Resume Hints That Digital Extremes Are Developing The Darkness 2

Dan Webb

This time last year we were reporting that not only did Top Cow confirm that The Darkness 2 was in development, but also, that Starbreeze Studios were no longer developing the title.

Who was picking up the development of the sequel to the sleeper hit of 2007 was very much a mystery back then.

That was however until the recent discovery of Emmanuel Pappas' résumé revealed that the Ontario based, Digital Extremes, are working on the title.

Digital Extremes, for those not aware of their history, co-developed Unreal with Epic back in the day, as well as Unreal Tournament, and have more recently worked on Dark Sector and the multiplayer aspects of BioShock 2.

Whether Digital Extremes are the sole developer remains to be seen, although Pappas' résumé does state that he's working as, and I quote, a "Texture Artist, Prop and Environment Artist, Team lead - Mansion," whereas his listing for BioShock 2 states his involvement in the multiplayer specifically.

Any news about The Darkness 2 is welcome, no matter how vague and non-specific. Can Digital Extremes match the impressive job that Starbreeze Studios did? You'll have to watch this space to find out.

[superannuation via Destructoid]

  • IMO, The Darkness was a decent game although the Multiplayer sucked beyond compare
  • @2 - Amen.
  • Awesome I loved the game and I love the comic, been waiting for news of this game for ages yay :D
  • Yes, please.
  • AWESOME! Friggin loved the game!
  • Really enjoyed the first so would like to see another
  • I'm not sure I like that it might be made by a different studio. Either I'm pretty excited, I loved the first one. All I would like is the multiplayer revamped or scrapped or together.
  • Digital Extremes seem to be an ok studio done a couple nice bits of work, thank god it isn't Rebellion they are the worst developer on the 360 IMO
  • I LOVED The Darkness! I can only hope that the new team will develop a story to rival the first one.
  • Please no Multiplayer just make one amazing singleplayer and tell me what the heck happened to Jackie >_
  • @9 damn rite there the worst on 360 dark sector was a really good game imo hope they do just as good a job with the darkness 2
  • Awesome the Darkness was great, not the multiplayer, they should lose it and focus more on the single player.
  • the story was beyond awesome but the multiplayer not only sucked but it glitched on alot of ppl forcing them to start from scratch..... IMO they don't even need multiplayer on second one.
  • they need to stay ture to the comics this time. maybe have the angelus as the villain. maybe if they do the darkness realm again, do the one with the pirate in the dark sails comics.
  • "Worked on some of the multiplayer aspects for Bioshock 2".... well that says it all multiplayer will fail.
  • nice
  • The Darkness probably had one of the best stories ever. I even rate in my top 10 best stories in a game of all time, placed at #2. I've been waiting for a sequel for so long cuz the pacing and the action and the twists were just so good. Xmas 2011 pretty please DE? If not, I'll at least have Hitman 5 xD
  • I love The Darkness
  • Neat, Digital Extremes is based in the city I live in. If they are making this, please no multiplayer? :D
  • @16 The Bioshock 2 Multi was better than MW2 to be honest :D
  • took their time!
  • Finally Waiting For This Since That Blooming Cliffhanger Ending! Agree With Many Others Though Multiplayer Did Suck So Here's Hoping For A Story As Great As The Original's
  • Oh God, why?
  • Loved the story for the first one, but the online was quite laggy to say the least. Other than that great news.
  • This would be amazing news! I loved almost everything about The Darkness ("almost" implying my hate for the multiplayer as well). I still think about that beautiful scene with Jenny on the couch.
  • The first one was really great game,one of my fav on 360.It was even emotional for me sometimes.Not just kill em all you know.When Jackie's girlfriend bla bla or when Jackie bla bla you know :D
  • I agree with #18. The Darkness was one of the greatest games I've played. The storyline was amazing. Also agree with most of the comments on here as well. They should just lose the multiplayer altogether, the campaign alone in the first one was worth the retail price and the multiplayer was just poor.
  • More Darkness...wicked hopefully the snake on the left will actually get to eat some of the hearts this time round.
  • i'm not sure they could even make multiplayer work well on such a game
  • The bottom line: The Darkness had potential. It's one of those under-the-radar games that has a great concept and just wasn't done 100% the right way. With a little more time and development effort I hope to see sequel live up to everything the first was and more. The multiplayer would have worked if it weren't so laggy and unsupported. The first game was one of my favorite games in the past 5 years and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
  • Great news. Cant wait.Maybe Witchblade will appear? But i think the multiplayer should just get taken off...the first games MP was just...not fun lol.
  • The Darkness was a games that, to appreciate it and give it the respect it deserves, you have to look it under the shell. Solid controls, attention to detail on the characters and to the world (anyone remembers those street dancers the studio did mo-cap for or those random telephone calls) and those epic action set-pieces. Some might complaint that the final chapter was a let down, but I think from the prospective of storytelling, it was awesome. It showed a deranged Jackie taken over by darkness and out to do some killing. The major flaw of the game was it Multiplayer. Hands down: Starbreeze does not do good multiplayer game modes (look at Chronicles of Riddick and you'll understand). So will Digital Extremes follow the same route as Starbreeze did? Semi-open world or linear levels? I guess we have to wait and see. But one thing is for certain: they need to see how the storyline played itself in the first Darkness as it was the game's strongest points. Fingers crossed, Darkness 2 will follow its predecessor.
  • game kicked anus mp achieves sucked lol but lookin forward 2 The Darkness 2
  • Hopefully more Sonny Chiba films hidden in it to waste time with :D
