Dead Rising 2 Release Date Brought Forward in Europe & Australia

Dan Webb

First it was scheduled for a September 3rd release in Europe. It later got pushed back to October 1st. Capcom have just announced that Dead Rising 2 will now in fact ship on September 24th in Europe and Australia.

No reason was given for the one-week advancement of the European release date. Who knows... Maybe they wanted to release it closer to Halo: Reach? Maybe they wanted to ship it in Q3 for their financials? Maybe they wanted to let me use the 28 days later pun, knowing full well that the release date would be pushed forward?

Either way, Dead Rising 2 is coming to Europe and Australia on September 24th, although the North American and Japanese release dates remain the same - September 28th and September 30th respectively.

  • Kewl thats good news!
  • Looking forward to this. A severe lack of decent games on the horizon. Not fussed about Halo: Reach, it's been done to death. *braces for fanboy impact*
  • Suprised with date changes that they didn't bring the prequel xbla game forward too, would of made sense to have it out now
  • #2 Any Fanboy impact from me is certainly not forthcoming :D I really couldn't care about this game. all the Halo games have been overated since Halo 2 and i really don't understand what all the fuss is about. *Braces for actual Fanboy impact*
  • i like the sound of that
  • My guess would be because it's Fifa 11 is coming out on the 1st as well, not similar games of course, but a lot of Europeans would choose Fifa over it I expect.
  • @2+4 I have been quite a big fanboy of the Halo series but after playing Reach I completely agree with you, I didn't particularly like it and would much rather get Dead Rising 2.
  • On the same day as F1 2010? Well there goes my bank account's happiness. But a good day of gaming indeed.
  • Christ, also add Test Drive Unlimited 2 to my above post. *weeps*
  • Wasn't a fan of the format of the first one, so doubt I'll get this one. Also in danger of turning this forum into one about halo reach, i thought the beta was the best so far! But I am in no way a fanboy. However, if you were to insult gears 3, then we'd have a problem!
  • I'll tell you what has been done to death, bad Capcom sequels, I hope this fails like LP2 and that Reac crushes it
  • "fanboy impact" lol I think the real crime in this announcement is even mentioning DR2 and Gaylo in the same sentence. Why the hell do game developers need to reach out to every 12-16 year old that owns a console.. I mean take a lesson from Castlevania HD.. Never thought that I would not want to play a Castlevania game till I listened to the other people that were playing this game.
  • #10 agree with your comment about the DR1, it sucked big time
  • now its not released during my HSC exams
  • Capcom overhype their games, and Iit seems like this site does too....the hype over Lost Planet 2 was ridiculous and it ended up being a turkey, DR1 was run of the mill IMO and I see no reason why the sequel will be worthy of all this hype....another big dissapointment is on the cards for a lot of you lads I reckon ;)
  • Whooohooo Zombie Killing just got ever so closer...
  • I hope its actually good because they are focusing a lot on cooperative play each time I see it in action and that's what Capcom did with lost planet 2...
  • Bring on September 24th! :D Can't wait, just hope I've got enough money for the Special edition of Reach and the Zombrex edition of DR2 now, haha.
  • thnk fuck starting 2 think capcom fogot, seems on other site a achievemments r up, so glad its released sooner WHOOP!!!
  • interesting, my girlfriend will be pleased
  • @2 Halo: Reach will be the best Halo out so far... not that, that's saying much, lol. It doesn't nothing for me.
  • @2 OMFG!!! HALO REACH IS GOING TO BE THE BEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111 :P
  • they'll probably do the same for the us version but intill then, it looks like we know who capcoms favorite regions are
  • very good news :)
  • Yay, I like it when things come out here first. Also, glad Reach is getting a simultaneous launch. I have far too many games pre-ordered. Going to breach the £500 mark soon...
  • Um, yay?
  • "Look here's some zombies" -Zero Punctuation I smell Re-hash with a few additions. Same said for Halo Reach, But I know I'm going to love it. Haters gonna hate.
  • 1 MAD3 A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N 1T!!!
  • Wewt, nuff said 8D
  • Halo Reach will be better than this but it doesnt mean that DR2 will be crap..
  • what news is there on the release of case zero
  • I would much rather play this over Halo, but the biggest disappointment is the weapon cards. That is 30+ weapons I won't get to use(Unless I am understanding that wrong). Also, rare to see Europe get a game over North America first.
  • Bad-ass. Was actually about to order the special edition from, and it's £30 more than the standard edition!!!. That's £30 for a stupid (awesome) zombie figure. You don't get anything else. BALLS!
  • Cool. Have mine reserved along with Black Ops and Reach Legendary. I was going to get the special edition for this, but then I realized how awesome the standard cover is.
  • Can't decide whether to put this into my pre-order que(Fallout:New Vegas and FIFA 11) or do what I did for Fallout 3, Fable 2 and similar games and wait the year for the GOTY edition with all the DLC.
  • So we get it before the US cool
  • halo is old news. they should have stopped with halo 3. but they even came out with halo wars, an RTS, and fan boys bought it, putting it into their xbox thinking "this isnt a FPS.. :(" idiots. Dead rising 2 has been the only game i've been waiting for. say what you will, but the first one was amazing. zombies, great graphics, amazing gameplay, awesome story. halos story is : i'm master chief. Credits roll.
  • That's great news, but I haven't pre-ordered yet. Possibly get it after it comes out.
  • Here is the Dead Rising 2 Achievements/Trophies... look kinda hard..
  • ^herpies? 0_o'!? Anyway, no way this gets released in EU before NA! Lolz usually it's the other way around!
  • This is so unfair they get it earlier then the US i have been antisipating this game since its announcement thank god case zore comes out on the sep 1
  • @42 yeah, 'cos you never get anything first!? Looking forward to this one...
  • I loved the first dead rising. I cant wait for this one to come out.
  • I want it, I want it, I want it, I NEED IT!!
  • #19 yeah exactly achievements are up on other websites, so why not this one????
  • #4 you dont even know how awesome the halo games are dont be haiting on them halo 3 is awesome.
  • #46 i agree with you dead rising,halo,xbox and other games for the xbox 360 are awesome.
  • most deffiently a day one purchase.
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