Extra Kinect Accuracy? No, Says Microsoft

Richard Walker

Microsoft has chipped in with a response to rumours reported by Eurogamer last week that Kinect's accuracy was to be quadrupled, telling CVG that the news, which was delivered to Eurogamer from an anonymous source was "completely unsubstantiated".

Originally, the source had sparked rumours that Microsoft had plans to update Kinect via a firmware update, so that it could detect wrist rotations and finger movements, by simply doubling the device's resolution output from 320x240 to 640x480. However, a Microsoft spokesperson has since told CVG that this is not to be the case, and that the platform holder is happy with Kinect's specifications as they are.

"We're constantly working to expand and improve on experiences for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, however, this rumour is completely unsubstantiated," said the spokesperson. "We couldn't be more pleased with the fidelity of the technology and clearly consumers agree given we sold more than 2.5 million units around the world in the first 25 days Kinect was on the market." 

So we'll have to put our poking, prodding and lewd hand gesture game on hold for now then. Fiddlesticks...

  • Hopefully Microsoft does improve kinect with more voice actions and better dashboard integration. Some blades such as Inside xbox, and the marketplace require me to switch back to my controller to access
  • I was never a fond of kinect tbh.
  • aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........
  • no tickle games......aaaawwwww.....
  • Why deny the rumour, this could have been good PR if they had just let it run, they wouldn't even need to do it if they didn't say they were going to do it. They could have at least said that they were looking into this for the future...
  • Oh well that's that then.
  • they said this before launch.
  • @1 Lol! :D
  • Im getting a feeling that a year later MS will make kinect 2.0 with twice the resolution...and twice the price.
  • Well that sucks, why be just "happy with Kinect", when you can improve and be even happier, with a much better device? Stupid Microsoft.
  • LMFAO something people genuinely get excitedabout and would actually be a good thing to do and MS call BS. Wow.
  • That sucks that it wasn't true...that means no rock, paper, and scissors game any time soon.
  • meh is all i have to say
  • @ 12 - What are they supposed to do? They can't say it's true if they aren't working on it. And if they don't say it was BS then when no update occurs it makes them look like they were unable to do it.
  • @13 Achievement Unlocked! Scissors DOES beat Rock. 1G. Get Disappointed by Kinect YET AGAIN: 999G.
  • They just denied something that could of given them more money. But Microsoft are very lazy. That's why Infinity Ward and Microsoft are so related.
  • I hope that by the end of 2011 or 2012 Microsoft pull their fingers out and recognise the true potential of Natal. If you could create a FPS using Natal and a Playstation Move Controller-esque type thing then i'd pay BIG money for that kind of tech And yes, i know i said Natal
  • It may be unsubstantiated, but now someone just gave something to improve on so they can sell Kinect 2 in the next 3-4 years.
  • No Minority Report then? Bummer... Back to my Linux drivers it is.
  • @18, couldnt agree more. Microsoft need to start announcing/making some peripherals for kinect. Hands free gaming is great, but I would love to try an fps with a gun shaped controller, it would need two sticks, some triggers and buttons and it would be awesome. Id love to see a kinect only serious fps with a gun peripheral, no joypads allowed otherwise the kinect players would get destroyed. All the kinect doubters are idiots, and although it may not happen any time soon, derivatives of kinect will one day be the basis of the gaming industry.
  • @21 - like the kinect boat peripheral? LOL
  • MS is not going to update Kinect so soon after launch.They'll wait a year then slowly make it better eventually releasing Kinect 2 in 2yrs
  • @19 Hope they won't "nintendo" us and improve it via firmware like this rumour suggested, if they're doing something with kinect for this console at all. I think in 3-4 years I would like to see a new xbox.
  • Oh well. I still need to pick up a Kinect anyway. Maybe after Xmas...
  • I think they still might actually be working on firmware to upgrade the kinect sensors. By this official statement, it seems like it's possible that the way microsoft is thinking is along the lines of, "there's a rumor we are working on something to make it better, which means right now the kinect is mediocre and NEEDS to be fixed, which means people will stop buying it."
  • They cannot make it too precise an "instrument" due to all of the nude gamers out there. Thanks a lot you freaks!
