DICE Still Working On Bad Company 1's Pesky Glitched Achievement

Richard Walker

A couple of months ago we reported that DICE was still beavering away on fixing Battlefield: Bad Company 1's glitched 'I Am Bad Company' achievement despite the fact that we thought this had long gone following the release of Bad Company 2.

For the time being, DICE is working hard on fixing the issue one user at a time if they report the glitched achievement on the 'I Am Bad Company' forum thread. Here, there's a massive list of user's accounts that have been recently rectified and if you want adding to that list, you'll need to log into the thread.

Of course, DICE is "still trying to get the global fix in place," but for now affected users are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. At least DICE is doing something about this, as we imagine most developers might have cut their losses and given up on this long ago.

[Thanks, xLoCk0nx]

  • That´s what I call supporting a game after release... Ubisoft should do this with Naruto Rise of a Ninja, since that´s the only game keeping me from 100% completion!
  • Hmm, I suppose it's good that they care enough to fix it after all this time, but surely their time would be better spent getting 'the global fix in place' and not helping each user individually. I'm sure most would be happy to wait.
  • Too bad for them people spending all that time getting all the awards and then no cheevo, good that dice are doing this for the small group of people who have done them all
  • wow user by user wat a devoted developer, ha tryin to look like bungie
  • They should forget about Battlefield: Bad Company 1, and focus on all the problems with Medal of Honor.
  • Kudos to DICE.
  • @#5 ... LOLWHUT
  • Honestly, EA's so sketchy at times I wouldn't be surprised if they stepped in and told DICE to stop rofl.
  • They should focus more work on MoH..
  • this problem is only for people who had all the awards except the one that was glitched a while back. when they got the one glitched award when it was fixed, the achievement did not pop. if you had at least 1 award to get after that, it would pop when you got those awards complete. you just can't let the glitched award be your last. im surprised so many had this problem considering how hard some of the awards are :p
  • @10 what is wrong with MOH. i ahvent played it yet. Hopefully its at home when i get in from work
  • I wish they had put as much effort into Medal of Honor as they did Bad Company 1. I still think Bad Company 1's maps are the best of any of the FPS's played today.
  • Puterland is cool. But she wont be my Facebook friend for some reason.
  • You have to question how competant they are if it's taken them 2 and a half years so far and they still haven't done it.
  • @13. Agreed, the maps in BC1 were awesome and much better than BC2's, it would be awesome if DICE gave us a flashback map pack of BC1 maps including Harvest Day, End of the Line and Oasis. Im surprised that DICE are still bothering with this achievement though tbh, I bet this really taught them a lesson not to include such a stupid achievement like this again.
  • I played the multiplayer in that game ALOT, and I do not recognize the two guys in that screenshot. Must be form SP.
  • #6 They should just cut their gigantic loss. Just pretend it never happened and focus on Battlefield.
  • Wow that's some pretty serious product dedication.
  • I posted this over in the forums a day or two ago. If your achievement is still broken you have a day or two to head over to the EA forums and talk to Elxx or SuperNewby and have them fix your achievement before they go back to focusing on the global fix.
  • #11- There have been a lot of theories. However, we still don't know what causes the glitch. I can disprove your theory, as the two guys I was boosting with both did their saviour trophies last. Achievement did not pop for them.
  • that's devotion right there! multiplayer achievements in BFBC take forever, though.... :p
  • I'm glad they finally fixed this as it was the last achievement I did not have for the game (the last achievement I earned before this was way back on 28/8/2008). It isn't often a developer will go back to fixing a game they released more than 2 years ago. BC1 was a great game and, as several above have already mentioned, the maps were brilliant. I liked BC2 when it first came out, but it wasn't long before I realised it was simply a bad attempt at copying modern warfare. There is a lot of negative feedback to this news post - this is a GOOD thing! Medal of Honor will get fixed as well, it just came out!
  • im glad that dice care enough to fix it seeing as it came out agesss ago p.s if anybody wants to boost this send me a message :)
  • probably 2 guys sitting around an xbox trying to fix this. everyone else is busy with the Vietnam add on and most recently, Medal of Honor. good for them for wanting to fix their glitch. EA Montreal can learn from this (Army of Two: 40th day).
  • 2 guys sitting around an xbox? they're fixing the achievement with an xbox...?
  • OMG DICE thank you!!! now i'll definitely go for the 120 awards! =)
  • WTF dice come on no on even plays bc1 anymore...how about some new maps for bc2 you know ,that game you guys made and then prety much forgot about after all that v.i.p bullshit...at least give us the old maps from bc1...and yeah I know about the vietnam expansion but seriously no new maps since release fail!
  • never played this one, is it as good as the second?
  • I'm guessing that they weren't too impressed by the intern's coffee-making skills.
  • what about those ghostbusters achievements any news on that
  • Nice job DICE. I like that they're still working on an older game. I wish BioWare would fix the Dragon Age Darkspawn one >>
  • @30 It's very different from the second - controls are clunkier (e.g. you must hold left stick down to run, u cant click it to activate sprint like in COD). Takes a lot more bullets to kill someone as well, and the knifing is a bit weird. But the game has a real charm about it, and the maps are definitely some of the best maps on all larger FPS.
  • I wish Epic would do this with Gears of War's "Seriously" achievement.
  • This is why i love DICE with all my heart :)
  • Listen people they have not fixed it, they are manually fixing people that are glitched who have all the awards that have there names on the list. I was on that list for months and just got fixed Tuesday. Look on your soldier stats online and count your awards and see if they tally up with the counter underneath the achievement, if they don't get on that forum quick before it's to late.
  • @30: It's much, much better than the second IMO. I was lucky to not have this achievement glitch. I believe the running theory was that doing your savior trophies last is what glitched it ... but maybe it was just random.
  • Lets push the idea of just having an update that gives it to everyone! seriously....
  • 39, read the article. Specificly, the first sentence of the last paragraph
  • NICE DICE!!!
  • Woo for once a fix actually works! Just added my name to the fix list less than 24hours ago and saw my name on the updated list of gamertags that have been fixed. Popped the game in went to the multiplayer, connected to EA servers and before I could even go check the awards and badges ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!
  • well thats one down how about the rest
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