Dead Rising 2 'Psycho Skills Pack' Out Today

Richard Walker

Making Chuck harder to kill and giving him an array of sharp, pointy bludgeoning weapons, the 'Psycho Skills Pack' DLC  for Dead Rising 2 hits the Xbox Live Marketplace today, giving you the perfect excuse to get stabbing up some zombies.

Meat cleavers, chainsaws, axes and more brutal weapons will join Chuck's new hockey mask and blood-stained apron get up, which is available now for 160 Microsoft Points. Add it to your download queue here.

There will be more skills packs arriving in the coming weeks, with the Soldier of Fortune Skills Pack arriving next week. Take a look at Chuck going psycho with the Dead Rising 2 Psycho Skill Pack in the brief trailer.

  • I'm already LVL50 so most of those weapons actually do 1 hit kills >_> Looks like a cool costume pack though, still like my Sports Fan one better.
  • Seeing him hug his daughter in this was almost as frightening as the waitress' dress and mohawk in case: zero. >____
  • i dont know how I feel about paying $2 for new clothing when you can change clothes a zillion times in the game.
  • should. be. free
  • Cool I got it yesterday and am loving it! Saturday I will be sweatin it out though so bring on the levels!!! :D
  • Nah, im fine with my ninja clothes. (even though I only use the shoes and facemask.) Servbot Mask + Banana Hammock for the win. :)
  • sarcasm/ What? But it was free since before DR2 came out? What a rip! /sarcasm You know you'll hear it....
  • Interest peaked, don't know if I want to spend 2 dollars on a game im pretty much done with
  • @8 It came with the High Stakes edition of the game as far as I know, so it wasn't exactly free.
  • @10 Technically they were free in the Marketplace, but they were only so you could play with someone who had the High Stakes edition and wore the outfits. You couldn't actually wear them yourself.
  • I wonder why they relized it so late, most people are at level 50.
  • This is the one I was interested in aside from the Ninja. Boughteded.
  • Uh. So, 160 points for essentially just the apron? Because you can unlock the hockey mask if you earn the Head Trauma achievement. Who exactly is paying for this?
  • I do like the Psychopath Hair in this Pack, I picked it up, might go with Solider of Fortune Pack as well undecided on the Sports pack prob will get it anyway, even though I have 2 more Achievements to get til I am done. (no on-line for me) ;P
  • @ 14 - I did but i had a spare 180 MSP that was prolly going to go towards avatar items. It also reduces damage and adds special kills to certain weapons like machetes, cleavers, pick axes, etc. People pay up to 400 MSP for plain costumes that do nothing in games. I like that these have attributes attatched.
  • @ 16 You are so right with the plain costumes.
  • @ 17 - I could take the same guff for me picking up random avatar clothes but that's for display which I use on a few websites. Not worth the MSP mind you but it's better than replaying the same level just with a different costume. I used to like that feeling when I was 17 but now, I prefer something a little extra to broaden the experience. I am disappointed and relieved that you can level up so easily in this game. I hate that I'm already super powerful but it makes a lot of my achievement mop ups 10 times easier. I was barely level 35 in the first game and that was randomly over the course of 2 years. This game I have 700 GS in just over a week. Fast but still fun.
  • Considering on ebay the DLC code for this was going for upwards $50 bux... I dont think $2 bux is all that much
  • @19 - "bux"?! "bux"!? wtf? It's "bucks"...>.> Anyway, idk if I should or not, I DID want to combine the Soldier, Ninja, Psycho, and Sports fan all together...= HAT - Sports MASK - Ninja TORSO - Soldier SHOES - Psycho Eh? Eh? Hopefully there'll be a combo pack for 200MSP or something...
  • @ 20 - Don't think you can combine them. You can't for the ninja as far as I know b/c my buddy has it. The head piece stays on if you have something OVER the outfit but they're full Costumes so no mix and match far as it seems. Unless you want to spend 640msp and have a super character which would be useless b/c you're strong enough once you hit 50 and it's not that hard to do so long as you keep using combined weapons.
  • @20, I think it's actually two dollars bux. I don't know what a bux is either. Also, I doubt they'll combo pack these. I think you only can piecemeal them. I got the ninja pack and I'll probably get this one and sports fan. Even if only to not puke. Does anyone know if the non puking applies to spoiled food?
  • i f'n hate when games release dlc days after release? why not just include it in the game? money stealing bastards...
  • im like 20 microsoft points off gettin this i want it :(
  • @ 22 - Just boozing as far as known hence the whole Jock joke. Spoiled food still fills the same health if it were spoiled but you're forced to puke so I doubt they'd give you that much leeway.
  • The FREE DLC I downloaded prerelease is not recognized by the game! Should they not fix this before issuing paid DLC?
  • @10 I got the High Stakes Edition. I know. @26 This is what I was referring to. You paid 0MSP for a patch so that you could play with people who have the 160msp DLC... I can't count the number of times I've said this...
  • They look fun!! Shame I don't own the game, but if I do this will be a nice head start when leveling up^^
  • @ 27 - They should've just explained it like the Juggernaut Exclusive on MUA2. You couldn't play with anyone that didn't have the Free Patch DLC. I deleted my Juggernaut thinking i wouldn't get it back but all they had to do was D/L the patch. I was able to retrieve mine from download history.
  • Okkkkay well I have exactly 160 points left currently so I guess I'll go ahead and get it :P. Just bought the game yesterday. Rocks.
  • I love how people are complaining about $2, seriously? do you have such a meek life that you have to complain about an amount of money you can find laying in a couch? Anyway I bought it, love it and don't regret it
  • No thanks, I want the Sports Fan pack so I can drink wine properly again without having to carry around a book.
  • didnt people pay around 80 dollars for this on ebay? XD
  • I've bought the costume today, and I've also got the ninja costume from preorder but since I'm a huge DeadRising fan, Im surely going to buy whatever DLC Capcom and BlueCastle send our way.
  • I don't know about this one, but I'm planning on getting the soldier and maybe the sports fan, already have the ninja outfit
  • I can't wait to do more damage with my "Bower Drill".
  • Worth it IMO. The weapon attributes really help with some Psychopaths like the second to last guy (no spoiler) and Randy the S&M Piggy. I also love the outfit in general and that you can scar up Chucks face.
  • Nice!
  • i was ticked when i first saw this cuse i really wanted it and two bucks is cheap but when i wanted to get it, it was 160 pts and i only had 154 pts. only 6 friggin pts! stupid zune videos i bought for 159 pts. it screwed my points up. i will always be stuck with 14 extra useless points. anyways the msp i got from bing came in my e-mail and i got 300pts more now. im happy. thanx 360 achievements for letting me know about that offer with bing. you guys rock! i should be getting 200 more msp from bing in a few weeks as well. should come in handy.
  • @5 Look at how much they priced Case Zero. Very cheap for a prequel. I will not pick this one up though.
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