Game Party: In Motion Revealed For Kinect

Richard Walker

Game Party is coming to Kinect, with Game Party: In Motion, a collection of 16 classic mini-games, including Darts, Table Hockey, Root Beer Tapper, Pool and more.

What this essentially boils down to is 16 different ways to swing your arms about like a maniac in your living room with friends and family, although if the control input is nice and precise, Game Party: In Motion could be a fun little diversion for Kinect.

Game Party: In Motion is slated for November 2010 when Kinect hits the stores.

  • Interesting.....
  • i wanna be a game party champion.
  • This would be cool for parties and stuff.
  • Looks meh
  • Could be cool, for the right price..
  • Awww, how cute, it even has the same games as Wii! Well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery...
  • my dad went out and bought the playstation move for himself, only most of the games he got need to controllers, fail.. im still gonna wait till next E3 for hopefully some decent games for kinect, after all it does take an average of 2-3yrs to make a decent game and theyve only had kinect a yr.
  • #6 You cant invent the wheel twice ...
  • if you can play this over xbl itll be awesome...
  • @8 Very true, very true. I'll wait until some good looking games come out for Kinect, then we'll see. That's the only thing i really see seperating Wii and Kinect, Wii is a bit too casual for my taste. Maybe Kinect can get some quality "hard-core" games. Though the Star wars Kinect looked interesting....
  • And so the onslaught of Kinect mini-games compilations begins...
  • Any game i can get the gf to play with me is okay in my book.
  • to all those who think the kinect is like the wii you are sooooooo wrong , the wii could only dream as good as the kinect, the kinect is major addictive
  • to bad xbox is taking the wii steps... i hope microsoft lauches real games for the kinect
  • Kinect>Move>Wii technology wise. ive seen Move lag at e3.. haven't seen kinect lag yet. But im sure it will.
  • Move is less laggy than Kinect purely because it's a motion CONTROLLER, Kinect is controller free so that's why it can't be as pin point as MOVE.
  • the daughter is hot in the video.
  • it wont work properly.
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