MicroBot Dated For The End Of December

Richard Walker

If MicroBot is a glimpse of future medical technologies to come, count us out, as the game sees you assuming the role of one of the titular microscopic craft, injected into the bloodstream of an infected host, whose body is being affected by thousands of corrupt versions of previous microbot models.

You're sent in to remove the aggressive little blighters and presumably, return the body to its normal state. In MicroBot, you can upgrade your ship with customisable appendages to give your microbot more speed, firepower or whatever works best for your style of play.

Check out our hands-on preview of MicroBot for the full lowdown on the XBLA twin-stick shooter, which is out on December 29th. The price has yet to be confirmed.

  • mehness
  • looks promising
  • If it's as good as GeoWars I'll buy it.
  • I don't care how many improvements it can have towards my health, in the future I don't want little MicroBots waging wars against bacteria inside my body...
  • Not for me, but I like the graphics^^ If they had co op that might have made me buy it
  • Cool idead shame idiots lioke in these comments dont understand...
  • Definitely getting this, I love Biology Battle and Geometry Wars and this looks far better than both.
  • #5 Just look at the screen in this news and you'll see two different ships firing at the same... hum... bacteria. Seem's like some coop game to me ^^ Anyway, you're right, graphics are very nice.
  • @6 Shame idiots like you have "Epic" in your username and also can't seem to spell.
  • Looks cool, I liked Geometry wars so this looks promising. And oh @9 shame your a noob! Not really I just thought I'd join in :)
  • So...where is all the light inside the body coming from?
  • #11 Some nuclear waste or something like that =P
  • Twin stick shooter hey? Gonna be worth a look
  • Looks like a pretty fun game
  • Game looks okay to me.
  • God forbid if people don't like every game thats ever in the news. There's thumbs down on every comment that isn't excited for this. They weren't trolling just voicing an opinion. OT: This looks cool but I'll wait for it on DotW sometime.
  • Looks good, but what sets it apart from other twin stick shooters other than the graphics?
  • Sorry but this has nothing on case west
  • @18 Right. Because the two are completely similar, comparable games.
  • Looks interesting, too bad I'm using my remaining 800 points to buy the Fallout New Vegas DLC but may pick this up in January
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