Want to Survive Dead Rising 2's Zombie Apocalypse?

Richard Walker

Capcom has just sent us an exclusive (Dan hates that word, so don't tell him I wrote that) Dead Rising Zombrex health and safety wallchart, that provides plenty of handy tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse.

First of all, you'll need to observe the symptoms of a zombie virus, which as you should know, include cravings for human flesh and brains, herd mentality, increased shambling, slight rotting, random limb loss and rank odour.

If you spot any of these tell-tale signs, take the necessary precautions by travelling by day, aiming for their heads and washing your weapons after use.

Then you'll need to adminster one or all of the listed cures for zombification, which range from a quick bullet through the brain to a swift baseball bat to the head.

Check out the chart below and take in all the information. We'd also recommend printing off a copy to stick to the wall of you local business or office.

Stay safe, everyone!

  • Can't wait should be a great game!
  • This is great.
  • I love this wall chart. I need one!
  • Co-op and combination weapons. nuff said
  • Read the disclaimer at the bottom! Hilarious
  • I love the administer cure side.
  • haha nice chart, might come in handy one day
  • LOL might come in handy one day.
  • Maybe I will print this chart out and keep it for some good reasons!
  • Genius :D
  • Capcom is so great
  • Love it! Print it off and put it up at work ;D
  • Enjoy the little things
  • I made this the background on my computer... lol
  • Not suitable for pregnant women? Guess mommies are out of luck....and out of a head.
  • I bet Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey wish they had one of these :)
  • awesome. this game is going to be crazy.
  • Gotta love the baseball bat to the head
  • Can't wait for this. The first one was awesome
  • @ 13 - Done and done. We have this old ass paper cutter with the handle-blade from like the 1930's and I'm always eyeballing it then the door keeping myself on the ready for the inevitable invaZion.
  • I want a load of those wall charts to print out at full size and stick them around school :)
  • when is this coming out?
  • This just went up over our copier in my office. 11 x 17.
  • this needs to be made into a tee shirt/ wall sized poster
  • @ 24 - Haha mine is up next to our many other Health and Safety pinups and I put it in a more noticeable place than our Anthrax Mail Warning.
  • I won one of these from capcom...along with some zombrex band-aids and a pen that looks like a zombrex syringe...I also won a Terror is Reality shirt from them for a different contest...there are pics of it on the forum of the capcom unity website.
  • Any High-Res links for this wall chart?
  • this game will be awsome... i bought the first one on relese day and i am still playing it. cant wait for the dead rising 2
  • As long as there are no multiplayer or Co-op achievements, this will be a fun game.
  • @30 Don't you mean as long as the gameplay is fun, the game will be fun? There are gamers that like both of those types of achievements. Should the developer not put some of those achievements in a game for those gamers? Your not going to be the only person playing this game. Why should the achievement list have only the type of achievements you want? I can understand not playing the game if you don't like the list, to each his own, but an achievement list doesn't determine if a game is good or fun. Can't wait for this, I wish they would give a release date for Case Zero.
  • This reminds me of the "Zombie survival handbook" or whatever that book was called.
  • @31 Case Zero should be out on July 8th....they have hinted it on the Capcom Facebook page, and on www.tapeitordie.com
  • If you like this chart, why not buy the Zombie Survival Guide - a collection of valuable information handily put into one neat book by Max Brooks, in association with Zombrex™.
  • cant wait
  • I'm gonna print several copies of these and hang them around my local stores! :D
  • I'm printing some out and putting them around the apartment for my roommates to discover. They will get a kick out of it!
  • cant wait for this game... i play number 1 all the time and this one seems like its gonna be awesome
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