  • The campaign in The Darkness was awesome. I never bothered with the multiplayer. I hope they do the first game justice, and I agree with the comments that they can drop multiplayer from TD2. A big semi open campaign and world is all we need... well that a great story, attention to details, new awesome darkness powers and plenty of darklings (you can’t help but love those crazy little demons).
  • I found the first one real fun cant wait for the second
  • REALLY enjoyed the first. Totally stoked for #2
  • This is good news to my ears. The first game is one of the greatest games ever made in my opinion, loved it to bits. I agree thought the online was fucking horrendous but still hopefully this new studio can do it justice and be just as good as Starbreeze.
  • ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!
  • great loved the first one
  • yay I loved darkness, I hope that they stick with single player only, multi-player sucked
  • I would rather see a Dark Sector 2 than The Darkness 2, to be honest, but I'll still take this.
  • Poor bastard has his home and e-mail address blasted all over the internet?
  • The Darkness in my opinion, single player speaking, was a great game. Multiplayer definitely has a lot of room for improvements. I just hope for the sake of the franchise it gets left in good hands as far as campaign and for that matter multiplayer goes.
  • Just completed The Darkness about two weeks ago and had loads of fun during the single player campaign. I would like to see multiplayer just left out of the sequel, and have the developers focus on keeping the single player great. However, an interesting idea for MP would to have a co-op mode where the players have to work together to take down a character possessed by The Darkness. I think it would be cool to have the powers of The Darkness used against you, as opposed to just using them yourself throughout the campaign. It would provide a different point of view, at the very least.
  • The Darkness is one of my favorite games. And I definitely agree with almost everyone else, I really hope they just don't put in a multiplayer portion and I hope they just focus 100% on the single player story mode. I definitely hope we get another scene as shocking if not more so than the one at the end of chapter 1 of the first game. *****SPOILER******* When you watch Jackie shoot himself in the mouth from a first person point of view in the mirror... my jaw dropped. *****END OF SPOILER***** Anyway, no other game has impressed me as much in terms of visuals and story, so I hope The Darkness 2 can do it again!
  • @2 Agreed
  • The Darkness was so freaking good. I can only hope this happens.
  • Single player was awesome, multi was a waste of everyone's time. Focus on making a great single player this time please. This is one of my favorite sleeper hits of the 360 and I recommend it to anyone that asks me.
  • I have never finished the campaign because it got a little confusing, I didn't know where to go, but none the less, it was a great game. Fun but EXTREMELY laggy multiplayer.
  • So hoping for a second one. I first one had a really emotional story it was pretty deep stuff I actually cared what happened to the characters. Heres hoping the make it even more personal.
  • Sorry typo * The first one
  • Most underrated single-player ever. MP was horrible, but so is Bioshock 2's so we're fucked in that respect.
  • Really looking forward to this one, loved the first like everyone else here and had the same distaste for the MP. @#44 Well spotted!
  • First one was very "meh" IMO, it just was missing somthing and was often had too much of a linear path yet still tried to let you explore the pointless open-world? It was fun, but I am very glad i returned it within the 7 days of purchase and got my refund (after finishing it ofcourse). Good story and concept though, loved that part. Played one multiplayer match, and I really wish i didn't.
  • Oh, few things i forget. -I had a huge problem with the so frequent and long loading times. -I loved the enviroment though.
  • Quite a good game The Darkness. It does have to win the award for most comical lip syncing though.... Jesus, that was awful. I enjoyed the game though, great mix of weapons, powers and story. Didn't bother with multiplayer, but I did enjoy running through that game picking up some achievements while having a merry ol' time fo it.
  • i bloody loved the darkness, it was an amazing campaign and i personally didn't mind the multiplayer... but then i didn't play online much back then! anyhoo news of the sequel has got me itching to play the original again... might see if i can boost those last few online cheevos i need.
  • Finally, the original was great!
  • The first game was great. I'm going to wait until I can see some more info on this game before I decide whether or not to get it.
  • Best game this Gen (for me)
  • Dear Dan Webb. Thanks for posting the name AND surname of the resumé's owner on this note. You risk someone's job, career and life for an "exclusive". You must be really proud of yourself. Is this what serious journalism is all about?
  • The Darkness was awesome can't wait for this, now if only i can get a Timesplitters 4 and doom 4 my life would be complete lol
  • Good news since just bought The Darkness 2 days ago for $3 and its really good except for the mouths not really moving when the caracters talkt but other than that is good.
  • great news the 1st is awesum i liked online and got mp achieves i fort online was fun lol
  • The first game was the best game I have ever played,bar none,nothing had the impact that the darkness has,been waiting for years for this to come,hope they dont mess it up.
  • Finally. I loved The Darkness, was pumped for the sequel to come out way back in 09. You can imagine my disappointed when 09 came and went. Hopefully this means an announcement soon.
  • Should be good.. I enjoyed the first one but it needed more. Hopefully 2 delivers.
  • Sweet....I cannot wait for this :) I might be the only one out of a few to say this but I loved the MP on the first one after they fixed most of the lag. Very anxious to see where they take this one.
  • I loved The Darkness. A sequel would be amazing. :D
  • Obviously can confirm Darkness 2 being developed... Beta testing it in California in two weeks!
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