Bad Company 1 Glitched Achievement To Finally Get Fixed... "Hopefully"

Dan Webb

When the release of Bad Company 2 rolled around earlier on this year, many of those looking for a fix for the "I Am Bad Company" achievement pretty much gave up hope. After all, it's not very often a developer patches an old glitch when their new game rolls out into the limelight.

The achievement that required you get all of the online awards was glitched and looked like one of those that would remain that way forever and a day, that is until recently.

DICE's QA Manager, Joe Grant, recently gave those looking for a fix a lot of hope on the official Electronic Arts forums, stating, "We are releasing a new server update on the 24th August. We have a few last checks to make but hopefully it will be fixed once and for all."

While that isn't entirely definitive - damn that word hopefully - the fact that they are still looking into it is welcoming and hopefully they can get it fixed once and for all. Then we'll never receive an e-mail on it ever again. EVER AGAIN!!

We hope...

[Thanks John Smith]

  • To bad I got rid of that game.
  • Yeah! I hope it now is fixed
  • yay. awsome sauce
  • taken their time about it have they not?
  • This is good news
  • Wow. Alpaca out of nowhere.
  • Hahahahah I just started playing this :-)
  • Hahaha wow... About time
  • I was lucky to unlock this before the patch, only recently. Simply followed the steps given here by the x360a community to unlock it, and it had. But, I have seen plenty of people - both here and on the EA forums - making lists of gamertags that were affected by the glitch, so I can say with confidence that a lot of Xbox Live users are going to be very happy about this. Not entirely sure if this will do DICE any great justice, however. It's been so long now - 2 years?
  • this a year old? the achievement has been fixed for a year now
  • I was nowhere near this achievement in the first place! But should I decide to return for the "Beans Bullets Bandages" achievement, it's nice to know "I Am Bad Company!" has been fixed if I ever considered grabbing that one along the way! In my eyes, this is too little too late though :/
  • Well, I sold this game back in 09 so oh well. Didn't like BC2 either
  • I still have the game but gave up on this achievement since the moment I looked at the criteria. =P
  • Still won't be trying to get the full 1000, I'm stuck with 930 and that was enough for me. Seriously, the awards are WAY to annoying.
  • so the squad patch wasn't the only thing glitched? because i thought they fixed that issue at least a year ago
  • the squad patch was the only broken one i think. and they fixed that a long time ago. the only thing still broke is if you had all but that last patch and when they fixed it it would not unlock unless you contacted DICE and they would fix it for you. but yeah if you still needed a few badges, it wont be glitched for you
  • This game barely worked for me everytime I tried to go online it would crash while loading the map for the next game.
  • Being an EA game I'm surprised the servers are still open for this. Better get it quick though, I'm sure they'll be taken down in the next year or so for sure.
  • following in Ataris footstep with ghostbuster.
  • I started playing it well after the first "fix"...I still got my achievement.
  • Whaaaaaaaaaat?! O_o
  • the next game they should fix is gears of war 1 achievements. you need more kills than the description of the achievement. still ive got all kill 100 with xxxxxxx weapon or style. i bet when gears of war 3 is out then they will fix this . lol first ghost buster and now bfbc1. lol whats next. anyway how is bfbc1 like . is it fun , or will it be boring since i own bfbc2 and mw2 , so will i find it crap , since im used to the newer games.
  • bit late now aint it?
  • Fix the goddamn Army of Two achievements!
  • This update is pointless, as this should've been addressed a long time ago.
  • @ #4 You are so awesome. xD
  • Now if they can only fix the UFC 2009 glitch.
  • Talk about random
  • @9 you're really gonna go out of your way to antagonize someone? Considering the game was released in June of 2008 yeah I'd say the comment "taken their time about it have they not?" is pretty god damned fucking appropriate... full disclosure - this update doesn't affect me because I've never unlocked nor will I ever get all the online rewards but I just had to comment when I saw the ridiculous comment by Ryamus.
  • I already got the achievement like a year ago. Its already been fixed.
  • Already got it.
  • I don't want to waste all the time it takes to get that achievement
  • Its not already fixed: If you started the game after the last fix yes you could get cheev. Anyone who played it before that, even with the fixed squad, cheev still didnt unlock when you got em all.
