Microsoft Announces Fable III's Understone Quest Pack DLC

Dan Webb
Microsoft today announced that the aptly named, Understone Quest Pack, the first piece of Fable III DLC, is set to hit Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points on November 23rd.

Fable III's Understone quest pack will off three unique quests for players, as they investigate the mysterious town beneath the streets of Bowerstone, created by eccentric inventor, Montague Hummes.

Understone will come with new houses and stalls to buy, “novel creatures” to battle, as well as The Mercenary Shooting Range and Wheel of Misfortune mini-games, where you can win in-game prizes.

The main quest, The Voice, will have players discovering the origin of the voice that controls the people of Understone, and will also feature a moral decision that will lead to “two drastically different outcomes.”

After the remaining mercenaries turned Saker’s merc camp into a tourist attraction, the Shooting Range allows players to earn the Marksman 500 (gifted to players for downloading the pack) and win the Money Shot and Black Dragon by performing well in this new mini-game.

On the other hand, those who’ve played the main game will be acutely aware of Reaver’s twisted mini-game, which has since been recreated in his new dwellings as a game where heroes prove their mettle and earn The Full Monty (again, rewarded for downloading the pack) as well as winning the Dirty Harriet and Dead Ned’s Revolver.

If that’s not enough Fable for you, you can also download the Exclusive Hair Pack for 160 Microsoft Points, which lets you throw corn rows, afros and “asymmetrical bob styles” on to your hero; as well as the 5 Star Dog Potion – which does exactly what it says on the tin.

You’ll also be able to purchase the Reaver Industries Hero Outfit for 160 Microsoft Points and a colorful dye pack for 80 Microsoft Points – including black, cream, hot pink and turquoise colours.

Now that’s a lot of DLC! Still not got Fable III? Well, then you’ve obviously not read our review.

