Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare MP Hands-On – It's Zombie Hunting Time!

Richard Walker
Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC is the first dose of single-player story driven content for the game, injecting Marston's entire world with a vast zombie plague, transforming almost every one of its inhabitants into a mindless zombie intent on eating brains and little else. As its impending release date shambles ever closer, more and more details continue to come to light about the add-on. Make no mistake, this is one substantial lump of additional Red Dead action that we're looking at here.

With the Four Horses of the Apocalypse galloping in, bringing Death, Famine, Pestilence and War to the game's dustbowl frontiers, exploding heads and making zombies spontaneously combust, we're still only at the tip of the Undead Nightmare iceberg. Wait a minute. There's more?! Yes, indeed there is, Kemo Sabe. How about multiplayer zombie slaying? It's Red Dead Horde mode for all intents and purposes, and before you start rolling your eyes (that includes you at the back), bear in mind that we are talking about Red Dead Redemption and zombies.

Humourless cynics be damned. We don't care if you think zombies are played out or if Horde mode is passé, because Undead Nightmare's multiplayer has that key ingredient – fun. Offering 2-4 player co-operative play, 'Undead Overrun' is the name for Undead Nightmare's Horde, which pits players against an infinite number of relentless zombie waves and asks only that you survive for as long as humanly possible. And as it turns out, it's not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Sitting down with three members of Rockstar's PR team at its London HQ, we sunk our teeth into some 'Undead Django' on the Sepulcro map, which drops our four-strong team of zombie hunters right in the middle of a graveyard. Presented first with the same lobby area that begins every one of Red Dead's multiplayer games – the bit where everyone punches seven bells out of one another until the game starts – there are four mannequins stood nearby where you can select your preferred loadout from a choice of Long Shot, Ravager, Mauler or Overkill - an all-purpose selection of weapons.

Once everyone has selected their loadout, it's straight into the action as your team need to make a dash for a wooden coffin – marked as a yellow blip on your mini-map – get it opened as quickly as possible and boost your team's time and ammo. Zombies come thick and fast, so you'll need to get organised from the moment the brilliantly sinister and macabre voice-over (as heard in the latest trailers) kicks in to set the game in motion. Teamwork is of paramount importance during Undead Overrun to stave off each wave of increasingly difficult zombies before the timer runs down or your team is overwhelmed and  killed.

Opting first for the Overkill loadout to ease us in gently, the pump-action shotgun proves invaluable for getting up close and personal with zombies, and when crowds start to overpower the team, a stick of dynamite is an absolute godsend. The only trouble is taking friendly fire into account, meaning that you'll need to shout a warning to your teammates when you're throwing out some TNT. We have to admit to be being guilty of chucking out an errant stick of dynamite and incapacitating a co-op buddy amid the panic, but you're able to revive your amigos by running towards the little bandaged face icon and administering (what appears to be) an adrenaline shot to get them back on their feet. After each wave, as long as one member of your team is still alive, the other members are instantly revived too.

The initial waves in Overrun start gently with normal zombies, but the ante goes through the roof pretty rapidly as quick and lethal Bolters storm in, Bruisers creep up to bash you to the ground when you least expect it, and then later on, Retchers begin appearing to vomit caustic green goo at you from afar. Killing Retchers also leaves behind a gaseous corpse, which explodes after a few seconds. If you're not careful, you might find yourself standing on a pile of Retchers about to blow, so you need to stay sharp, keep moving and ensure your weapons are always locked and loaded.

Managing to survive for 11 waves, lasting 15 minutes first time round, Undead Overrun is frantic fun and lining up headshots becomes a nail-biting challenge as the numbers increase. For our next attempt, we go instead for the Ravager loadout and find the Mauser pistol to be an utterly deadly weapon for chaining together massive combos of headshot kills with its large magazine. That said, we only manage to scrape out 10 waves over 13 minutes, which doesn't make sense after our Mauser killing spree, but there you go.

