mean by Green Day spending a lot of time on their lyrics?
  • fail band
  • Hate green day after the 90s. But Dookie was good. I wanna play it it though I know I won't have fun like I did in Beatles.
  • such a joke of a game
  • Dookie is an awesome CD. I really don't understand why everyone hates Green Day. American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown are albums that tell two distinct stories. One of St. Jimmy and the other of Christian and Gloria. When is that last time your favorite rock band put out a song with a story behind it? I listen to music for the story and look inside the artist's mind.
  • I was at that Milton Keynes venue! It was an amazing day. Lol.
  • CANNNOT WAIT! before the lobotomy is there, oh yeah!
  • fuck yeah Dookie, i wasnt going to get because they suck these days, but this actually looks good.
  • will probably pick it up for the import, already have over 300 songs for RB2 between RB1, RB2, DLC, Lego RB, and AC/DC Live.
  • This makes Rock Band look bad. One of the main complaints people have for GH is that they are whoring it out, then Rock Band pulls this??
  • @15 Where IS Kerplunk? Welcome to Paradise is the closest thing we get.
  • i want a pink floyd game still but green day is meh, ill get it anyway cuz its better then the lego installment, the only one i havnt bought yet btw........
  • you can tell this game will suck arse
  • Greenday are a good band, but they dont deserve there own "rockband title". Bands like the Beatles and Metallica did. The only other bands that have enough status and big enough tracklist to create a worthy title would be GnR, ACDC (even though theres already that live trackpack" and Oasis
  • No idea why people comment on a game they don't care about.
  • They are chucking some of the crap songs in there so that when the better songs come out as DLC more people will buy them. Noone however would buy DLC for songs such as are we the waiting (chances are it won't even be joined with st jimmy...) and some of the worse songs On another note, I WANT A SKA BAND GAME! Get some Less than Jake, Old NOFX, bit of goldfinger, Reel Big Fish... Possibly some MC Lars? Now THAT would be awesome =)
  • There are so many childish and ignorant fools commenting here. Everyone has different taste in music. Get over it! Just because you don't like Green Day, it doesn't mean that other people shouldn't. We all have the right to choose, so some people will choose to buy this and some won't. I don't like MW2 or BC2 but others do, that doesn't mean that the games are crap, just that my taste is different from theirs. I could also point out that most of you should actually go back to school and get a better handle on the English language before coming on here and bastardising it with your poor grammar and spelling. I apologise to those who don't have English as their first language. The above statement is aimed at those who do. Peace out!
  • @Loquacious ROFLMAO @ people on the internet having English as their first language. What next, people being polite and having manners on the internet as well? Ahh, I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes.
  • @86 Finally a comment that displays how are feel. Whats the point coming on here just to moan about them? Obviously EA/Harmonix know that this will be a massive seller regardless of the many haters, and the intention of any games company is to make money. Also i've not read every single comment but the guys at Guitar Hero are working on a Hendrix GH incase this hasn't already been pointed out!
  • They should have just released Nimrod and Dookie and possibly Warning, but fuck all their new shit. It's godawful and sounds just like the rest of the sellout pop-punk shit out there. But no, of course they are going to try to rep their newer albums and in the process alienate a lot of their fans who used to respect them. "I hate America, look at my tight pants and eyeliner!!" That works great if you're 18, not so much when you're almost 40. Seriously, that band is as old as I am, and people my age can't get away with wearing that shit, why would they think people that are almost my parents age could?
  • WHAT? NO REDUNDANT????? No Redundant, No Buy!!!
  • Will have to get this one, have most of the others....fill in before Rockband 3 mayb..?
  • @2, there are two different viva la gloria songs one has "!" around it and the other has "?" around it.
  • Worst. Game. Ever.
  • I, personally, am a HUGE fan of old men who dress as emos in some BIZARRE, desperate bid to appeal to youngsters, but instead look like my dad that time at my school disco where he got off with girlfriend and said "No hard feelings, sons?". Prick. Their tragic - some might say, LAUGHABLE - attempts at serious, message laden songs sound like the poems an angsty teen might write in the throes of some terrible fit of teen angst. However, these are men 2-3 years from their 40's, lest we forget.
  • But seriously, folks - I liked Dookie, Nimrod (a bit) and Insomniac.