  • Wait, the Kinect hasn't been discarded and forgotten about yet? Surprising..
  • They won't do it, they will let someone else do it, just like the open driver
  • I'll get it when there's shooters and action adventure games!
  • Lmao Microshit is retarded.. That could have atleast let people buy into it.. that probably would have shifted more units for them.
  • Improving on something rather than releasing new peripherals? Poppycock! (Please don't take this comment seriously; it is merely meant for comedic purposes. xD )
  • i like the partwhere he said. people are obviously pleased with it because it sold well. i never get that train of thought because its not like buying something means you are pleased with it after
  • Why does everyone seem to think Kinect & PS Move are such new tech? Does anyone remember something called the PS2 Eyetoy? It's a long time guys I know, but try and think hard. And PS Move? It's a Wii with a Sony sticker
  • @34 pfft.... Forget the PS2 Eyetoy and the Wii - I was 'Feeling the power' of motion gaming decades prior when I was gaming on my NES with the Nintendo Power Glove - this was long before any of that came along! Super Glove Ball > Kinect / PS Move / Wii
  • Jesus, where are all the new games for this shit.
  • maybe if they quadruplicate the resolution, not double it Mr Walker ;P,sry, than there could be more lag, which u dont like i suppose, or maybe the processor of the xbox has so much work with 4times sensor-input to calculate that the games couldnt be that good in terms of graphics or something like that...let them improve it. I believe that MS is able in making it not just a 1year wonder.
  • I dont think they will work to hard updating the kinect to be way better then it is on this console.in about 3 or so years there will be a new xbox console with the new and improved kinect.they will use this console for all there testing,feed back and stuff on how to improve it.The new console will be made to run the kinect better would be my guess.This close to a new console coming out cat see them making a kintect 2.0 or even making it better it just give game developers a few years to figure out how to make good games work good on kinect.then on new console they will wow us again with new and improve kinect
  • It's fine as is.
  • Its amazing to me the amount of BS that goes out towards MS. They helped change gaming this generation with its system. Kinect, (your fav) achievements, Xbox Live, parties, tons of triple A titles.. I think Kinect will be much more in a years time. Steel Battalion anyone?
  • @26 keep dreaming. the only thing going through micro$oft's head is "we just sold 2.5 million sensors at $150 a piece hooray $375 million!!!$$$!!!" I have a Kinect and i'm enjoying it but i was really hoping that this wasnt just a rumor.
  • its a shame that they wont be doing this, giving folks the finger on adventures would have been entertaining in itself. even though its a kick in the nutz when you find out a rumor is just a rumor, without these ppl to toss around bullshit stories what would we have to look forward to? and then bitch about when we find out we have been bullshited? :) if its on the internets..... it must be true
  • Am I the only person who's noticed that microsoft didn't actually say that they were never gunna update it, just that that particular claim had no actual evidence. I spose it doesn't matter, but oh well... :/
  • i agree tbC Elwell, i guess they only say this to tell the people it won't be comming any time soon, but probally will come
  • As 2 said I hope they update the other applications to be kinect compatible.
  • They are probably saving the extra resolution for when they finally perfect the Neural Interface Actuator. I suspect the requirement for the next Xbox will be removing all of your furniture so you got plenty of room for activities such as stage-diving, eagle-diving, and bug-stomping. Coming soon: The Microsoft Xbox 12,000. It may be the size of a house, but every room is an adventure!!!
  • They arent bad for their first release, but alot is gunna need improving
  • What they do need to sort out on it is the delay you get when using it.
  • It's prob not point that MS wont update resolustion its prob more that they cant do it. If it can run at the higer res it should have from the start even if they wasnt going to us it for a while, so to me this says that they cant do it. Waste of money.
  • i think they are workin on bettering the accuracy but are worried people who hear it might decide 2 wait n see incase it requires new hardware
  • Fiddlesticks is right...how am I going to shoot a bird at all those fish breaking the glass in my tank? D:
  • wow i couldnt tell it was bd it was so fun but it was in best buy so who knows
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