  • How about a DLC for Battelfield 1943 !!!!!!!!
  • I doubt they can fix the fact that my awards appear and disappear off of my account pages. No server fix will patch that up. I went to the little request help thread on their forums, but they didn't know what to do for me, even though I sent them a screen shot of my full award chest.
  • Now I would LOVE a fix for the goddamn Special Operations achievement in Rainbow Six Vegas 1. A lot of that game's achievements were damn hard and I did that last one four times (about 2 1/2 hours each time) and it still won't unlock. I tried deleting the DLC, redownloading the DLC, clearing the cache for both instances, etc.
  • Its good that they have done this but its a bit late.
  • @37 same bro ive tried doing it a few times, gave up in the end
  • Too bad EA didn't hire a QA Manager for Army of Two the 40th Day :(
  • im so close to getting them all in bc2 but i cba with the first tho ill go back and have a few goes
  • @40, I totally agree with you!
  • Great, only 2 years too late.
  • This is a prime example of why you shouldn't give EA your money. The only company full of more incompetence than EA is Activision... Then again, with IW gone, Activision might move to 2nd place with EA taking 1st.
  • They need to fix that last pin in BC2 that I just cannot get. The "defend four flags in a round" pin. I heard it's a typo and you actually have to get six. I actually did get four once and it didn't unlock.
  • Wow, don't see how this is gonna fix it...but, yeah...good news? And STFU with all the comments saying to fix other games, this is about BFBC, not other games...
  • I would really like if they would make the saviors easier to get.
  • i got it fine.
  • @44 god you are retarded EA is a good company they do produce quality games but EA will never take over Activision because they own a little thing called World of Warcraft idk if you small intestine has ever heard of that with your head so far up your own ass
  • EA is good as a publisher but not as a developer...Go tiger!
  • @#19- With it being Battlefield, I don't see them closing down the servers anytime soon. Hell, BF2:MC still has a few servers running and it is much older than Bad Company. Less popular too. @#34- Not entirely true. Mine popped a couple of days after the patch to fix the glitched award was released. I started the game around the time that it was released... I may have been lucky though, as the guys I was playing with had theirs glitch on them.
  • @19 it seems EA leaves Battlefield servers going for longer, although didn't they close down the ModernCombat servers for some regions not so long ago...
  • @34 you're wrong. It only glitched for people who had all the awards except the glitched one before the first patch. I played it before the patch and I still unlocked it.
  • Hmm, got mine a while ago just fine. Is this the '119/120' glitch?
  • ^^^Yes, yes it is... (Saviour can be a bitch of an award to get, as in the online website it's not counting them for the award) @1 Too bad your grammar sucks!
  • sold the game in 09
  • the dude that has no gamertag given to him is wrong!!! Ubisoft is the top of the list by far!!!!! EA sucks there almost last. Capcom is second
  • @23 i think bfbc is better than then second. mabey not graphics wise, but for hit detection and bigger, better maps for sure.
  • Thank God I got this achievement already. I was one of the lucky ones though, there are still a lot of people who have this achievement in the bag, but it won't pop up.
  • too little, too late.
  • To the people complaining, tell me one other Dev that would go back and fix a game over a year old? Be thankful Dice are doing it at all!
  • #62, there is nothing to be thankful for, they delivered a substandard product with defects that took 2 years to fix, they deserve a bunch of shit for their mistake and shouldn't get a pat on the back for fixing something that should have been caught in q/a before release or fixed very soon after release. I don't want to jump on the EA sucks bandwagon, because they back some great games, but their responsiveness and desire to fix their mistakes in a timely manner is a disgrace to the gaming community. The Aof2 issue is really amateur hour stuff and no I won't be thankful when they finally get around to fixing that one.
  • Should be able just to load game up and it unlocks for all the hassle its worth
  • @63 Give that speech to infinity award....they have alot more problems online then Bad Company 1.
  • just played it the other day and wow what a difference between that and BC 2
  • Took their time didn't they lol
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