As well as Undead Overrun, the Undead Nightmare DLC will also come with another new – yet non horror-themed - multiplayer game type to be incorporated into the main game's Free Roam, called 'Land Grab'. The new mode takes place when you visit one of seven distinct areas - Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, Escalera, Las Hermanas, MacFarlane’s Ranch or Thieves Landing - and activate the Land Grab post in the same way you would to start a conventional multiplayer game. The premise is to protect your allotted radius of land from the opposition and defend the area from attackers without dying.

While you're active within the radius, a pot of accumulative XP gradually goes up, which is divided between surviving players at the end of the match, while leaving the radius means that you lose your share in the claim. Whoever defended the land for the longest amount of time is awarded with the lion's share of the XP when the game is over. Land Grab is an unexpected bonus for Undead Nightmare and a welcome addition to Red Dead Redemption's already established multiplayer.

As if Undead Nightmare's single-player component wasn't incentive enough to slap down 800 Microsoft Points, the addition of a co-operative multiplayer mode is most definitely the clincher. And on the strength of our hands-on session with Undead Overrun, the DLC will live on long after you've finished its story-driven portion. If you feel like you've already killed off Red Dead Redemption, forget it. There's plenty of life in this old (zombie) horse, so don't go flogging it just yet.

Undead Nightmare is out on October 26th and will also be available as a standalone disc for £24.99 bundling all DLC released to date without the need for a separate copy of Red Dead Redemption.
  • i wish everyone will stop trying to make their own version of Nazi zombies... once upon a time zombies were cool...
  • world at war didnt create the whole zombie genre you know.
  • I was a little iffy on zombies for Red Dead but its starting to look pretty awesome
  • @1 - Good god, man... Zombies will always be cool.
  • Lol @ the tombstone in the last picture.
  • @5 agreed xD @1 stuff it on CoD no one cares AT ALL
  • Left 4 Dead in the wild west. Awesome! :D
  • @2 i know this.. but since the release of COD zombies everyone has jumped on and tried to do their own
  • Cod didnt made zombies >.> Are you guys forgeting the best zombie game evarh?! Left 4 dead? In other news this is going to be awesome
  • @1 No, there were a few games before who made the zombies cool again....have you ever heard of a game called Dead Rising 1 perhaps? And if you don't like this then why click on it? Oh, that's right it's so much easier to be tough on a keyboard.
  • @1 You are wrong on so many levels.
  • #9 lol LEFT 4 DEAD isnt best zombie game ever. i think everyone is forgeting about resident evil. left 4 dead is good but resident evil is the king of zombie games.
  • @5 Yeah tombstones are hilarious on this game. If you haunt found them, go check them out. It's to the west of Armadillo. There are plenty you can't miss them. Lol
  • @ 1 - This isn't Nazi Zombies. It's not a "Horde Mode" which debuted on Gears of War 2 first. COD hasn't implemented anything revolutionary...ever. It's the same godawful FPS repetition since Doom. This is 3rd person, open world, wild west (a very underrated/underused genre) and stellar everything. It has nothing in common nor to do with COD [email protected] except that it features Zombies and these zombies are much more traditional.
  • wow zombies in a video game how original.
  • @6 dude read and understand what people mean before u right somthing on forums #1 was just saying that more and more games are trying to bring in zombies as a mini game to the real thing its playgerism in a way
  • @ 16 - Plagerism??? Are you kidding? You do realize that's only relevant in "copying someones writing to the letter"? It's not even any form of copyright infringement b/c DING DING - There hasn't been any type of lawsuit pertaining to it. And again, zombies or no, it's a Horde Mode that was released in GOW2 before [email protected] Remember that thing you said about understanding before posting? - You're your own prime example. It's just like how most games are adding co-op or MP to their well known SP runs in the industry. It's just an extra feature but let's face facts - More people want it than oppose it and the posts and numbers are the proof. Zombies have always been a staple "bad guy" option for many things and it's well accepted here.
  • *Plagiarism - Ugh. Coffee maker is down and it's showing!!
  • @ 18 Stop Raging
