Megamind Video Game Adap Coming in November

Richard Walker

Will Ferrell voiced big-headed blue meany/reluctant super hero Megamind is getting the video game treatment unsurprisingly, bringing 2-player co-op side-missions alongside a new story that expands upon the movie's narrative with extra characters, environments and twists.

In the game, Megamind is called into action when the city is plunged into a crime wave and he has to fight against 'The Doom Syndicate' who have stolen some of his untested, unstable inventions. Luckily, Megamind has an arsenal of his own gadgets at his disposal, including Tesla Gloves, a Battlesuit and Sticky Boots.

Megamind: The Video Game also includes six side-missions designed for 2-player co-op, wherein one player assumes control of one of Megamind's brainbots.

Will Ferrell hasn't been announced as providing the voice for Megamind, but Jonah Hill is on board to perform the voice for his character from the movie.

Megamind is due out in November 2010. Check out the teaser trailer and first two screenshots.

  • Looks Like 'The Incredibles'
  • interesting, could be quite fun
  • That is the dumbest looking character ever. This game is going to megasuck.
  • the incredibles, yes. intresting, yes.
  • @3: EVER? That's a pretty big statement to make.
  • I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
  • film looks awesome, anything with will farrell in is a definate win. As for a game based on a movie, definate fail.
  • film looks awesome, anything with will farrell in is a definate win. As for a game based on a movie, definate fail.
  • Definition of Fail 1. Megamind 2. Will Farrell
  • @9 yes
  • @ #3 It's going to 'megasuck'? Why, is your mom on the development team? Anyway, every animated superhero movie will inevitably draw comparisons to The Incredibles. That movie was so good, comparisons are a given. However, the game's graphics appear to be well done and the main character animates fluidly. I hope the controls are workable and the co-op is accessible. Lastly, I don't really care about the presence of Will Ferrell or the unfunny Jonah Hill; this isn't the type of game where I really care about voice acting. I predict it'll be a decent game like Kung Fu Panda, and that means it'll be somewhat enjoyable but you'll be glad when it's over.
  • #3 Yes...EVER. Its like Pinky and Brain made a child in a flask...I could never play a game where I am controlling something so ridiculous.
  • oops, I meant #5...megafail ;(
  • I was looking forward to hearing Will Farrel in the trailer :( And this looks like it should be an XBLA game, not retail.
  • ill use gamefly to play it
  • Thblu guy looks like a rapist tbh
  • I'm Blue Da be dee da be da die be doo bi de daaaah
  • Tune in next time! Same bat time, same bat channel! The trailer reminded me of the old 1960s Batman...
  • @9: i take it you dont look in the dictionary that often.
  • OH SHIT! ITS THE BUTT UGLY MARTIANS! XD Im not getting this.
  • @5 This is Will Ferrell's face on a giant blue head we're talkin about. It's gotta be one of the stupidest looking characters ever.
  • looks crap!
  • Mega Lame
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