Next Week, Next Next Week and Next Next Next Week on Xbox Live

Dan Webb

Every so often, Microsoft find time in their busy Kinect-hyping schedule to send us a content guide for the upcoming weeks on Xbox Live. It looks like it's one of those days today.

While there isn't the same level of detail we usually see from these updates from Microsoft - which is why I went for the crazy headline, rather than calling it a November round-up for Xbox Live - there are however a few Xbox Live Arcade games that seem to have been unreported on to date.

There's also a few handy reminders of the dates for the month's biggest pieces of DLC... you know, because we're nice like that.

Xbox Live Arcade

Undergarden - 10th Nov
Faery Arcade - 10th Nov
Days of Thunder - 17th Nov
Trouble Witches - 17th Nov
Crazy Taxi - 24th Nov

Key DLC Dates

Castlevania HD - Add-Ons: Music Pack 2 - 10th Nov
Crackdown 2: Deluge Add-On - 16th Nov
Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventure - 23rd Nov
Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack - 30th Nov

Right, so that's done... NEXT!

  • Sweet'
  • nothin worth it
  • No DotW information?
  • halo reach map pack for me!!!
  • I will buy any Dreamcast game that comes out for XBLA
  • crazy taxi, maybe. and that's it.
  • Days of Thunder? Like the movie? Lol. Haven't heard anything it.
  • So battleblock theater is a dec release....O well..
  • I want that Noble Pack. Gotta get my Waypoint status up since I know I'm not going to ever get anywhere with Halo Wars.
  • Damn I was expecting some Deal of the Week info lol. Either way, can't wait for the Noble Map Pack and what kind of achievements we'll see for it ^_^
  • Trouble Witches and Crazy Taxi for me!
  • What is this crap?? No price tags?? NO DoTW?? Ahh, not like I would buy anything from this list anyway.
  • any dotw???? or can they not afford it cause kinect will flop??
  • To people questioning the DotW: Let's see (Actually Reads) Yep. No mention of DotW stuff in the article. That should be clue number one to anyone asking about it. Also, I think they stopped the listing the DotW ahead of time. There was one up in yesterdays news threads but past that, maybe we should wait til "next" week being that this one's almost over. I haven't picked up a DotW in a while so I'm not exactly privy if they're still doing it for 2 weeks at a time. In which case...yeah, still refer to yesterdays archives.
  • trouble witches possibly, never liked crazy taxi, never heard of any of the others (oh wait, D.O.T. i've heard of, still know sod all about it though) why no mention of guwange ? i'm sure that was down for the 10th
  • fffff- No date yet for Case: West?
  • I've only heard of two of those XBLA games.. With everything else coming out (as well as the games recently released) I kind of hope that I don't like any of those XBLA games.
  • haha i agree with #14 no where does it say Deal of the Week in the title or in the article. O.T: Crazy Taxi all the way for me.... i love that game!
  • a music pack for Castlevania? not the DLC characters? UGH!
  • I was expecting more.
  • Crazy Taxi is an awesome game :)
  • I'll be picking up the Reach maps and Crazy Taxi. When will they actually release a decent DLC for Castlevania HD, these music packs are dumb and never worth it.
  • I can't believe Konami will release a music pack over the NEW CHARACTERS they've been showing off practically ever since Castlevania HD was launched. The fact that I bought one shitty level for 400 MS points makes me NOT want to buy any content for the game anyway, seeing as how disappointing it was, but come on, ANOTHER overpriced, boring music pack?! I knew IGA's team was lazy, but this is just effin' over the top!
  • I'm pretty psyched for Joe's Adventures for Mafia II. He was by far the best character in the game and has some of the best lines, so I'm sure the craziness he gets involved in will be pretty fun to play!
  • Nothing important beside maybe Crazy Taxi
  • Depends how much Crazy Taxi is for me, hopefully only 800MSP like Sonic Adventure was.
  • Crazy Taxi for me too if it is 800 MSP. The rest looks meh.
  • i wish CT will be for all region......SEGA Classic!!!
  • Just waiting on Jet Set Radio...
  • What #29 said.
  • Joy more crappy-ass Dreamcast games. Why not just cut out the middle man and send someone from SEGA to come shit right on my 360?
  • @10 the Noble Map Pack cheevos have already out if you head over to the Reach forums.
  • Traded in Failo Reach already, oh well. Black Ops it is... until Portal 2, then Killzone 3 and Saints Row 3.
  • Crazy Taxi for me
  • what about scott pilgrim vs the world dlc?????????
  • cool beans!
  • DLC list is sparse lol. I know it says key but yeah. I'm not unhappy about it though, less money spent before the holidays is better :].
  • wish i had points =[ it just me or did anybody else didnt get they summer of aracade points thats was promised...because i havent receieved nothing and i brought alll 5 games =[
  • Just to let everyone know the Yu-Gi-Oh game is on the marketplace right now for 800MSP
  • Crazy taxi, Mafia and halo for me
  • No Crazy Taxi for me, Crazy Taxi without Offsprings is just a nonsense.
  • A whole lot of nothing for November.
  • GIVE ME CRAZY TAXI NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For anyone complaining about the lack of licensed soundtrack, and who very stupidly boycott a purchase because of it, learn how to use your Xbox. Get the MP3s of the 4 songs that were on there and either rip/usb it your console and listen while you game. it's not that hard. And I damn well know that if the songs were going to be on the Arcade release, there would be just as many nitwits crying they won't get it because of it. Fucking internet, the only place where no one is ever pleased.
  • fable 3 is a beta