  • Wasn't raging. Educating. Raging would be if I went on some nonsensical rant wishing cancer upon the poster like most of the immatures do. Unless you have something relevant to say to me, for or against - mind your business.
  • @16 I understood PERFECTLY what he had to say, I just said no one gave two shits
  • kage
  • this will be awesome!
  • why not just play left 4 dead which is far more fun
  • I love zombies!!!!
  • @1 Zombies will be forever cool. Secondly, this isn't even close to Nazi Zombies. It's simply a horde mode. If they tried making their own Nazi Zombies, it would be first person, there would be barriers to build, and there would be waves upon waves with a currency system for everyone to blow their money on a random weapon and perk. @20 Why the hell do you care so much? This is the internet. Everyone is going to beak each other for the sake of beaking.
  • Sounds like a lot of fun. I will confess though, I just skimmed through the article. And so, I ask, has it been confirmed that there will be zombies sort of wandering around in free mode? THAT would be amazing.
  • @27 - There's no Free Roam for Undead Nightmare. Just the story and compartmentalised multiplayer.
  • @12 HA Just waiting for someone to say it. I own every Re game for every platform it was made for. Ima a die hard Re fan. OT: Seems pretty cool. Might check it out. Thats if i stop playing fallout that is
  • looks like alot of fun
  • Dead Rising was fun, its all about the Resident Evil games 1-3 and including 0
  • Too bad there's no zombie free roam, that would've been awesome (zombie-gang hideouts?).
  • #1, no offense but get a fucking grip on reality, World at War is NOT WHERE ZOMBIES ORIGINATED. Theyve been around since the 80 (probably before then too) and a steady flow of Zombie games have been coming since, world at war didn't effect the amount of zombie games whatsoever.
  • @1 Thats like saying Call Of Duty "invented" the FPS genre and all shooters are just copying that, both of which are false. Zombie killing will never get old! :)
  • cool
  • Fuck I would so buy this if only i had my disc still!!!! I think I'm gonna cry (It's like wasted $60!!!!). Luckily, at least I managed to finish the whoole single player and touch a little on multiplayer aspect. But I want more!!!
  • zombies = success. nuff said. bring it on Rockstar
  • christ why does everyone complain about zombies bein in other games all cos of crappy cod get a life nd learn wat makes a gd game ZOMBIES FOR THE WIN!
  • @1 your so misunderstood. COD-Minded i like to think. Cod is not the creater of FPS like some people think Cod is not the creater of Customising weapons like some people think Cod is not the creater of zombies, nor shooting zombies like YOU think.
  • Why are we even talking about CoD here? You act like they own the zombie market just because they some stupid DLC pack. Seriously, hop off of CoD's dick kids.
  • Poor, poor people. CoD Zombie mode has indeed influenced other companies to use Zombies in their games. I agree with 1, although Zombies will never not be cool, they are overused. What next? Zombies in FIFA? Zombies also do not = success. Shellshock 2 Blood Trails is one of the biggest piles of shit I have ever played.
  • it sucks because most of the people that play now, joined in the past, i dont know, 5 years. so they never knew about games like resident evil 1, silent hill, golden eye, megaman, etc. and they always attribute things like zombies to CoD. you know before you say anyhting about new games bringing in stuff like this play the original games first.
  • @36 why dont you pick up the stand alone disc with this it'll have all the dlc on it :D
  • @41 - Thank you!
  • @41 i thought that shell shocked 2 had some type of infected demon thing not so much as zombies. even if shell shocked 2 did have it the game sucked even before that, the what-you-ma-call-em's made the crappy game a bit better anyway. also besides that game zombies do make everything better.
  • @number 1. Romero made them on the big screen, Capcom perfected them on the console. Just because so many games are making mini games now doesn't mean they are trying to recreate "Nazi Zombies". Face it...people like zombies....and almost any games that add DLC including the undead, a hefty amount of people are going to purchase it..and most likely 90%+ will really enjoy it. This looks great! I do believe GTA IV had the zombie character for the achievement "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" which if I'm not mistaken GTA was out a year before World at War? Developers keep bringing us zombies and we'll keep eating it up! Coming soon: Viva Pinzomba!
  • while red dead redemptions initial idea is unoriginal the outcome is something new and exciting. With sprint, open areas and slight free running the only game thats zombie mode is close to this is dead rising. Plus I liked zombies in time splitters.
