Crysis 2 Gets Another Two Action-Packed Shots

Richard Walker

EA and Crytek are really playing the tease with their slow drip-feed of Crysis 2 screens. Following yesterday's demonstration of the Xbox 360 build at the EA Showcase, we've got two new shots that show the decimated New York streets besieged by hostile aliens.

It's intense stuff, as shown in yesterday's gameplay demo and the game's representation of deserted New York is pretty incredible from what we've seen thus far.

These two screens don't really give us a whole lot to go on, really. They just look nice. For more, why not cast your eyes over our first impressions preview and interview, and be sure to look out for more Crysis 2 coverage soon.

  • Really looking forward to this!
  • 1) epic and hope there s collectors edition! is going to be insane~!
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Berry Nice!
  • Still no word on Crysis 1 and whether it's getting ported yet? Balls to this one then. You don't start a book half way through.
  • I really cant wait for this game!
  • #5, crysis 1 will never be ported cause of the engine, mabye when Xbox3 comes out.
  • My ... Those graphics!
  • Hopefully GOY
  • Graphically, Darkest of Days puts this to shame I kid, I kid......
  • @10 I wonder if this game will have an achievement for punching a horse in the face :P
  • My most anticipated game this year. Can't wait for it to come out, these screens look so great.
  • This is going to kick serious ass. I hope this game gets some good awards, it deserves them from the look of these screenshots.
  • on my buy game list.
  • GOTY
  • Graphics are looking great. However gameplay is more important, so I'll won't hype for this yet.
  • sexy,sexy fps
  • Looks pretty sweet!:)
  • Looks like a really cool game. Something different from the mainstream FPS' which last a day...
  • I haven't seen many screen shots but this one looks really awesome.
  • I hope those graphics are from a console version. Usually they just put out PC screens which generally looks far better :( Which is nice enough if you can afford a £2000 pc to max crysis...
  • It's going to be so difficult finding a GOTY this year, lol Mass Effect 2 Red Dead Redemption Crysis 2 Splinter Cell Conviction Alan Wake And MANY other games I am missing. But each of the games I have listed could easily be GOTY if it were on each year lol
  • @22 couldn't agree more this year in gaming is great so far and getting better and we are not even half way thru the year :)
  • Game looks insane, if game play follows suit this will be AAA no doubt. Haven't played crysis 1 so can't really predict what it will be like, but if its like any other shooter i've played with top notch graphics at the time of their release should be fluid and fun (gears, halo, mw2 etc).
  • so can't wait for this game
  • Yesterday's demo?? How come it's not uploaded yet??^^
  • @22 yea this is def a GOTY contender but there are so many of them this year its almost hard to keep up lol
  • It looks better than anything else thats comming out
  • Looking sweet.
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