Crackdown 2 Avatar Awards Hint At Upcoming DLC

Richard Walker

It's not even out yet, but there's already planned DLC firmly in the pipeline for Crackdown 2 in the shape of 'Toy Box' and 'Deluge'.

A quick glance at four of Crackdown 2's avatar awards reveal that these two packs are on the way, with Toy Box rewarding a green Agent suit for completing what sounds to us like the name of an achievement called 'Fly Swat' and a matching Green helmet award for simply purchasing the add-on.

Likewise, the Deluge pack awards a PvP suit for grabbing, again what could likely be the name of an achievement tagged '15 Minutes of Maim', while the matching PvP helmet is granted for buying the DLC pack.

There's currently no confirmed pricing or date for the DLC, but it can't be far off if the avatar awards are already visible.

Crackdown 2 is out tomorrow in North America and Friday, July 9th in the UK and Europe.

  • @1 sad, and wicked !! :]
  • Cool. Glad Ruffian have there heads screwed on.
  • I like Avatar awards. :)
  • if its free avatar stuff its good =D bet the DLC isnt free tho haha
  • Fair enough, its a pity I didn’t enjoy the game :(
  • good stuff i need more avatar awards
  • @6 think you can purchase DLC to prolong the life of the game and you can also get achievements+avatar awards+more Crackdown Awesomeness!!!
  • Really dont know what the appeal is for this game! so many better games out there. I feel i should still try it, since ilive in the city it was made. So i may, but think it will be a disappointment. Same as the first
  • the demo was crap and im not getting this ill just put 1 back in my tray 10x the game
  • not many better games this summer. i just played the first one not too long ago and enjoyed it. im up for more of the same and awards are always nice :)
  • Anything thinking what I am? Just unlocks content on the disc. ~Bryce
  • More Avatar awards are always welcome!
  • I mean the DLC @15 :) ~Bryce
  • awesome
  • Does everybody have a screw loose or something? The demo was nothing short of diaBOLLOCKal.
  • 19-18 its a con btw, and i also think you can get trogans from it.
  • @19-20 Have fun gettting your account jacked :P
  • Haven't they already said that one of the downloadable content packages would be a video replay feature that you can upload gameclips (like Halo 3)?
  • This DLC is just Keys to the City it seems. Hopefully it will be free or 400 points.
  • DLC is DLC it cannot be "on the disk" to what stupid rumour was created by that some idiots actually jump on the bandwagon to also think it's true, get to know the GI. Anyway I find it also equally hilarious how people turn up their nose at Crackdown saying they don't see the appeal yet blindly play GTA thinking it's all the rage. Same goes to the reviewers as well, oh dear...
  • Well the Green Suit armor is a Gamestop bonus that you got for preordering.
  • #26 While that is true, that is for IN-GAME only. Not an avatar award.
  • Finally a good game with good Avatar awards!
  • I like avatar awards, but not the game. well judging from the demo anyway.
  • All games should have avatar awards
  • @Joygasmic Taco - When a company like 2K or Bandai-Namco can fit entire levels, characters and upgrades into less than 1MB, you get back to me on "it cannot be on the disc" regarding some DLC.
  • Not to mention, it's been confirmed that some DLC is on discs, by looking at the content ON the discs. Likewise, some DLC for digital downloads (I dunno if on XBLA, but Megaman 9+10 and all the Final Fantasy games on WiiWare all have their DLC built into the original download, and you pay to unlock the 'dlc').
  • sweet
  • Nice
  • i like avatar awards but i dont like hearing about dlc for a game that isnt even out yet.
  • This is coming from logic. Why would DLC be on the disc if you need to download it?
  • And #35, it's ironic that you post that on release day. GJ.
  • A portable MP3 player would be nice...
  • I think Im the only person who digs the remixes.
  • @37 haha
  • the game is good untill u realize its jus a repetative concoction of stupidness that actually has me addicted. maybe jus cuz i want all the orbs i duno its a good game jus wish they would have added more missions since i beat the game in 10 hrs
  • I rather like this game ;)
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