Here's Your Konami Comic-Con Media Blowout

Richard Walker

Konami has released a metric megaton of Comic-Con media, showcasing a host of its biggest titles including Saw II, 3D Minigolf Adventures 2, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Hard Corps: Uprising and more.

That's an eclectic mix of action, miniaturised sport and retro re-imaginings, with both new iterations of Castlevania and Rush'N attack coming to XBLA. Yu-Gi-Oh! card game 5D's Decade Duel will also be coming to XBLA. Then there's family-friendly Kinect boarding game, Adrenalin Misfits, which also gets a trailer below.

There's a lot of media to get through, so we'll let the pictures do the talking. Here are the links to the screenshot galleries:

Adrenalin Misfits - 8 screenshots and trailer below



  • only really interested in the yu gi oh game for old times sake
  • Fun fun, most of it looks good, we'll see about some of them...
  • Yu-Gi-Oh screens are looking good!
  • Castlevania for the... potential. I mean hell 4-player coop right?
  • still waiting for the Yu-Gi-Oh game release date. Hopefully they say something about it at Comic-Con.
  • Been waiting for a yugioh game on 360 or PS3 forever. Finally Konami, finally.
  • Adrenalin Misfits? TOTALLY EXTREME!!!!!! Anyway Rush 'N Attack looks pretty cool
  • Only good thing is the girl in the misfits video ;)
  • @8 ano if shes included a will get this lol
  • Saw and Rush n Attack looks good.
  • Yea because i didnt watch that vid because of the girl in the yellow top... lol but anyway that Yu Gi Oh i cant wait to get!
  • ZOMG! Yugioh on the 360! Anyone got a releasedate?
  • Man 3D minigolf looks EPIC!!!!
  • OMG can't wait for Yu-Gi-Oh. Been so long since I played a game and its 5Ds.
  • Also some release dates mentioned on their Xbla games?
  • Castlevania, Rush'n Attack and 3D Minigolf look great. I loved the first games of all 3 series. I think I need to download Rush'n Attack just to relive those old NES days.
  • A yu-gi-oh game on xbox? about time...
  • Now just give us a damn release date for yugioh; konami
  • Retro remakes?! Count me in.
  • Finally yugi oh news if only a price and a date would surface. Heck if they had pre order for the arcade i would do that
  • Card games on motorcycles?
  • When I saw "Hard Corps" before clicking on the article, I thought it was going to be a port of the Genesis 'Contra: Hard Corps'...Too bad its not, that game had a great soundtrack...It does seem like a Contra style game though, and it looks good. Castlevania in just 2 more weeks!!
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