  • Dookie and some of Insomniac - Yay! Rest is pretty hit and miss, new stuff mainly miss. Anyone moaning is obviously missing this is a band game, and it would make a good band game i feel however hit and miss the setlist is.
  • this might make me dust off my guitar peripheral :) always liked greenday and the track list should make for a fun game
  • Milton Keynes as a venue eh :) Very nice. That is my hometown and I have been at the Milton Keynes Bowl a few times. A big outside venue like that should be so cool.
  • I saw them at the MK Bowl years ago haha defo one to miss till it hits £10 or so
  • all i want to know is, why is "know your enemy" not in the game normally????
  • Milton Keynes FTW people!
  • @comment 100 "Know Your Enemy", "21 Guns", and "East Jesus Nowhere" were released as a downloadable pack before the game was announced and probably before the game was even in development.
  • No Kerplunk, no purchase for me. It stands as a rental for now, but if the achievements are all 4-player band related then I'm going to completely skip this.
  • i actually really like the choices on this. dookie was my fave album by them. american idiot was pretty amazing, but i have yet to listen to the newest. and as much of a green day fan i am there are better choices for a one band rockband. but i dont agree with jimi hendrix. but then again maybe i just need to listen to him more
  • Hm, looks like they got most of Green Day's good music in here. Positive I won't buy it though.
  • So, all the people who are saying Green Day sucks are throwing out suggestions for Rock Band (Insert shitty metal band here)? That's just sad. It seems like so much more trouble to open a link to an article you care nothing about and comment on how you hate it. Just ignore it, because nobody give a flying fuck if you hate it. And I think this will be great. What people don't realize is that Green Day had an influence on most bands nowadays, and everyone knows them, love or hate. I just wish they had some older stuff, but whatever.
  • They should have done a blink 182 rockband and make it like beatles with all of there videos bein nuts cause all of their videos are nuts
  • Too much American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, the two albums were Greenday went absolutely shite. Worst Rockband game ever, why the hell they did this in the first place is confusing to say the least.
  • i am also going to be getting this game and Lego Harry Potter :P
  • @2 there are two songs, one is viva la gloria! and one is viva la gloria? (little girl). they're completely different songs. ugh, i'm pissed that they decided to make some of the greatest songs from 21st century breakdown into dlc.
  • Green Day only has 3 good songs in my opinion,, so I knew I wasn't going for this before hand. I prefer how GH does the band games better, because they include other artists as well. Also Jimi Hendrix wouldn't really make it, seeing as they just released an entire album on the store and for a game they'd need pretty much his entire library. Remember; he was big for about 3 years...Not saying I don't like Hendrix though.
  • @10 You think ??? It IS called Rock Band Green Day........
  • As a gamer you may not like them but they are HUGE selling band and very popular, that's why they are getting their own game. Personnaly i enjoy all Rockband and Guitar Hero games and i am sure i will enjoy this also.
  • 10$ ----> RENT ---> EXPORT ------> WIN
  • not a big fan of their new album but for the songs that are there, they are going to be fun to play, especially on drums
  • @ 74 - Stories don't make shitty songs good.
  • All the people saying why Greenday , I'll tell you why on the RB website there's a box you can request artists and titles. Greenday are one of the all time requested groups so that's why were getting this because the players asked for it.
  • Green Day is one of my favorite bands, all the haters out there can suck a floppy cock.
  • wah wah wah Too much Green Day.... /sarcasm.
  • No Kerplunk, no buy. Can't stand any of their music after Insomniac, which was tolerable at best. I've grown out of the the three-chord angst-driven teenager pop punk. I'll rent this, or hopefully borrow it from someone to play through the Dookie album, for old times sake, but there's no way I'm listening to any of their new music, let alone playing through them.
  • @120 I totally agree Kerplunk was the only reason I would have considered buying this game, what a load of crap that they would leave it out.
  • Geez whats with evryone dissing Green Day I must admit it's an odd chice for a Band Game but it's still gonna be awesome regardless I mean would rather have this or a Justin Beiber Rock Band? I thought so
  • WOw of course all the haters are posting on this forum i mean there are lots of people who will buy this game and play it to the end. If you dont like green day, dont post hate comments.
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