Green Day: Rock Band Images Show the Band Rocking Out

Richard Walker

Green Day: Rock Band looks set to follow in the footsteps of The Beatles: Rock Band, charting the group through the years from their first album to latest musical endeavour.

These new screens show the band back in their heyday when they weren't the massive stadium fillers that they are today. Personally, we liked them better that way.

Check out the pics of Billie Joe and co. in the gallery.

  • I am a fan of Greenday so I am looking forward to this. I just think it would be better if it was like GH: Matallica or Aerosmith and included some of their contemporaries/influences.
  • Might get
  • green day blows but of course this will still make a ton of money =/
  • que all the haters..."GD suk...zmog! Fuk dis game" I think it looks cool, I'll rent it.
  • Were these screens from the first level? These guys are all wrinkled and old in real life. Does the lead singer carry over his fake English accent to this game as well?
  • People please stop buying the one band games...the beatles was good..but green day rock band..they could have just released there albums on music store for download..dont get me wrong I like greenday..but its not goona get the respect the beatles game did..and it just opens up the floodgates for more of these games to drop...whats next maroon 5 rock band...hahahaha
  • @5 yes moron, read the story. sorry guys didn't read before i posted
  • @PJ Monkeybutt Learn to spell Metallica correctly please
  • Wow awesome!!!!! Looks exacty like every other rock band game...
  • I do like Green Day but I am confused why choose them with so many other legendary bands out there? Iron Maiden?
  • @ 10 Testify Cheesy.....
  • @6 No. Day One purchase for me since I love the band. The ability to export is making me get this now instead of waiting til it drops to $40
  • @10. I believe Iron Maiden has 10+ songs already in RB and is in talks with Activision to get a GH Iron Maiden out there. I think......
  • The one thing that pisses me off about this is this garbage band gets ONLY their songs...
  • the second pic almost seems like he should be in dragon ball z...
  • He said dookie,oh wait! Sick of these butt nuts,if these guys are punk Im a christian!!
  • @#4 sad thing is there is alot of haters and i mute or i just ignore lol i f##king Hate "Haters" on no i hated lol
  • Green Day is just not meant to have their own music game. Once you get done playing the incredibly easy songs a few times, you'll realize that playing boring note charts is not much different than just listening to the songs. I have nothing against Green Day, but this will be the most boring Rock Band yet.
  • pass.
  • Are you kidding me! I've never seen a rock band rock out before man thats crazy. Title Fail.
  • ugh, looks to much like regular rockband with green day people, the beatles had a complete sperate style, the notes, the atmosphere, it was all set for the beatles, although i guess green day's style is a bit like rock band's still a solid rent, and possible buy for me
  • No, PJ Monkeybutt, just no. If I want to play a band specific game then I want to play their songs and only their songs. Anyway, I have no interest in Green Day or this game.
  • description says "charting the group through the years from their first album....", but I don't believe there are any songs from their first album. Dookie was their third.....did they end up deciding to include tracks from kerplunk or 39 smoothed out slappy hours cause that would be awesome
  • Why no Slayer: Rock Band yet?
  • This is ridiculous.
  • Holy crap, they actually made the drummer look gayer than he looks in real life.
  • I'm a fan of green day, not a big fan but i'll pick it up, just is it me or does the band look as good as the beatles did?
  • Slayer, and other screamo bands suck, dont ask for their own games
  • @1 Agreed
  • I agree, I liked Green Day better when they weren't ridiculously famous.
  • I like Green Day. I'll buy it in a year when it's preowned and under $20. Maybe in a year I'll care again about a music game.
  • @6 How about people stop with the GH one band games since harmonix is vastly superior in every way. @12 Agreed. I would prefer Blink-182 for a punk version of the game but the ability to export plus the fact they have Dookie will make it worth it. I just don't know why they're including all of 21st century breakdown. @24 However good Slayer may be they don't have the mass appeal to make successful game. It would likely flop like Van Halen.
  • @#24 With all honesty slayer :rock band would suck because it would be to hard to play. seriously I nearly broke my fingers playing raining blood on GH3
  • I'll buy it because I feel like it.
  • they neeed a iron maiden . Rock band . who cares if they already have a few songs on the game.
