X360A Review: The Sims 3

Dan Webb

No matter where you happen to be in this world, day-dreaming about living a double life is pretty natural. I mean, even now while I was writing this here segue post, my mind disappeared off to imagine what life would be like if I was Britney Spears... Those soft silk panties must be super comfortable, especially for the amount of money she probably spent on them. Obviously that's a day-dream and something that will never happen, as I've never once had the desire to be Miss Spears... well, not that I'll admit to anyway.

With The Sims finally making its way back to consoles, we can finally live the life of an astronaut from the comfort of your own homes without ever having to leave the couch. No, EA haven't created a game that turns your house into a space ship... although that would be pretty cool. The Sims 3 - as the others have done - allows you to play God with an unsuspecting neighbourhood and do whatever the hell you want.

Previous console iterations have been sub-standard, but here we are in a new generation, with a much more powerful console. Can EA replicate the The Sims' PC success on consoles? Or are they flogging a dead horse (again, no horses are shipped with this game... think of the fallout with that Special Edition!)?

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