New Dead Rising: Case Zero Details Surface

Richard Walker

Set three years before the events of Dead Rising 2, Case Zero tells the prologue story of hero Chuck Greene and his daughter, who has been bitten by a zombie. Arriving at a gas station, his car is stolen and Chuck must inject his little girl with the Zombrex vaccine every 12 hours to prevent the infection from taking hold.

Dead Rising Producer, Keiji Inafune has told Andriasang that Dead Rising: Case Zero will double as the demo for Dead Rising 2, with a portion of the XBLA game playable for free. If you want to see the game through to its conclusion however, you'll have to fork out ¥500, which is the equivalent of approximately 600 Microsoft Points. Expect a price therefore of 560 Microsoft Points if Capcom is feeling generous, or 800 Points if not.

Case Zero - which will last around 3-5 hours - is set to shamble onto XBLA a month before the release of Dead Rising 2. You'll also be able to import your save into the main game, carrying over your character stats to start Chuck off with a boost.

Dead Rising 2 is due for release on September 28th, 2010 in the US with the UK and European release following on October 1st, 2010.

  • when does the demo come out????
  • I guessing it will be 800msp as 560 is unusual. Still isn't the whole going up by 80msp system weird?
  • That's a kind of cool idea. You're paying for a new game, but it's a demo for another. I might actually get this. ~Bryce
  • @1 - It's in the article! "Case Zero - which will last around 3-5 hours - is set to shamble onto XBLA a month before the release of Dead Rising 2."
  • The demo (XBLA title) will be out a month-ish before the game. I'm sure it says that in the article...
  • Will Case Zero have achievements, and if so, will they only be available if you buy the game, rather than demo it?
  • @6 all xbla games have them so I'm sure this will but you would have to buy the xbla game to get them
  • i hope you find out about Frank in this prologue,i think i left him on top of a tank in was ages ago when i finished that game,may have to play it again..should be easier as well as the levels stack
  • @6 Yeah, as 7 said, pretty sure you'll have to pay. I'll be getting this almost definitely. Wonder if they'll be co-op in this as well??? I'm gonna have to pre-order that special edition with the zombie figure. Yes I'm a nerd, but I don't care.
  • I hope they confirm on that price soon. If it's only 560, I'll have enough for both this and Limbo. If not, annoying decision time.
  • Can't wait atleast it'll kill some time untill the game comes out.
  • As cool as this sounds, I won't buy it unless there are achievements.
  • Im sure that when they say it willl double up as a demo, its because its going to get you used to the gameplay. I don't think you'll really play any part of the actual DR2 game.
  • Aye i'll be def getting this, I loved Dead Rising and the second one looks like a good yarn, loving the fact there bringing out a good teaser for us to enjoy before it releases.
  • Its a full XBLA title (all be it a prequel to DR2), so yes there will achievements (12 of them for 200 points) and no you won't be able to earn them without purchase, just like how achievements are locked in every other XBLA title.
  • No coop in this, it was in this Months OXM Uk
  • @2 There are quite a few things on the marketplace for 560, hence the reason they suggested it in the article. I currently have 40msp for that same reason.
  • Doesn't look bad, It'll keep my occupied until the real game I guess.
  • Why does #3 insist on signing every single comment with ~ Bryce??? It's pretty annoying. What kind of name is Bryce anyway!?
  • #7, then again this isn't exactly a normal Arcade Game. I'd say it's going to be like the Crackdown demo, where you can earn Achievements in the demo and unlock them in the game.
  • His daughter looks pretty happy after being bitten by a zombie...
  • @19 because he can and whats your name so we can say the same? douche
  • wonder if chuck is a cross dresser too? There are combo cards and costumes you can only get from this demo so thats sold it for me.
  • no frank? shame, but will still buy anyways.
  • 3-5 hours? Better than what I was expecting... but for 800 MS points?! I'll definately be downloading it, but not sure if I'll be putting down the money to get the full demo/game. #19 - Don't be a douche.
  • I'll grab it if there are achievements attached to it.
  • Really like the idea of this, even more so getting a little stat boost going into Dead Rising 2!
  • For def gonna get this
  • @2: 80 MSP = $1, so not really.
  • @19 Don't be an asshole. ~Nathaniel
  • So? August 28th, 2010?! Damn...really hope it's 560MSP! :)
  • I can honestly say I like the idea. Get a preview and a chance to start upgrading. I think you can complete an achievement in the demo, then when the save game is loaded it will unlock. NICE!
  • I really like what's happening lately with pre-release stuff. first with Crackdown 2 demo's ability to unlock achievements. now the ability to carry over your level and combos from this to the full game. great stuff!
  • I'll buy it if its 560 MSP, do you you need to buy it to have you're stats carry over?
  • @30 Hehehe. Awesome.
  • This sounds pretty cool but, I might pass on this though and just go for the collector's edition of Dead Rising 2 :)
  • @ The Bum-Mobile not even close, crackdown2 demo was the actual game with a time limit and was free. case zero is a xbla thats a prologue for deadrising 2, it uses the same game engine deadrising2 just with a different map/story and cost ms points to play the full game.
  • Don't like the look of this ~ Dufrais Constantinople.
  • Lot's of publisher's are going to start taking this route. THQ has plans for an XBLA game for Red Faction, Saints Row, and a couple other of their franchises before each full games release. I'm willing to bet that the demo is actually just the trial version of the game. @26 It's an XBLA game too, there will be achievements. @32 Nope, it's not going to work that way. It will have it's own 200 gamerscore, it's going to be an XBLA game.
  • Awesome cannot wait for this, nice if it was 560MS, got some points ready to buy straight away, but I heard that it was co-op? Is that true? I know that DR2 is.
  • meh, probably won't get it.
  • I'm really excited for this. I thought this was going to be a preorder incentive, but a quick download works just as well I suppose. ~Rusty Shackleford
  • look good ~ sir bob bobson jr
  • awesome
  • should be good. will buy it if its 560...maybe if its 800. "Admiral..Rusty Shackleford..I'll keep my coat" ~john
  • It's going to be 800. Count on that.
  • I'm definitely getting this no matter if it's 560 or 800...can't wait. DR2 is my second most anticipated game of the rest of the year behind New Vegas.
  • No new info here. What i want to know is when is it gonna be freakin released!
  • @17, where's you buy 600 points? Was that one of the old amounts you could buy through LIVE?
  • any word on chevos for it?
  • Actually, if it's 500 yen it will be 400 points.
  • wow i was expecting to pay 1200 points for this pretty epic its 560 to 800 points
  • For everyone saying this is nothing but a demo and is just part of the game obviously didn't bother reading anything about it. This is going to be a prolouge to the game. It's all about how Chuck ended up in the situation he is in. The first sentence of the article says, "Set three years before the events of Dead Rising 2, Case Zero tells the prologue story of hero Chuck Greene and his daughter, who has been bitten by a zombie." This means that it is an arcade title and will most likely have 12 achievements worth 200 points. It will also allow you to collect weapons and combo cards that you will only find in Case Zero. At least half of the comments on here have questions that could have been answered had they just read the article.
  • Hopefully this ends up being really fun. ~Blue Thunder28
  • yea there are achievements but most likely only if you buy the full version check out the e3 trailer it accidently leaked an achievement for killing 100 zombies
  • shoulda put this in my first comment but i think frank is alive zombrex was probably created by isabella since they were close he probably is a zombrex user like chucks daughter
  • I surely wants this if it's in the desert I really like desserts! ~Mathijs (holland)
  • DR2 Case Zero available for download now 400 points. Its quite a fun game to play, well worth the 400 points. It a small sandbox game with may hours of gameplay.
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