  • I'm still waiting for Accordion Hero.
  • The character models look pretty crap to me. I'll probably give this game a rental, not really worth buying unless you are a Green Day fan.
  • @1 - A band game should be about the BAND. It's not called Green Day and Friends: Rock Band. @ Anyone that says, "Why not XX:Rock Band?" : Certain bands either don't have their masters available (ie. Nirvana with Lithium and Come as You Are) or don't want to work with Rock Band (ie. Led Zeppelin, or so I hear). So if your favorite band doesn't have it's band game yet, why not try contacting them, because I'm sure HMX (or Activision for that matter) has talked with the band already. Basically enjoy the game for what it is. Don't like Green Day? Don't say crap and don't buy it.
  • I think #33 is right. I love slayer and heavy metal but the music is hard to play. They actually play a guitar the way it is suppose to be played, not like green day type bands that play the same 3-4 riffs all the way through a song. I dont play these games so Im probably not the person to listen to.
  • All i can say is - should be ALOT of fun :D
  • Oasis: Rockband next please XD
  • i know everyone keeps bringing up beatles rock band but i still have to say this. that one is so much colorful and brighter then this. just gotta throw in my $0.2
  • @1 your retarded. The entire reason why GH:M and GH:A are bad is because of the other crappy bands I don't want to listen to. Thank god Harmonix is smart and make their band games ONLY THAT BAND.
  • @28...slayer isn't screamo you homo
  • @28 you could not be more wrong, Dont talk about shit you dont even know, stay to your music type and DONT comment. Especially on Metal bands calling them Screamo, Metal fans would fuck you up!
  • @28 thats like saying Judas Priest is screamo...tards....
  • @24 I would buy it day one and I'm pretty sure most of my close friends would as well. Also it looks as if there are quite a few people commenting that would buy it as well. @28 Go back in your hole! Slayer F**king Owns! @33 Then play a lower difficulty. Slayer has an extremely talented guitarist, drummer, and singer so yeah, it's gonna be hard to match their talent. No one is gonna laugh at you for not being able to beat their game on expert. I think it would be incredible and the art possibilities are endless. On another note, I would also love to play an Iron Maiden game. They have a sweet art style that I think would lend itself to the game very well. They need to make these not so cartoony looking though. Bring some realism into the games please.
  • If only it didn't have all the crappy 21st century breakdown songs. Might pick it up.
  • @6 You obviously haven't listened to green day from the start or even at all perhaps. Most of their older stuff needs to be in the game and it would just be ridiculous amounts of DLC. I grew up on Green Day so might get this.
  • @ everyone defending slayer...i appreciate metal fans sticking up for good bands =]
  • Slayer, would be AWESOME, the riffs would make your fingers bleed, and the drums would break your legs! The vocals might be a bit lacklustre on a game though. Not mainstream enough to warrant one being made though, I guess. Nonetheless, Reign In Blood please... Back on topic, will get this eventually, my girlfriend and I love Green Day, reminds me of when we met :)
  • Also, how about "Thrash: Rock Band: The Big Four"! I'd ABSOLUTELY be down for that!
  • I never understand why rock band and guitar hero release photo's as if what they are making is a secret. It always looks the same, there is nothing new. Wow a different avatar is playing a guitar. . . not impressed.
  • I'm only commenting 'cause someone said Slayer was screamo. Please don't talk about any music when you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Especially genres. Still gonna pick up this game, just wish my guitars lasted long enough to get there - done throwing money on the equipment, I haven't replaced a normal 360 controller yet, why these?
  • How people can bash Green Day is beyond me. I guess it's just a bunch of kids who think Dookie is their first album and still have to go to bed early on Sunday for school. I grew up with this band and I think that really makes all the difference.
  • Opinions are like a-holes... and here's mine: I liked Greenday's old stuff. A lot. This new emo phase is awkward though. The songs don't have the feel they once did. I love Rockband though and I love playing new songs, AND also happen to love getting achievements, so I will more than likely buy this game.
  • All I really want from Harmonix is more Beatles DLC! :-(
