David Beckham Talks EA Sports Active 2 In New Video

Richard Walker

If there's one thing that you can pretty much guarantee from Kinect, it's that it'll help get you into shape and might even prove invaluable for shedding some of that post-Christmas turkey/fish/monkey/eagle or whatever it is that you might roast and devour during the yule tide season, from your waistline

EA Sports Active 2 is one such fitness title, which should help fight the flab when it releases in November after the launch of Kinect. And it has the endorsement of David Beckham too, so it must be good. Beckham chats about the game with EA Sports Active 2 with EA Sports President, Peter Moore in the first trailer.

Check out this trio of EA Sports Active 2 trailers to decide whether you like the idea of working out in front of your telly when Kinect ships on November 4th in the US and November 10th in Europe. EA Sports Active 2 is slated for November 16th. Oh, and make sure you close the curtains when you play it.

  • It's probably the first game since David Beckham Soccer he's played.
  • @1 your sentence makes no sence lol
  • I'm gunna need to get a bigger living room...
  • @2 I think its supposed to mean "It's probably the first game he's played since David Beckham Soccer" probably referring to David Beckham.
  • @2. His sentence makes perfect "sence" as you put it lol
  • Game looks fun so I will be picking it up.
  • Now that over-rated tattooed numpty is endorsing it thats one game off my to buy list.
  • They paid David Beckham to advertise this? My god, it must be awesome, so! =3 Meh.
  • A lot of people are reporting this to be buggy. Where is the Review Xbox 360a????
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