Sims 3 Soundtrack Gets Flo Rida, My Chemical Romance, Kelis and More

Richard Walker

The Sims 3 will be coming to consoles with a diverse soundtrack recorded entirely in the Sims' native gobbledegook 'Simlish' language. Featuring tracks from the likes of Flo Rida, My Chemical Romance, Kelly Rowlands, Kelis, Travie McCoy and many more.

"Singing in Simlish was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it was a blast!" said Travie McCoy who sang his upcoming single "Need You" in the game's one-of-a-kind language. Kelly Rowland added, "I have to say it was quite challenging to sing `Rose Colored Glasses' in Simlish, but also incredibly fun!" 

Erm, yay?  The Sims 3 will be coming to Xbox 360 with a massive Simlish soundtrack, with the aforementioned performers being joined by the following list of artists and tracks:

  • 22-20's - "Latest Heartbreak"
  • 3oh!3 - "Double Vision"
  • Aceyalone and RJD2 - "Ever Seen This"
  • Aeroplane - "We Can't Fly"
  • Alpha Rev - "Phoenix Burn"
  • Cody Simpson - "IY IY IY"
  • Crash Kings - "You Got Me"
  • deadmau5 - "Some Chords"
  • Flo Rida featuring Jovi - "Fresh I Stay"
  • Free Energy - "Free Energy"
  • Hot Chip - "We Have Love"
  • Innerpartysystem - "American Trash"
  • Jasmine V - "All of These Boys"
  • Jessica Mauboy - "Saturday Night"
  • John Butler Trio - "Gonna Be a Long Time"
  • Kidz in the Hall - "Flickin'"
  • Lazee featuring Apollo Drive - "Calling Out"
  • Mickey Factz - "Dreamland"
  • Ozomatli - "Are you Ready?"
  • School Of Seven Bells - "Dust Devil"
  • The Dirty Heads - "Stand Tall"

The Sims 3 is out in late-October 2010.