  • @10 and @13 I agree that a band specific Iron Maiden game is long overdue! I am a huge Maiden fan but unlike many old-school purists who didn't listen to any Maiden past the 1980's; I have enjoyed their entire career from the old days until the present. Sure their latest offerings are not going to affect the old school metal genre like their older stuff did, but I think its really great to see them still putting out new albums after all this time. I still think Brave New World is up there with the best of the best Iron Maiden!! Heck even the Blaze Baily era of Maiden had some tunes that I think would play out nicely in either a GH or RB game. (Futureal perhaps?) My point is I hope if a Iron Maiden specific game ever comes to light, it better contain material from their entire career and a
  • (Cut off the rest of my post.) My point is I hope if a Iron Maiden specific game ever comes to light, it better contain material from their entire career and at least 1-2 songs from each album! Unlike the abysmal GH: Van Halen!
  • @32 I agree that I cannot understand why they would want to include 21st Century Breakdown in its entirety (of course counting you download the other 6 DLC)in the game. But then I thought about it and like the case with the Nirvana masters, my guess is that the original masters to Green day's earliest works was likely of such low quality when they were recorded that the masters leave little room to work with. And Thats considering they can even find the masters. Most people are unaware of pre Dookie releases such as 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk. Dookie and American Idiot for me are perfect bc i think they are not only great albums but will play out great on RB. No dlc will be a bummer! Cant wait to play Jesus of Suburbia!
  • @43 The reason the GH specific games add extra bands to the mix is for variety. I'm not saying this move is the best for the game but it is what it is. To me the band specific games offered by both companies are a double edged sword. With the band specific GH games you throw down $60 for around 55-60 songs; around 28-30 songs for the specific band and around 18-20 other bands songs. With RB specific band games you pay the same amount for around 45-49 songs but all from the band in question. So yes you get more from the band in question but less songs overall. But in terms of quality Harmonix usually delivers over the GH brand imo. Do you take quality over quantity?
  • To me I enjoy playing both RB and GH games equally. GH will always be superior in terms of challenge, difficulty and guitar and bass tabbing. But RB to me will always be superior in terms of the overall fun factor and the full band experience. GH has never really matched the depth of the full band experience offered by the RB series and has desperately been trying to play catch up over the years. So to me I will always get both RB & GH games because there is equal fun to be had with both. I just hope that all of this time since the release of RB2 has given Harmonix something to improve and further raise the bar for full band games when it eventually drops RB3!
  • ...Raises hand. Yes, I'm a hater. Will never bother picking this up. No, I don't hate Greenday, I like some of their stuff, but I hate the fact that they're getting a full game, especially out of rockband. I was hoping they'd stay in the beatles direction and if they're going to give a band a whole game, give it to the ones that deserve it, or not at all. I'm talking about legendary...queen, zeppelin, along those lines. I also think that doing bands that influenced the title holding band would be cool...Picked up GHAerosmith, love the band, but felt that the game didn't have enough of their songs...and the influential bands/songs had a little too much room, that or the game was just too short. either one works. In short...passing on this indefinitely, and holding out for so
  • Still on the fence about buying this. I'm a Green Day fan, but no pre-Dookie material and only 3 venues in game are serious turn-offs.
  • @63 I totally get where your coming from. I mean Harmonix's decision to do a full game for the Beatles is an absolute no brainer and any fan of any type of music would be hard pressed to not find at least one thing they love or appreciate about The Beatles. And I completely agree that many other bands could be deemed more deserving of a stand alone music game. But I think Harmonix decided to go with Green Day bc they are a little more socially relevant to today's times. I love all the classic bands from the 60's & 70's that pretty much started the whole rock band crazes and created the styles and influences that many bands of today borrow from. But its not like there aren't any bands of today that can't get recognition just bc they didn't come from the 60's or 70's. I think Green Day will
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