  • @ 45 - Me = Always satisfied. It seems there's usually an added percentage per day at the amount of jackoffs that need schooling. Cheers to you mate minus the Crazy Taxi exclaim. Just not my bag.
  • Did Auditorium get delayed? I saw King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match up with Yu-Gi-Oh 5D. :
  • Undergarden!!
  • Undergarden looks interesting. I'll pick up the trial when it's released. Faery Arcade, Days of Thunder and Trouble Witches I actually haven't heard about until now. I guess I should look those up to see if they tickle my fancy. Not sure about Crazy Taxi. I loved the original, so I know I'll love this remastered/remade one, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna get it on release day. For the DLC, I still need to pick up Crackdown 2's first pack and Mafia II's first pack. Both games were fun, just have never gotten around to buying those. As for Halo Reach, I really want to get it, but I haven't played Reach for a while and I know that most likely means I will suck if I go back. But I do like Halo, so I'll probably get that Map Pack before anything else on this list. Looks like a nice November. I wonder what the DotW will be for the rest of the month and what, as a whole, December will look like for the Marketplace. Hope some demos on future games will be released soon. I'm running out of money buying stuff to only find out it's not my style.
  • Yes, KOF2002UM and YGO 5D's are now out(both games are 800MSP), and yes, Guwange is also coming out on the 10th. (Also 800MSP), but I though I saw in a vid that Trouble Witches Neo (if its gonna be the same game?) is coming out in the Winter, but who knows. Plus, Crazy Taxi is also 800MSP as well, but it'll remove the licensed music and ads too. And besides, probably the other Arcade games will be around in the 800-1200MSP range, while the Add-on's shoud be around in the 160-800MSP range.
  • Was hoping for the DotWs to be given too, damn MS not updating us causing silly headlines! Don't have any of these games, and only arcade game I fancy is Crazy Taxi.
  • crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy taxiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @10 The new Halo Reach achievements were unveiled during the last weekly update. Go take a look. x360a is a little behind again. :P
  • Reach dlc count me in
  • More interested in the Deals of the Week.
  • The only thing I see decent is Crazy Taxi and maybe whatever Trouble Witches is. But......what about Scott Pilgrim The Game DLC? Anyone hear anything? The 9th is gunna be a wallet chomping day. Black Ops, Scott Pilgrim DVD, and possibly the SP DLC...
  • trouble witchessss!!! :)
  • Only one achievement left for Reach...won't stop me from buying Noble, but I might wait to get some feedback on the maps. Skies of Arcadia/Power Stone/Rival Schools please.
  • Crazy Taxi, Classic Dreamcast game
  • lame
  • Pherhaps I´ll buy the Halo Reach Map Pack. I am really tired of that game, but I still want my achievements!
  • @53 Slow? They've already announced them. If your wondering why it's not in the game's achievement list, it's probably because MS hasn't updated the info (which supersedes most things). Tired of people always talking about news being late around here when they haven't even looked for said news.
  • Gonna be hooking up that Crackdown 2 DLC and some "ya ya ya ya ya" on Crazy Taxi!
  • I can't wait for Crazy Taxi :D
  • Im afraid the headline topped the article lol. Im hoping Days of Thunder is decent, the rest loses sight to Kinect and COD Im afraid.
  • Halo reach map pack and Crazy taxi
  • WHEN IS DUNGEON DEFENDERS COMING OUT??? I feel like I've been waiting forever for this :p
  • Halo Reach May be!
  • maybe dan has had to much coffee or red bulls...... some interesting games....and halo reach dlc
  • WHERES YUGIOH!??!?!? j/k
  • Halo Reach maps and Joe's Adventures are definite buys for me. I'll consider Crazy Taxi after I play the trial and see how good of a port it is.
  • @58: I would love to see what could be done with an enhanced remake of Skies of Arcadia. Maybe it will give enough of an incentive for SEGA to get to work on that sequel that's been running through the rumor mill for so long.
  • Wow.. When the hell are Raskulls and BattleBlock Theater coming out?
  • Only sure buy seems like the Noble Map Pack, havn't even heard of anything else on there.
  • When is Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes coming? It was supposed to come out this summer, I waited and waited and still nothing.
  • Noble map pack FTW.
  • The only thing that interests me is the Halo:Reach Maps :)
  • Might pick up Crazy Taxi. Everything else either doesn't interest me or is overpriced.
  • What about Yu-Gi-oh? i wanna that!!! =P
  • I would like to know when the X-Men Arcade game is coming out because thats what I am looking forward to the most for the rest of this year.
  • Agreed with #19 >_>
  • Crazi Taxi gona top up on points for it .
  • and its only 800 msp
  • Im gonna wait for two weeks after crazy taxi............ rayman
  • Nice DLC Pack and some Classic Games really impressed by this list.
  • I think Unbound Saga and Ilomilo will come to the arcade this month too. Their trailers and premium themes went up on marketplace yesterday.
  • Crazy Taxi! Goin back to the good old dreamcast days eh. Sure hope Jet Set Radio comes out on XBL like it was rumored to!
  • Halo Reach SUCKS!!!
  • @ 88 - Which is why it's one of the highest selling exclusives.
  • Where the heck is torchlight!!
  • Guwange isn't on that list for November 10th. It's releasing next week.
  • Snap, Crazy Taxi! I never get tired of that game.
  • I'll just wait for Crazy Taxi... I hope they keep releasing DC classics :D
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