Ninja Theory Handed Devil May Cry 5 Development Duties?

Richard Walker

Apparently the latest issue of Game Informer has a quite tantalising rumour, which has been transcribed by gaming website The Silent Chief, hinting that Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory may well be handling development of Devil May Cry 5 for Capcom.

"Loose Talk has learned that Enslaved isn't the only game Ninja Theory is working on - we've heard that the Cambridge, England developer is being tapped for the next Devil May Cry", reports Game Informer's rumour page, if the transcription is to be believed.

"It is not totally unexpected, however; Capcom has said that although it is shying away from Western developer for new IP, it would continue to utilise them for known franchises, which DMC certainly is."

The timing for a new Devil May Cry certainly seems about right, and given Capcom's declaration that Western dev teams will continue to be involved with existing IPs, this rumour certainly has some credibility.

Still, as ever with these unsubstantiated rumours, we'll store this under the file marked, "take with pinch of salt". 

[Via Kotaku]

  • Woo new DMC WOO!!!!
  • Wait, England is Western?
  • @3 Capcom is Japanese, so Europe countries are considered Western countries. It seems correct.
  • Havent played a DMC since the PS2 days.. I wonder what this one will be like and if it will swap me back into lpaying them?
  • LOL more western than they are I guess
  • @3: *sigh* DMC4 was awesome! But being the n00b I am, I found it incredibly hard. Once you get past devil hunter, it's impossible :( Hopefully, DMC5 gets an appropriate release and I can play it!
  • Got to be better than DMC4 which sucked, hard. Hope it's more like the original on PS2 which was awesome.
  • devil may cry = YAWN
  • @7 *sigh* what? Western is usually refered to America, right? Normally if you were referring to Europe, you would say "Europe".
  • Is Devil May Cry like Bayonetta or something?
  • WHOOOO dmc FTW!
  • have any of you played heavenly sword? that aint a good thing, HS SUCKED DICK
  • Sorry but DMC 4 was horrible to play IMO compared to the others a new dev could do wonders though :D
  • @3 wow really that comment made me laugh. I really liked dmc 1 on ps2 but i hated dmc 2 it was such a let down so i skipped the 3rd played the 4th and i still sucked but hopefully this will be much better. :D
  • Why? What's funny about it? =/
  • Never played DMC until I picked up DMC4 on the 360. Mightly impressive game, though the difficulties certainly give it a much tougher challenge. Not a game I ever thought i'd enjoy, but psyched for DMC5 ;-)
  • Hopefully they make this one more blanace and don't allow the fanboys take control and put dante in it when in 4 was suppose to be a new start in the series. Cause dante just felt totally out of place in DMC 4. BTW there only 3 DMC games 1,3 and 4 cause there a blackhole in the series
  • i really hope its true! dmc4 was a fantastic game and a monster challenge if you wanted to max it out, unlike most games rolling out nowadays.
  • Aww damn, I hate those dudes game. I hope this is bullshit. I want a new DMC in the style of DMC3.
  • LOL @ 11
  • DMC 4 was pretty good I thought, although I've only completed DMC 1, 2 and 4, and 2 was shite :/ Played 3 which was great, but not enough to compare it to DMC 4, so either way I hope 5 is better than 4, good as it was it can be improved a lot.
  • @11, You are really trying to get a flamewars, don't ya? ~MONK3Y
  • is it terrible that the only thing that is holding me back from playing DMC4 is the fact that the achievement are so eye-bleedingly hard?
  • @#11 No, Bayonetta is like DMC. But its the same people that make it I think, so who cares. :)
  • Lets face it, Bayonetta was the game DMC4 should have been, and that was from the team that developed DMC3 (Best in the series) in the first place. If Ninja Theory get even close to making DMC5 as good as either DMC3 or Bayonetta it will be nothing short of a miracle.
  • Yey a new DMC5 =) im getting this one on day one..
  • wooop more DMC!! yeah!! =]
  • Bayonetta was not good. I dont know why its been getting such great marks, the enemies all looked the same, the difficulty was all over the shop, after normal mode it was just boring, the combat was ok but it should of been better. If ninja theory are doing DMC5 they have enough people expecting them to screw up, i for one hope they do well. (even though its still just a rumor at this point)
  • What the fuck, Capcom? First you give someone else Dead Rising 2 and now this? What's next, Sega doing Resident Evil 6 or Activision doing Street Fighter 7? What game is so important it has taken away from their teams from doing two different games now? Is there some super-Capcom project going on that requires 300 programmers at once to work on?
  • @11, Devil May Cry is not like Beyonetta since DMC has been out far longer, i don't know anything about Beyonetta, but it's either like DMC or not. Again, i don't know Beyonetta but it looks similar in gameplay. And DMC4 was bad, not as bad as 2. all you did in 4 is retrace your steps with Dante. which i found stupid. Nero was a nice addition though, but i feel they could've done better. No devil may cry game will compare to the original.
  • ROFL @11 u r t3h funy. On topic, idk why people didn't like dmc4, it was pretty good imo. Then again, I didn't play any of the others. And if Enslaved is as good as it looks, good choice for the dev of dmc5.
  • fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 woot woot new DMC haha i wonder if in the new one once u beat the game they'll let you play as Vergil from DMC3
  • I want a new DMC really badly but this isn't good news. Heavenly Sword was (at best) mediocre. It wanted to be God of War and failed miserably at it. And every time Capcom has a western developer make a game for them it turns out terribly. Just look at Dark Void and Bionic Commando.
  • @ 3 well on European maps it looks more middle than anything =/ I dont want DMC to go anywhere near this company :(
  • Dark Void is known as Bionic Commando 2, so DMC5 is now known as Bionic Commando 3, or to the 3rd power.
  • #26: Bayonetta was made by the same people who did DMC1. . . and started doing DMC2 but quit mid game cause they didnt like how it was going. In terms of difficultty if they do the difficulttyof DMC3 then I'll be good that shits my bible. They have to have Vergil as well hes such an important character to just throw out into the four winds after 1 1/2 games.
  • Midnight Release please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • dmc4 was incredibly easy to 1k hopefully 5 will be much harder
  • w0000000000000000t new DMC -w0000t
  • hmmmmm sounds good...part 2 was just...idk a disappointment..part 3 was good and part 4 was was just hard hahah but it was a challenge :D
  • Always good to hear theres a new DMC coming out!
  • just hope its more like DMC3 than DMC4!
  • DMC 3 was my favorite. Maybe they should go back and see what made it so good if they're working on part 5. Young Dante, lots of mouth and over the top moves for a ps2 action hack and slash game was key.
  • hmmmmm never played the older DMC games but I loveddddd DMC4 so hopefully this is true ayyyy :-)
  • Loved DMC4 so Im pumped for this!
  • I just hope this game doesn't have Nero in it, if I am not gonna get it.
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