The Club: Two Detailed Videos

Dan Webb

This will take the meaning of "Let's go to The Club" to a new level. SEGA's upcoming thrid person shooter looks full of testosterone driven action. Gametrailers take a look at two of the modes Time Attack and Target Score... Then they came up for air. Judge for yourself.

  • Well basically this game is going to have the same style of gameplay as Kane and Lynch
  • Looks like a good idea, but also slightly cheesy at the same time...Hopefuly the fact that it says that this demo version should not be considered final work will mean that it will be better when it comes out.
  • I think the game looks really cool .. nice graphics .. and run and gun play .. not bad at all !
  • These vids make my eyes bleed. I would rather play Kane and Lynch while cutting my wrists with rusty butter knives.
  • My opinion is that it will be pretty innovative in the deathmatch realm. It looks pretty sweet.
  • loved kane and lynch and i think ill enjoy this as well
  • i think iot looks rubbish i mean kane and lynch was good but this looks crap
  • Looks alright, but I prefer the idea I had in my head about it. That it would be a caged deathmatch sort of game where swarms and swarms of people came after you, and you merely fought to stay alive and used a loada stuff to kill em all. Like a modern gladiator match.
  • ive wanted this game for a while because it is much different to any other shooter game cant wait for this
  • kool concept.... same concept as the unreal tounramnet games
  • I think this game is going to be great. Looks like a load of fun. Run and Gun all day long. Lets just pray that it doesn't turn into stranglehold online.
  • Some people really don't know what they are talking about, how the fuck can you compare this to kane and lynch? :/
  • looks terrible. is it supposed to be a game or a turd?
  • looks ok i may give it a rent i think
  • Looks aight, Half you guys bashing it sound like idiots I must say. Not the best game play but looks like its promising at the very least.
  • Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait for a maketplace demo.
  • Where is the story in this game?? Just shoot against time and for score?? Burnout meets Kane & Lynch???
  • Naw theres a story its like a fight club thing where Its I think 8 people put into a club in which last one alive wins a cash prize.
  • Ok lets look at the vids we have 1. shitty graphics, blood no gore, 3.bad aiming system, 4. why the fuck would i want to shoot clocks to gain time to kill more stupid people in a shitty game... hows that for a review
  • the timed stuff is some seriious BS but the 'make it through the level' scenarios might be good for some fun if the controls arent bad. i wont buy or rent if the multi isnt good tho cuz it looks too cheesy without a MP complement. Not destined for greatness.
  • I wasn't expecting it to look quite like this, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. However it looks clearly more of a RENT ONLY kind of game.
  • this looks like a rent
  • My God You Gay Fags Quit Bashing The Game My God none of you have not even played the dam game and the game grapics isnt bad at all my god people that say the grapics is garbage need to bash their selves because nothing wrong with it and quit comparing this game with K & L nothing like K & L. K & L is a arcade shooter. The Club Is Just A Cool Non Stop Entertaining Arcade Shooter Game Thats Mostly Fun Not Such A Serious Game But It Could Get Serious Online And That Would Be The Most Fun Of It. S
  • This kind of looks like a more graphical version of state of emergency, and that was probably one of the worse games of all time for a console. they really only work in arcade machines where your aim is to beat other peoples scores. You might get the same feeling from xbox live I suppose, but I for one wont be touching this game.
  • lame
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