  • its not like gears was the first game to feature a horde type multiplayer mode either to those who think it started it
  • Can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • I enjoyed playing Red Dead Redemption have just loaded on my MS points and waiting now for Tuesday to download this DLC cant wait to start killing zombies!!!
  • @26 I completely agree with you for both #1 comment and #20 comment. Its not copying Nazi zombies exactly. Its a game variant based on survival and don't say these game types arent fun. Horde, Nazi Zombies, any game that forces you to survive as long as possible can make some very intense games with friends, it just so happens most games use zombies for these game types lol. Zombies are like bacon. They make everything better.
  • left 4 dead best zombie gamee
  • @51 Thank you. As for bacon, yes, it does make everything better. Monday Night Combat reference ftw? :D
  • Number 1 started a flame war? Honestly who cares its fun to play.
  • @ 2. WaW didn't start the Zombie genre while it did start the whole Zombie Survival mode for Shooters.
  • @ 46. Romero didn't create the Zombie genre while he did create and popularize the modern Zombie. People do like Zombies while Companies are cashing in on the whole Zombie Survival mode for Shooters because WaW caused that and Zombies sell well in general. GTA 4 and WaW came out around the same time while you still haven't done you research yet. Zombies is a pop culture thing while thats why its a money maker.
  • Why is everyone so over the top with all this 'Oh no more Nazi zombies/horde mode'. If you don't like it then don't buy it. Simple as. I personally like it. It a nice halloween themed addition. Why do all the games keep adding there own version of zombie's you ask? Well maybe it's because people like it! It does at the moment sound like a hybrid between CoD's Nazi Zombie's and GoW2's Horde mode, which i like the sound of.
  • @#46 The "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" achievement had nothing to do with zombies, it was acquired by killing a Rockstar developer in a game or killing someone who has the achievement. However, Zombie multiplayer characters were featured in The Lost & Damned DLC. As for the moronic issue about COD I couldn't care less. I hate first person shooters and COD's zombies have nothing on Red Dead's. I don't see any zombie animals in COD especially not zombie horses you can ride. COD isn't an open-world. In the single player RDR DLC zombies will populate the entire map including deadly zombie animals like the cougar and bear. Does COD have a weapon you load with dead zombie parts? No? Didn't think so. COD certainly didn't start the zombie genre in games nor did it bring anything substantial to the genre other than pleasing fans by throwing some Nazi zombies into it? All they did was throw zombies in a game that had nothing to do with zombies. So now any other game that does that same is copying COD? They were simply attempting to capitalize on an already popular genre in gaming and now COD fanboys are whining about copy-cats when COD hardly deserves much recognition for it. COD is going eventually going to die and it's fanboys will disperse and find other better games. Seriously. How many more WW2 games can you really make without becoming redundant? With Infinity Ward in control of the Modern Warfare branch of the franchise and their greedy "let's charge our devoted fans an insane price for a couple of shitty new maps and some old ones" will get old with fans quickly especially with Bobby "I don't like video games but I love money!" Kotick running Activision it won't be long before they start charging COD players monthly subscriptions to play multiplayer. Fans of the franchise will leave in droves when that happens and mark my words it WILL happen. Kotick already thinks Microsoft should be lining his pockets with a percentage of Xbox Live subscription fees due to the fact that the majority of the players on Xbox Live are humping MW2 and pre-orders of Black Ops are already overtaking the number of pre-orders there were for MW2. I can see the dollar signs in Mr. Kotick's eyes already. Until that day when Activision starts charging COD multiplayer subscription fees they'll continue to reach deep into fanboys' pockets with overpriced DLC content. The day is coming when a new generation of gamers looks at you with a puzzled expression on their face and say, "What is Call of Duty?" But then I could be wrong maybe COD fans will be idiotic enough to bend over and plant a big sloppy kiss on Bobby Kotick's ass and throw as much money at him as they want so they can keep playing their favorite auto-targeting, regenerating health first person shooter.