Fable III’s Understone Quest Pack is available on November 23rd.
  • Sounds like a lot of DLC for a lot of MSP. I'll probably get it all. =P
  • DLC so soon after release? Hmmm.....
  • wow, this definitely looks interesting... can't wait
  • While I would normally be very excited for this, I really hope they fix some of the bugs with the existing game first. If my current character keeps freezing and glitching, then will I even be able to use her for the new DLC? Fix the game, Lionhead! Then we can talk DLC.
  • I never understood dye & hair DLC packs... clothes & weapons sure... but dye & hair?
  • Nice! I loved Fable II's DLC! Gotta wait til christmas for this and AC:Brotherhood! So sad lol
  • This came out on release day for a few hours...quite a few people already have it and it was clearly ready before the game came out...such a shame...I'll still get it though, because I'm a sucker.
  • @7 Same here. I'm a sucker too. Still need to get that Absolver Hammer...
  • I hope that free 800 points from last month's offer kicks in that week.. I know exactly how to spend it now, on Fable 3!
  • achievements?
  • I'm assuming achievements will be attached. Either way I'm glad a piece of DLC for a great game isn't wrecking my wallet. :)
  • Like I already said in the forums: Lionhead isn't going to sell me anything anymore until they fix this freezing problem!
  • I'll get it. Since this is coming out I'll probably take a break from Fable 3 until its release so I don't tire myself out on it.
  • this quest seems to fit with my new cyborg outfit
  • I’d be excited about this if my game wasn’t permanently frozen at the main menu. Fix that and other bugs first, please. :(
  • thats annoying as i want to trade in this for brotherhood but this has made it hard to choose
  • yay!!
  • Started the game today... And they annouce DLC xD Will probably take the understone pack, and I'm confident there will be new chievos for it. Doesn't really care about extra outfits and dyes, though.
  • 400 and not 800 is nice:)
  • Too... many... pieces.. of.. DLC... *My wallet shrinks itself* Anyway, I'm still busy with BFBC2 and Fallout Nev Vegas, so I'll wait for Fable 3 GOTY :-)
  • #7, i noticed that but i think the wait will come up with Achievements hopefully. if it does then i wonder what will happen to the guys with the quests done already. 400 is a decent price but its only 3 missions and some new houses and stales to buy, so atlease you dont have to pay the very common 800-1200.
  • @20 Still playing BFBC2? But no one is playing online anymore, it been ages.
  • I'll wait until the Platinum Hits Version of the game for all of the DLC. Saw this coming miles away
  • At this point I don't care. This glitchfest needs a patch before I'll drop any money in.
  • Lionhead trying to cash in with as much pointless DLC as they can? i think so. i hate it when they put such stupid little in game items up for DLC.
  • I am only paying for this if the DLC is shared between gamertags. Right now the current system is bullshit.
  • they released the DLC on the marketplace before, a few people got it, it was sposed to be in the main game :/ im probably goin to get it all apart from the dyes
  • @22 I still play BFBC2
  • Since I had to cancel my preorder I think now I will just wait for GOTY with this and all of future DLC. Should be a steal then:-P
  • i've been waiting for this
  • No new achievements? no buy, im not being cheap, im being smart, these little DLC packs will most likly be all thrown onto a second disc and released as a GOTY pack next year, ill pick that up instead of wasting my points.
  • What a shock, dlc less than a month after release. Will developers ever get it through their thick skulls? We just gave you 60 bucks for the game and now u pissheads want us to buy more from you? I'm talking in general. Fable 3 is an awesome game, but if there aren't any new achievements, then I'm not buying.
  • Wow. How much nickel and diming can one developer get away with? All of these potions, clothes, dyes, and quests should damn well have been in the game already. Instead they split everything up into separate downloads and charge $1-$5 for everything individually. What a load of horse shit.
  • @24 Agreed, this game is unplayable for now. Only if they fix ALL the bugs and glithes I might consider playing it.
  • Too much money. They need to make it free especially since it hasnt even been a month since release.
  • Well the Dye Pack & Reaver Industries Outfit its already released its a funny suit btw looking something like splinter cell and cyborg but well a dlc that fast is understandable the game was too short and its really easy doing the last 3 achievements already soo :P but TOMMOROW DLC FOR CRACKDOWN 2 :D:D
  • and yea the bugs are really annoying didnt people said there is coming a fix for that? or whas that already a old fix? hehe well whatever
  • ahhhhh so thats where the marksman 500 is
  • My biggest problem with the dlc on this game is that it looks to be locked to account, and I mean the paid payed stuff as well as the free stuff. My wife cant's access it on her profile even on the same system while connected to live. I want more dlc but not if I have to pay for it twice.
  • I'd probably get it all since I got OCD that way but man, those hairstyles are uuuuuugly. And I hate wearing metal armor and it does that clanking sound when you run, does that knight suit do that?
  • I was tempted to buy both Fable 3 and Fallout: NV but after both of them releasing with bugs and glitches galore, I have decided to wait until each of them get a GOTY with the inevitable DLC that is to be released. Oh well.
  • Cant wait achievements or not Fable 3 was amazing experience for me and I will get the DLC regardless. Achievements would be nice though.
  • GOTY FTW! Too soon for DLC like this in my book. Unless its content that got cut from the original game, im cool with it. Ill wait for GOTY before i jump headfirst into a possibly bug infested DLC.
  • for people debating or bashing this, its only 400 points and for more than enough content for that. questline, new area, two new mingames which im really excited about, 6 new legendary weapons. and for the too soon argument, the game is short, im already finished with it and most achievements this is what i was hoping for.
  • already have it gave me a total of 1050 achievements was nice 4 so cheap but cant seem 2 see it anywhere now?
  • nice one been looking forward to some DLC for fable 3 not to expensive either double win ^^b
  • sweet, this is a pretty nice surprise DLC that isn't going to be 800 MS points, unlike other games i can think of... 400 MS points is very reasonable, anyone who says otherwise is clearly an idiot with no brain.
  • YAY!!!! I've been wondering when some dlc was coming out. Love Fable 3. Plus the dlc sounds really interesting, wheel of misfortune was a good laugh in the story.
  • @39, This is not true. This can be used by any profile on the same xbox. The problem being is that the account that purchased the content must be signed in. That is where a second controller comes in handy. Just sign the buying profile into the second controller and any profile on that xbox can use the content. This works for most content on the new slim box.
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