Red Dead Undead Nightmare's Four Horses Ride Out

Richard Walker

Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare might be reaching critical mass as far as screens and coverage has been concerned lately, but we just had to bring this latest batch of images to your attention, as they reveal the game's Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

Yep. You read that right. Undead Nightmare will not only introduce a standard zombie horse to tear down the dusty trails with in the infected open-world, but Marston will also be able to tame and ride the Four Horses if he happens to find them roaming in the wilderness. It looks like these horses from Hell will be tough to wrangle though...

Each horse has a special power, making them especially enticing to track down. Death can explode any zombified heads that he comes into contact with; Famine attracts a swarm of insects and has inexhaustible stamina; Pestilence is a disgusting horse with open sores and bleeding eyes, but has a high pain threshold; and finally, War creates a blazing trail of fire wherever he goes, setting zombies alight as he gallops across the open plains.

Check out the Four Horses of the Apocalypse in these new screens and then make sure you read our Undead Nightmare hands-on preview for more on the Red Dead story DLC due to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 26th for 800 MS Points.

[Via Rockstar News Wire]

  • Instant spooge. That's a cute little nod there and I am buying right into it.
  • i could go for some kfc right about now
  • Nice Fire Horse.
  • Rapidash is making a return I see...
  • There is nothing about the add-on that I have not liked the sound of. This will be great.
  • i think that the best horse is the flaming rapidash one but that is my opinion
  • Awesome.
  • Achievements please.
  • Famine, Death, Pestilence, War. Anyone agree that that is the order in the first pic?
  • Anyone know if this is the last piece of dlc?? i'm holding out for a bundle
  • Woops, Pestilence, Death, Famine, War. That should be the correct order. Ignore #9.
  • @ 9 - Hard to say b/c Death's horse is considered Pale while Pestilence's is supposed to be white. Most know that War's is the flaming red horse though. This is sweet vagina pie.
  • Jesus....this DLC is gonna be amazing
  • They look awesome, definitely gotta get me read dead again, currently havent touched any of the dlc's yet!
  • #4 very nice :D
  • I'll consider Famine or Pestilence would be the ones I'd wanna catch first. I like the underdogs as everyone goes for the "best looking" thing.
  • This makes the addon instant win
  • This is a sweet cake mix already, But the cherry topping will be 250g worth of achievements. :) Come on R* don't disappoint on that front.
  • Shit they just keep adding to $10 value... If only everyone else followed suit with half assed DLC's or arcade games^^
  • Awesome. Can't wait to get this for my birthday/x-mas so I can go on a DLC buying binge. :-D
  • INB4: Yes, that means I'm Jesus.
  • What What in the butt
  • this sounds better by the minute,cant wait for the 26th
  • this game is the biggest cash cow ever.
  • @26 hahaha not even close to biggest cash cow ever but thanks for trolling. Split/Second is worse. paying $7 to unlock all the cars? that's a cash cow. I hope these horses will be available in free roam! this dlc gets better and better.
  • I think I smell one of the content's achievements.
  • MW2 is the biggest cash cow. Hopefully, this DLC will have achievements instead of just a map pack. This DLC looks good and I think that each horse will serve a purpose during the DLC.
  • This looks awesome just got my copy of RDR back so ill be str8 on this. @26 @27 Hmmmmmm biggest cash cow dont make me laugh oh go on then lol split second is bad Battlefield 2 was bad with the open everything without tryin bunble but im sorry the biggest and always will be is COD MW2 £30 of recycled DLC on top of the £55 retail price, that right there is your numero uno cash whore.......
  • You guys are kidding right on cash cow...yeah MW2 is bad...but the worst is Rock Band and Guitar Hero. C'mon Rock Band has so much crap out there and Guitar Hero just craps out a new game every year.
  • I'm so getting this dlc!!!
  • probably the best DLC to come out in a long time on any game!
  • White Horse and Red Horse ARE AWESOME!!!!
  • i think they should have added a team of rainbow coloured unicorns instead
  • @4 lmfao that takes me back to better times
  • Must have all!!!
  • Can u say SIICCCCK nice zombie west is gonna be good the bandwagon continues to roll and its a good thing rockstar is on board
  • Fire Hell-Horse! Need It!
  • @15 probably be an ach for having an online posse and each of your posse having a different horse.
  • Pretty sure Famine and Pestilence's powers are mixed. Pestilence makes insects, and Famine would have sores and look sickly.
  • epic, this dlc just gets better and better!
  • the flamin' red horse looks sexy!
  • White horse in the solo pic looks thinner than the rest. So it must be famine, right?
  • Anyone else think riding the fire horse will look like Back to the Future?
  • This is so awesome. I was skeptical about the last 2 and only got 1 but this is a for sure buy to keep me over until Black Ops
  • Nice, i really like the fire horse.
  • I creamed
  • Amazing dlc!! How do people know there'll be a bundle?
  • SO far, I've liked everything I've heard about this DLC!
  • I like zombies. I like RDR. And i am f*ckin like this DLC. Awesome!
  • Dibs on War!
  • Gun Men of The Apocalypse :P
  • October 26th? What a bad timing. Will be doing Fable 3 in my free time then. >.
  • what a brillaint add on this will be..
  • Awesome DLC...
  • I want to ride War ...
  • awesome
  • So what, does the undead thing mean Marston is a zombie or something? I haven't been following this but that would be a cool way to add singleplayer stuff.
  • it would be awesome if you could get all four on your side and summon the devil's horse eheh, then rain death with all five on the poor bastards
  • can't wait for this dlc its going to be immense!
  • Agree with #9. SO can't wait for this!
  • I mean Agree with #11, lol.
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