  • More games which Zombies. Well, atleast it'll be fun.
  • The first zombie game (maybe) was the sequel to Ant Attack way back on the ZX Spectrum. Zombies will always be cool in games because of the sheer numbers of them. If you are in a room with one it is easy to avoid (just walk around the table) but with a room or 100 zombies. Well , there lies the challenge.
  • As misguided as 1 seems to be, he does have a point, Waw did make the whole Zombie add-on or mini-game or w/e you want to call it popular. That said I dont care if every game that comes out for the rest of history adds its own Zombie dlc, make it good and I'll buy it. The only thing I really like about the Gears series is Horde so that + Zombies sounds like a winner! 59 - We get it, you dont like CoD! Youre so above it that it isnt even worth talking about! Thats why you wrote so much about it!
  • @ 59. I'm pretty sure you haven't played a CoD game because you have said that you personally hate FPSs, which that makes you have a Biased Opinion for no reason. The only one thats showing blind Fanboyism is you because you're bashing Activision and CoD for no reason. You can easily moan about Greed while Rockstar is just as Greedy as the next company. Every company out there is Greedy because they need to make lots of money to stay open for business. Again don't moan because people will buy DLC in general to extend of the Life of the games that they play. Btw to get all of the DLC for RDR and MW2 is 2,400 points each, which that makes you into a dumb hypocrite. Go do some research like in Economics and how to get Facts before you mindlessly Flame again.
  • @ 62. 1 doesn't have a point and that point was WaW popularized the whole Zombie Survival mode as an add-on while you already said. 59 isn't above CoD because he wouldn't have written a novel on the random hate that he has for them. If he was above CoD then he wouldn't have mention CoD, Activision, or Bobby Kotick. The sad thing about him is that he's just a Hypocrite beause he randomly hates on FPSs for no reason and he's moaning about DLC prices from MW2 while Rockstar does the samething with RDR. He's just another mindless Flamer or Troll that lives on Forums.
  • Resident Evil Created It World at War Perfected It Left 4 Dead Ruined It Red Dead Redemption Brought it Back
  • Just what and see if it is any good before you start to argue over it
  • I hate how people just assume that if a video game has zombies in it that they copied COD WAW.Zombies make fun games and left 4 dead was only released a couple of days after WAW, and Resident Evil has been a Horror favorite for a while now.
  • @65 I happen to think the Left 4 Dead series perfected zombies and still holds the crown. I don't know if Red Dead zombies can beat it, but it definitely has potential.
  • Between all the bickering, the only thing I seem to notice is EVERYONE has played at least one zombie game. So on Rockstar's part, it was a pretty smart move to create DLC that continued this trend as quite a few people will purchase this. I dunno who started this or thought of that, all I care about is more ZOMBIES!!! >:D @58...What?
  • @36, if you can wait till December they're releasing this on a stand alone disc like they did with the episodes of liberty city and you won't need the full game of RDR. It's going to be 30 bucks too. Also, on the disc it has the 2 expansions out now.
  • between all the zombie bickering, everyone else seems to have missed the following: Undead Nightmare is out on October 26th and will also be available as a standalone disc for £24.99 bundling all DLC released to date without the need for a separate copy of Red Dead Redemption good thing, i think, for those of us (like me) who havent gotten around to getting RDR yet.
  • Zombies are ALWAYS awesome, cant wait for this add on.
  • Cant wait for this
  • @65 no left4dead really didn't ruin it in the slightest.
  • @1 lol at cod nub, last time i recal, zombies been around since halloween, or sorry... i mean the war came first... yeh, i guess 1 is right....
  • well... left for dead and some things like that took inspiration from the Unreal Tournament 2004 mod Killing Floor on pc which is now a full game. And yes, this looks awesome sexy cool.
  • Zombies of the West FTW!
  • @36 Just wait for the stand alone disc that comes out on December. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Collection which includes the other DLC's.
  • cant wait to get this!
  • Guys, it's just another option: if you don't want zombies anymore anywhere, just don't buy this DLC :)