  • sims? who cares.
  • i care man, this is what ive been waiting on for so long. and what a great soundtrack
  • Some amazing songs there! I'm a great fan, and I'm so happy to see 3OH!3 Double Vision, my favourite song from them guys! Also great to see Hot Chip and deadmau5, really excited for this game now. Wish there was a collectors edition for the console!
  • Terrible songs to be honest. May pick this up if it gets a good review. It will be interesting to see how it will work and what the control layout is like. Lets hope this is released at a price of £29.99.
  • I'm looking forward to this as i have never played a SIMS game before
  • #1, theres at lot of sim likers so thats your question awnsered. like the tracks, and im going to have to get my girlfriend this.
  • Adding onto that comment. list it as £39.99 :(. Will this game be supported with DLC like the pc version has hundreds of expansions? I can imagine that DLC would be pricey though.
  • My god, the only way this soundtrack could be worse is if Justin Beiber were on it.
  • i may buy this, just to hear some of those songs sung in simlish!
  • lol @2, that was sarcasm right?
  • Soundtrack sucks but im going to get it anyway
  • Maybe if i wanted my ears to bleed on purpose i would get this but just pure trash on that list
  • I feel weird. I clicked the link 'cause it said "My Chemical Romance," but I don't see any MCR track / song listed. Incomplete?
  • I would still rather play the PC version anyway, the console version will all depend on the controls.
  • ha this is awesome, cant wait to hear these songs in simlish, great way o improve an already awesome game guys
  • Most of these songs might as well be sung in gibberish! Better than the lame lyrics they already have. AMIRITE er AMIRITE
  • Wow, doesn't seem like a good soundtrack to me. But I don't really know all of those bands. I'll just listen to my normal music I suppose.
  • Will be getting this for my GF, but there's not a single song there that I like. Hopefully you can import your own custom songs like in the PC version.
  • Haven't even heard of half these singers
  • I literally have not heard a single one of those songs.I liked putting my own music into Sims House Party.Nothing like throwing a house party with mc chris blasting! Can't wait for this game.My PC is too crappy to play computer games and I miss the Sims.
  • Sims is fun. If you don't like it don't comment
  • Don't know many of the artists but I'm look'n forward to the game.
  • it's all in simlish so who cares. probably stick with PC since you can mod it and do funny things. 360 will be to strict.
  • @1 how dare you Sim fans gather your boomsticks and put on your flamethrower >:D
  • @1 It's one of the best selling PC games of all time. So it's gotta be doing something right. Which it does. And it's a LOT things. Can't wait for it, my PC is way too old to run this.
  • What an awful soundtrack. 3!oh3? Disgusting.
  • lol, MCR in Simlish... I'm intrigued.
  • Can't wait!!
  • @1 Clearly people care take your negative ass somewhere else and don't click on something that doesn't interest you.....
  • @1 why are you even here? yesssssss sims 3 whooooo and what soundtrack! sweeeet!!!! woop woop bring on october... first medal of honor now.. SIMS 3 WHOOO!!
  • I've either never heard of, or hate all of those bands. I should be thankful, at least they're not butchering any of the music I like.
  • Been waiting sooooooo long for this game! Love the sims!
  • first look at this list and thought it was pretty good, especially since MCR was on it. but then i saw you got me by crash kings and was like YESSSSSSSS this is gonna be awesome! love the sims!
  • I love the Sims!!! Can't wait to get this..Don't care about cheevos, graphics I just want to play it!! @#1 Seriously? Oh look a topic about the Sims I hate them guess I'll just go in and be a bitch...I hate when people do that especially when they get the first comment...*sigh
  • lol look at #1 talking about the highest selling pc franchise of all time. Anyway i heard Sims 2 on consoles was pretty fun, im interested in seeing how they do this iteration
  • The Dirty Heads stand tall FTW!!! great tune everyone reading this should give it a listen. Premium rock reggae!
  • @1 If you don't like the #1 PC franchise of all time then don't fucking come in here and start shit. OT: I loved the Sims 2 on the original Xbox, I can't wait for this one. And the soundtrack doesn't really bother me that much, It could have been all Justin Beiber songs and I'd have just put my own music going. Can't wait for October, Fable III and this. : D
  • #1 just wanted to be first. He doesn't care about the game. I am so getting this, sims is awesome. I like building their house, greatest part of the game.
  • Wow you know you are old when you don't recognise one single track on that list :-( I may still get this, I'm not 100 % sure just yet.
  • #1. lol #40. I no how you feel, im sure my wife would no some of these. I was so pleased when this was announced for consoles. I have played all the Sims games. I remember the very first ever game released, i spent so many hours playing it.
  • What My Chemical Romance song?
  • This is released in Europe on the 29th which is my birthday!! :D
  • lmao, I remember the sim language XD MAJOOOONO! lol cant wait :)
  • I know music taste is totally based on opinion, but this list totally sucks in my opinion.
  • @4 I KNOW RIGHT "First DLC Justine Beaver" Gun,meet head Bullet,meet brain Me,Meet Death this game already looks terrible.
  • Its gonna be funny to hear songs in sim launguage
  • God dammit this fucking soundtrack is AWFUL. Knowing that My Chemical Romance on it makes it even worse.
  • I am excited for this game, but I'm holding off my urge to buy it because Rock Band 3 comes out the same day.
  • Cant' wait for this! x
  • I'll pass on this game. Sims is for the PC, never really enjoyed them on consoles, plus A LOT more content for the PC version.
  • Sims games are only fun with cheats. Had a blast playing sims 2 co-op ps2.. with cheats of course. I mean without cheats it's basically like living your life.. in a virtual world. I play video games to do things like blow peoples brains out... you know... things I can't exactly do in real life (well not without going to jail)
  • If it's anything like Sims 3 it BETTER be a bargain-priced game. How they managed to step backwards, even after implementing full neighborhood simulation, where your neighbors grow at the same rate as your household, I honestly do not know. I dreamt of that shit when I was playing Sims 2, ironically still the best game in the series. Take it from a Simmer, Sims 2 runs on any DECENT computer, has a ton of cheap expansions now, and a metric ton of custom content. Sims 3 is severely lacking in items available without custom content, meaning that if the console retail version is anything like the PC one, people are going to be pretty disappointed when all their rich households end up looking like cookie-cutter houses. Actually, I wouldn't even play Sims 3 if I couldn't use custom content; even the pay-DLC from EA on PC is shit.
  • lame soundtrack ok game!~
  • booooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • What, no Slayer?
  • HOMG! finally on Xbox. Im buying this for sure
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