x360a Review: Devil May Cry 4

Dan Webb

Finally... Devil May Cry on Microsoft's console. But the question is, is it any good? Was it worth the wait? Who is this Nero fella? Will he have the same effect on us that Raiden had on us from the Metal Gear series... All will be answered inside. Enjoy!

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  • First!
  • Cant wait for this!
  • what is it with japanese games and insanely hard achievements!!! looking forward to getting it on friday tho!! just hope the camera isnt too irritating!
  • Great review Dan. And some spectacular editing too. :D
  • preordered this then realised im going on holiday on thursday so i wont be able to play it for 2 weeks. i hope its good. BTW monkey making a post saying first when your not even first makes you look like an absolute retard
  • i liked the demo cant wait one more day
  • nice review :D cant wait for this the demo was awesome
  • The demo was a lot of fun but this game is going to get old pretty quickly.
  • I might pick this up if I find it a good deal (20~25€), otherwise for 65€ I'm not picking it up really
  • Love it how when they type first, they dont reply back later on to the messages they get as they are too embarassed XD Thanks for the review!
  • Visually stunning every step of the game! Style and arrogance of the lead characters adds to this great title! Waiting to arrive now.
  • As usual, review is MUCH too generous.
  • I don't think you can label DMC "hack and slash" considering the incredibly intricate action systems in play. "Hack and slash" to me is something like Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, not a game like DMC or Ninja Gaiden. Well written review though. As a DMC3 pro-level player, I can't wait to dig in to the achievement.
  • The game is pretty good but the level design could be better. I got my copy from Japan and some missions have taken me a couple of hours to complete because I got totally lost. Apart from that, great game.
  • im geting this :]
  • I have never played a devil may cry game, they look really good, am i missing out?
  • read the review to find out... deary me.
  • I've never played a Devil May Cry game before either. Hopefully I'll like it because I loved the demo.
  • OMG Can't wait 4 this game wish i ould skip school and get it tommorow but got 2 wait
  • I have 100% the last 3. LETS GO FOR ONE MORE.
  • DMC was always the shit (minus part 2)!!!DMC3 was one of my favorite PS2 titles, and DMC4 is a very very good game from what I've played from the demo. Even the basic combo's you get in the demo have lots of different attacks into them, you can charge them, you can boost them, etc etc. People who haven't played dmc games in the past problably don't know the demo holds more combo's than they think it does. That's what I like bout this game, it's not meant for pussies, it's the real hardcore deal! No real gamers should def stay away from this game, and don't buy it in hope to get easy achievements either, cause you'll only end up with 150 or so. This is what defines eastern with western games, hardcore with mainstream. DMC and Ninja Gaiden, both brilliant!
  • DMC4 sucks.
  • I never played a DMC game before, but i've played the demo countles times! Good review and looking foward to friday!
  • I'll be pretty honest, this achievement list requires pure determination and insanity. You have to play through the game on each mode, and then get S on each of the missions to top that. The achievements make this game. I enjoy games like this that require that you must spend time grinding and working. However, any games that have missable achievements are the spawn of Hell. Thankfully, this game doesn't. I give it a 95 only on the fact of repeating levels and bosses.
  • This is definitely one of the best games out on XBox 360. Even years after it's release.
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