  • Wow loads of livid people on here! My opinion is that resident evil started most of it! Cliffy B openly admitted he copied Resident Evil, he then went on to add horde in gears COD then developed their own horde mode in Nazi zombies, which was pretty good! Now alot of games has added Zombies to their games. hahaha, im not being totally serious by the way! face it guys everyone has different opinions Left 4 dead, COD and Read Dead are all pretty good games. As far as i know this DLC has got 9/10 to 10/10 which is better than both L4D and WaW reviews.
  • ITT: Underaged CoD-Fanboys who think "Derp it was in CoD so everyone who does it too, stole it from CoD"
  • @1 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fail....
  • left 4 dead... is everybody forgetting one of the best games out? dead rising!!
  • Resident Evil Created It World at War turned it into a peice of elephant poo Left 4 Dead Perfected It Red Dead Redemption improving zombies even more @65 : the dumbest person in the world
  • LOL wow. people hit 50,000 gamer points and think they have the right to defamate the BEST wild west shooter? Did we all forget that Rockstar knows what adults want to play, fuck the kids. MATURE RATED GAMES ARE FOR ADULTS, not little punks who would rather boost n glitch to have fun. Almost as lame as "quoting" other comments. Knowing half the time the person doesnt check back to see the shit others talk about them. lol. Go play Wii if you dont like it.
  • #62 Where in my post did I say COD wasn't worth talking about? I said I couldn't care less about the COD issue with zombies, but I didn't say it wasn't worth talking about. @63 You're pretty sure huh? Why don't you check my Gamer profile before you make assumptions? In case you can't get it thru here look it up on your Xbox or on my GT is the same as it is here. I wouldn't say I hate something I haven't tried. COD MW2 is a noob-friendly piece of crap with auto-aiming and regenerating health. Getting thru it is a cakewalk. You want to play a real game? Download Splinter Cell Chaos Theory off the marketplace and play thru that on the hardest difficulty. The price for Red Dead Redemption's DLC and MW2's might be the same (I haven't actually checked so I'll just take your word for it here) but price and value are 2 very different things dude. Rockstar's DLC is generally content-heavy. The exception being the Legends & Killers DLC Pack was a bit skimpy on content but Liars & Cheats and Undead Nightmare packs were loaded with content making it well worth the prices paid for them. Not to mention Rockstar also gave us the Outlaws to the End Pack for FREE which itself was easily worth 800 Microsoft Points and the Hunting & Trading Pack was also free but didn't give a whole lot of valuable content, but still free. That counts for something. So no dude, I'm not a hypocrite...cuz I know the difference between price and value. I'm not moaning about what other people choose to buy. If you want to buy some shitty maps on COD for 1200 Microsoft Points without feeling like you've dropped your pants and bent over for Bobby Kotick then that's your choice. I could care less what you spend your money on. #64 I don't randomly hate FPS for no reason. Dude I've played them and they suck. Crappy camera angles... no peripheral vision. Your character can't do much more than run around firing a weapon *yawns*. You can't go into cover unless your character moves in 3rd person and shoots in 1st person like the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Solder game. That kind of game is fine, but always being in 1st person sucks. In fact I don't hate all FPS. I hate every modern FPS I've played and I DO play them even tho I hate them cuz I have friends that play them and I keep giving them a chance because I'm hoping that one will eventually equal the only decent one ever made... Goldeneye for the N64. Every FPS I've played since then was pure crap. And once again I'm not a hypocrite because if you paid attention to my post I wasn't bitching about prices but rather the value you get for the prices you pay. Rocktar's DLC has much more valuable content for the prices. Look at The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & Damned for GTA IV... those were priced at 1200 Microsoft points each but each had more content than a lot of full priced games. I don't mind shelling out for DLC if I'm not getting screwed for what I'm paying for.
  • I don't give a shit on who cashing in on what. At the end of the day I LOVE HEADSHOTS ON ZOMBIE :)
  • I R Raging.
  • stfu everyone
  • this thing looks awesome im so getting it as soon as i stop playing black ops witch isnt happening till a long time lol
  • I just need the kingpin achievement and i really dont care if i get it or not
  • need to get this..
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